Iqoo Z5x Hands-on Review: Full-blooded Configuration Super-strong Battery Life The Most Worthy Of This Year’s Double 11 “performance Pioneer”

[The iQOO Z5x is a new iQOO device series designed to meet the needs of users looking for a $1,000 performance device. “The iQOO Z5x, a new generation of “performance pioneers,” continues this series of features, full-blooded configuration with super battery life, can be said to meet the needs of $1,000 performance machine users.” The iQOO Z5x is a 6nm Tiangui 900 high-performance processor with a third-generation APU and Mali-G68 MC4 GPU, and an eight-core CPU design. –2 high-performance 2.4GHz A78 cores and 6 small 2.0GHz A55 cores with excellent power performance.

In the actual Rabbit score, it was close to 500,000 points. The iQOO Z5x remained cool during the stress test and did not feel overheated during long gaming sessions, thanks to the Tiangui 900’s good energy efficiency control and the eleven-fold intelligent charging protection system built by six temperature sensors. In popular mobile games such as “King’s Glory” and “Peace Elite,” the 120Hz refresh rate screen brings detailed and delicate images, and there is no degradation or frame drop during long gaming sessions.

The storage space can be expanded by up to 1TB microSD card via three optional two-card slots, fully satisfying the user’s demand for a thousand-dollar performance machine with plenty of memory and storage.

iQOO Z5x equipped with 6.58-inch 120Hz high brush LCD screen, support 96 percent NTSC color gamut and DCI-P3 cinema-grade wide color gamut, in the display level is very excellent, also has TüV Rheinland low blue light certification, reduce harmful blue light, relieve eye fatigue; support contrast adaptive dark color mode, to ensure that users, regardless of the bright and dark scenes,

In terms of color scheme, the iQOO Z5x has three major color schemes: “lens black,” “fog sea white,” and “sandstone orange,” or calm, elegant and noble, or passionate and exuberant. To meet the consumer’s love of different colors, the “lens black” classic king of the color, fog sea white super versatile color, sandstone orange as the sunny positive energy color, It is worth noting that the iQOO Z5x will be the flagship phone iQOO 8 Pro track version of the BMW sandstone paint process for the first time to the thousand-dollar price point, so that a large number of mass users can also enjoy the unique touch brought by this process. Color, line, light and shadow with each other, so that iQOO Z5x both feel and look, are sufficient rate of new trend, so that users of the stereotypical impression of the thousand-dollar

In terms of photography, the iQOO Z5x offers the same outstanding configuration. It fully considers the practical needs of young people and introduces an 8MP front lens and a 50MP F1.8 aperture super-clear main camera 4cm super macro rear image system, which supports up to 4K resolution super-clear video shooting to meet the main needs of thousand-dollar performance phone users for cell phone shooting functions.

The iQOO Z5x offers full-scene night scene shooting, supporting Super Night View 3.0, and can achieve excellent dynamic range and natural shadow performance in environments ranging from general night to extremely dark. The dark details of the night scene mode sample are visible, the highlights do not overflow, and the sample photos are clearer and more harmonious overall, as evidenced by the sample photos.

In addition, the iQOO Z5x night mode supports black and gold, blue ice, blue and orange, and cyberpunk 4 styles, allowing users to take photos in a more creative space.

iQOO’s traditional advantage – charging speed – will also be carried over to the iQOO Z5x. The iQOO Z5x has a large 5000mAh battery combined with a high-performance low-power Tiangui 900 processor, providing ultra-long battery life performance for today’s increasingly reliant on smart phones, users. The 5000mAh battery life is quite good, and when combined with the 44W flash charging, even for heavy use of the phone, a day of charging is not a problem.

The actual charging data shows that iQOO Z5x in the power consumption after the automatic shutdown and rest 10 minutes, charging 30 minutes to 55 percent, about 70 minutes to fill the 5000mAh power, charging speed is acceptable to most consumers. to screen and protect, prohibit third-party applications from simultaneously reading the contents of the clipboard in order to obtain private information Furthermore, the presence of a small global window simplifies the user’s dual-line application operation, making it more convenient and fast.

In a broader sense, the iQOO Z5x advantage has the same class section of goods in the front performance performance, even if it is a thousand dollar price point of the phone, but iQOO Z5x to seize the needs of young people point, through the excellent appearance design, mainstream high brush screen, strong performance, and large power, large memory, and many other cutting-edge configuration, to give the user maximum satisfaction. If you don’t have a lot of money but want a high-performance phone at a low price, the iQOO Z5x is a good option.