Iqoo U5 Experience: Range Anxiety Patients Should Use This Phone

[The iQOO Neo 5s, followed by the iQOO U5, a low-cost model we have on hand.] iQOO has made a lot of moves recently, first with the iQOO Neo 5s, and then with the iQOO U5, a low-cost model that we have on hand. The new year is approaching for iQOO, and the release of several models has given consumers more options, but when there are more options, it’s easy to get confused. The iQOO U5 is in a competitive price range, can consumers in a crowd of models in a glance, to avoid getting tangled? I will discuss with you through the actual test experience.

iQOO U5 appearance is the type I prefer, the overall shape of square, simple and hard lines, right angle frame and straight screen with the whole phone looks quite straight. Although it may appear to be a little pinch, because iQOO in the transition between the frame and the back cover to do the curve treatment, so hold the feel of the hands compared to models without any transition (such as the iPhone 13 series) or a lot better.

Furthermore, the weight of the whole machine measured 185g or so, the thickness of about 7.8mm, not particularly light, but really thin, in addition to the design of the shape, size, and weight of the phone for the

The iQOO U5’s front design does not use the current mainstream open-hole screen design, but rather the water drop screen scheme. The water drop screen and the open-hole screen are both very mature full-screen solutions, and their impact on the screen to body ratio is also relatively close, so this is still more dependent on consumer preferences. The actual display effect of the iQOO U5 is quite good due to the LCD material screen.

Because the quality of an OLED screen does not have a chance to shine at this price point, LCD becomes a more cost-effective option. Furthermore, LCD has many supporters even now, and does not produce low-frequency strobe at low brightness, which is actually a plus for eye comfort. The screen is 6.58 inches in size, has a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz.

Such hardware configuration makes the iQOO U5 screen quite smooth and easy to use, as well as touch with the hand, operation on demand, and so on. At the same time, the screen’s quality is quite good in terms of color expression, and it is not inferior in a crowd of competitors.

The Snapdragon 695, according to Qualcomm’s official data file, uses a combination of two Cortex-A78 and six Cortex-A55 big.LITTLE architectures, and the GPU is Adreno 619, with TSMC’s 6nm process, which theoretically provides a pretty good energy performance. We actually tested it in a large handheld game like Peace Elite, running in high quality, high frame rate mode, and the overall smoothness is still satisfactory. The iQOO U5 comes with a 5000mAh battery, which in theory can provide excellent battery life performance.

As is customary, we ran a 3.5-hour battery life test on it to determine the actual power consumption in various scenarios, which are as follows. One hour of online 1080P video playback from BiliBili

2nd 3 hours of peaceful elite gaming (high quality, high frame rate mode) 3.30 minutes 1080P 30Fps video recording with anti-shake on, one hour shake short video, refreshing one every ten seconds

4th The entire test brought iQOO U5 remaining power can reach as much as 71 percent, including video recording project performance is more outstanding, compared to the same configuration of the model can save about 5% In other words, the iQOO U5 is quite suitable for users who have a lot of video recording needs to use, as its battery capacity can support you to keep shooting shooting shooting, freezing more images, and overall, the battery life performance has also achieved the first tier of the level, as it is difficult to find a phone with a longer battery life on the market.

The iQOO U5 has a 5000W pixel main camera, which is supplemented by a 200W macro lens, making it suitable for everyday use. We actually took a set of sample photos, and in a well-lit scene, the iQOO U5 high pixel still shows good picture details, the overall resolution is satisfactory, color and dynamic range is also quite good, and in the dark areas did not appear underexposed dead black situation. In slightly darker twilight scenes, the iQOO U5 performance is slightly reduced, possibly because the white balance performance in backlit scenes is not very stable, as shown in the picture below.

The AI algorithm, the samples for the sunset color rendering in place, the overall sense of atmosphere, for some dark or high-frequency details, but also to achieve some level of preservation

System, iQOO this adaptation is also quite timely, recently released OriginOS Ocean has landed iQOO U5, this custom system in the UI and functional aspects of many improvements, the author has also done a more detailed review, interested parties can move to see. Here I will briefly mention the more impressive features, one is the new addition of the “Atomic Privacy System,” the function is independent of the normal system, with a key switch permissions control, you can direc Furthermore, this feature has its own desktop, allowing users to move apps and files into the privacy system, and the system will even perform owner identification from time to time while in use. The “Atomic Privacy System” is a one-stop, reassuring solution for users who value their privacy.

Another feature is the display of shortcuts on the lock screen. Under normal circumstances, this component will display the user’s current step count and can quickly launch applications such as the camera. When a user books a flight/train ticket, the system will display a brief message on the lock screen at the appropriate time, while Atomic Walkman, a highly regarded component, also supports operation on the lock screen, allowing the user to freely switch between third-party music apps and control their playback, saving the user from operating steps. It has an excellent battery life, an impressive OriginOS Ocean, and the performance and screen of a phone in its class, with plenty of highlights in the balance.

I would recommend this phone to students or elders; additionally, for users who have a high demand for battery life, we believe that the iQOO U5 battery life will be adequate for your needs.