Iqoo Pro 5g Flagship Phone Review Geek Users Choose It!

The company’s first 5G phone, the iQOO Pro, was released in Beijing on August 22, and it is also the third 5G phone released in the domestic market immediately after the operators have not done a good job of 5G commercial premise. The iQOO Pro is the company’s first 5G phone, and it is the third 5G phone to be released in the domestic market. bestbuy618 was fortunate enough to receive the iQOO Pro engineering prototype ahead of time, and after nearly 10 days of trial experience, to discuss the long and short of the iQOO Pro.

After the 5G hardware and 4500mAh battery, the biggest difference between the iQOO Pro and the first generation is obviously the thickness, which has come to 9.3mm and a weight of 217g. As compared to the thickness of 8.51mm and weight of 196g of the first generation of iQOO users, the thickness and weight of the change can be easily perceived; however, you should not rush to spit, because there are currently three domestic 5G phones on sale, with the iQOO Pro battery capacity being the largest, and after several days of use, the weight has gradually adaptable, with a rounded back, in fact, I feel only 7, 8mm thickness of the phone. In terms of bezel treatment, the iQOO Pro retains the same game reserved for pressure-sensitive buttons, the power button is also painted red, and the AI standalone button to wake up Jovi is located on the opposite side.

iQOO Pro front is a 6.41-inch FHD AMOLED display screen, resolution 1080 * 2340, support DCI-P3 wide color gamut, 19.5:9 screen ratio, and the first generation of iQOO using the same water drop screen, but should be integrated with a new generation of screen fingerprint technology, improved by 27 percent Finger detection area compared to the first generation of fingerprint sensor, and continue to optimize the recognition rate for dry fingers, low temperature, and other

The back of the iQOO Pro is the glass cover of the iQOO Monster Inside design, this model is “Racing Black” color scheme, using the fast light track texture, in different light with the light change; the back of the “Monster Inside” on the back also supports Monster Halo cool light effect, in the game, music, notification, and other scenes RGB light can change with the rhythm of the flashing; In addition to the racing black color scheme, the iQOO Pro is also available in Le Mans Blue and Phantom Blue.Random protective case Other features include the AK4377A HI-FI chip and the 3.5mm interface. Sim card access is at the bottom of the front and back card slots, next to the USB-C interface, which supports 44W lightning capsule fast charging.

5G Unfortunately, the iQOO Pro’s full 5G capabilities were not available to us prior to press time. Because the carriers’ 5G networks have not yet been rolled out, nor have they pushed out official 5G packages, operators have launched their own 5G traffic experience packages to coincide with the release of 5G phones, but they must provide a certified 5G device, and some operators also require the phone serial number. Obviously, there is no way to get these services with a 5G phone that has not yet been released. The opening process is laughable, clearly operators have claimed to be laying 5G services, why most phone customer service even “5G traffic experience package” do not know, and only Unicom customer service explained that the traffic package due to the need to obtain the phone model, so can only be opened on the cell phone business hall APP.

As a result, we will postpone the iQOO Pro’s 5G experience for the time being and follow up on the experience after the release of the new machine with 5G. Performance Experience iQOO Pro is also one of the first flagship phones equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus, with a new frequency of 2.96GHz, Adreno 640 image processor performance increased by 15%, equipped with up to 12GB LPDDR4X and 256GB UFS 3.0, which is already the top of the

Geekbench 3D Mark / Androbench / AnTuTu / LuMaster Rabbit AI Score

GeekBench has a single-core score of 3260 and a multi-core score of 9305, with room for improvement in tuning. The iQOO Pro’s 3D Mark scores have risen to the top of the industry, and AndroBench measures its sequential read speed at nearly 1500 MB/s, among other data. Other data indicates that the iQOO Pro’s memory is very favorable for game file mounting, and loading speed will be significantly improved. Take “Peaceful Elite,” for example, with a smooth network, you can enter the game interface in 15 seconds and enter the map in 5 seconds.

With HDR HD quality, extreme frame rate, anti-aliasing, and shadows enabled, you can still enter the game quickly while maintaining a high frame rate. In terms of heat generation, the new “superconducting carbon fiber liquid cooling” system for this 5G chip, the use of liquid cooling plate and superconducting carbon fiber interface material can improve the iQOO Pro’s thermal performance in all aspects, and it will direct the heat to the outside, we can feel the heat outside mainly concentrated in the top of the phone, the temperature change in other areas of the phone is not significant. When gaming, the two virtual touch buttons on the bezel also play an important role, which can be mapped to two touch screen buttons on the screen, enabling four-finger operation, including displacement, aiming, opening the mirror, and firing can be assigned to a single finger for operation.

Another major highlight is HIFI, iQOO Pro on the HIFI can already support the chicken game, in the game “Peace Elite,” open HIFI and access iQOO random gift of HIFI headphones, you can clearly distinguish the game’s sound orientation, especially when the enemy is close, generally in this case the sound will be blurred, but HIFI sound is still accurate; additionally, in the process of voice hacking with teammates, iQOO Pro has done

Game Space 2.0 To allow users to be more immersed in the game, iQOO Pro’s phone cable and charging cable are both L-shaped, making it possible to play while charging and listening. In the software, iQOO introduces the new Game Space 2.0, which includes a strong gaming mode, hanging mode, game picture-in-picture, game without interruption, exciting video, and other useful features; of course, there is the RGB lighting effect on the back and a new software engine that vibrates with the game, putting the icing on the cake of the gaming experience.

The iQOO Pro also includes a new Monster UI based on Funtouch OS 9.1 (Android Pie), which features semi-open icons and low-saturation colors. The iQOO Pro also has a separate AI key on the left side of the body that allows you to easily complete high-frequency life actions like purchasing, opening applications, playing music, navigating to destinations, and purchasing movie tickets through Jovi. The iQOO Pro also has AI map recognition and full-featured NFC, which can open most cities’ transportation cards and simulate unencrypted access cards.

Photo shooting The iQOO Pro has a 48-megapixel (IMX582) 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle depth of field camera combination of three cameras on the back, and a 12-megapixel selfie camera on the front; among them, the IMX582 does a certain reduction compared to the same 48-megapixel IMX586 The rear 120° wide-angle lens remains unchanged and can also be used for macro photography; the depth-of-field camera serves as a secondary bokeh lens. Everything is considered to be on the rise, as evidenced by the photos in the gallery below.