Iqoo Neo3 New Machine Review: 2000 Yuan Slot 144hz + 5g Flagship Machine Really Fragrant!

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]After the iQOO 3 was released in late February, many consumers lamented the lack of a high refresh rate screen, but the iQOO 3 still proved to be a high-end hardware package in the 3000 – 4000 yuan bracket, supporting more than 5G band phone with a conscience, which was recognized by users. In the following two months, iQOO then grabbed the youth model iQOO Neo3 warm-up, and then confirmed that the Neo3 will be equipped with the highest commercial 144Hz high refresh rate screen, and complement the dual speakers, while the processor still maintains the same iQOO 3 Snapdragon 865, officially released on April 23. 197g may be considered a moderate weight in 2019, but by 2020 it will be considered “lighter,” provided that the iQOO Neo3 also has a built-in 4500mAh battery and full 5G capabilities.

One reason for the lighter weight is that the iQOO Neo3 lacks the same all-metal frame as the iQOO 3. Instead, the Neo3’s frame has undergone a number of changes, including the removal of the Neo series’ customary mid-frame shoulder key due to internal structural changes, the relocation of the 3.5mm headphone jack to the bottom of the phone where it is more convenient to use, and the integration of a side fingerprint into the power button, bringing the industry’s The narrowest 2.4mm size fingerprint module in the industry, with excellent response recognition. I believe the reason for not using Vivo’s proud screen fingerprint is that the 144Hz LCD screen is not conducive to rapid adaptation, and the independent AI button is also missing.

After the overall mass has decreased, the burden of daily carry and bed use has decreased, although the difference is literally only a dozen grams, but in actual use has significantly improved.

The iQOO Neo3 is available in “Night Black” and “Sky Blue” colors; the one we received is similar to the vivo S6 Danube color scheme, but the overall look is still eye-catching, and the top can also act as a mirror with good reflection. The most striking feature of the iQOO Neo3 is the 144Hz high refresh rate screen, which is a 6.57-inch FHD Full HD perforated screen with a resolution of 2408×10 With the 144Hz high refresh rate of the iQOO Neo3, in any slide to present an unprecedented smooth, in the brush microblogging, brush list data is really “but the use of hard to return,” is also the first time in the iQOO UI or Funtouch OS to achieve a high refresh rate of the use of experience, this delicate slide transition, compare The 120Hz frame rate mode announced earlier at the launch of the iQOO 8 in collaboration with Elite Peace should be available soon on the 144Hz iQOO Neo3. When playing games with a high frame rate screen, the contrast experience is undeniably improved.

To balance power consumption, the iQOO Neo3 supports global adaptive refresh rate, switching to high frame rate mode based on the actual needs of the application, and frame rate intelligent dynamic switching to reduce screen power consumption and achieve a balance between performance and power consumption. However, in terms of maximum brightness, the iQOO Neo3 employs LTM local color mapping technology, which divides the display content into multiple areas, each of which has its own set of colors. When the ambient light changes, the phone screen maintains a clear display. Note that this refers to the ambiance of the screen, not the actual brightness of the screen.

iQOO Neo3 also debuts video super split technology, which converts low bit rate videos from 720P to 1080P through pixel point prediction, and currently supports third party apps such as Jitterbug, Douyu, Tiger, Weibo, and Today’s Headlines to get a clearer display while saving traffic consumption. There is 12GB RAM (LPDDR4X) and 128GB ROM (UFS3.1) available.

AndroBench sequential read speed of 1700MB/s compared to UFS3.0, a 16 percent speed improvement and a 37 percent write improvement, and Andrau also easily ran 600,000 points, ranking first echelon of flagship phone performance in 2020. In terms of network, the iQOO Neo3 is also designed to switch senselessly in complex scenarios involving 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and other multiple networks, resulting in a smooth network connection status, while the addition of an all-around antenna system prevents the phone from dropping out during accidental gaming in cross-grip, anti-interference, and weak signal environments.

The iQOO Neo3 retains the same image quality enhancement technology in the game, the game to open the “Eagle Eye Display Effect,” can be a non-destructive picture quality premise, by improving the picture saturation and sharpness to get a clearer and more vivid picture, and will be adjusted according to the different games targeting the degree of detail sharpening, to retain the authenticity of the picture, but also to make the picture more clear. It also clarifies the details. When the phone is turned on, the CPU load is bound to be higher, but the overall power consumption does not feel significantly increased.

In terms of cooling, the iQOO Neo3 incorporates iQOO’s acclaimed Super Liquid Cooling, an 11-layer super liquid cooling system consisting of an extra-large 3-layer graphite heat sink, 85mm long heat pipes, and a highly thermally conductive solidifiable gel, which reduces the temperature of the CPU core area by 10°C

The iQOO Neo3 has three cameras on the back: a 48MP main camera, an 8MP super wide-angle camera, and a 16MP single camera on the front. The algorithm allows the iQOO Neo3 to achieve up to 12.3eV ultra-high dynamic range, i.e. super backlight mode, and the development of Hyper-HDR developed portrait light filling technology, to ensure the maximum degree of natural bright characters, background details complete, and the overall picture has a more sense of texture, as seen in this set of real-life sample photos.

As you can see, when shooting in a variety of environments, the iQOO Neo3 can provide a comfortable and realistic view of the human eye, with a fresh and bright overall picture tone. In practice, the iQOO Neo3’s camera’s white balance, saturation, and sharpness are always online, and it has excellent perception. The face can have a natural smooth exposure reproduction in the backlight state, front and rear backlight portrait performance is very good, and there is occasionally a small color shift indoors in super wide-angle mode, but landscape photography is basically no problem, with good resolution and color tuning still available.

The iQOO Neo3 has a built-in 4500mAh battery and supports 44W Super FlashCharge, with a conversion rate of 97 percent through the industry’s advanced charge pump technology and FFC technology, which can charge 50 percent in 20 minutes and be fully charged in one hour.

As the first iQOO phone with a 144Hz high refresh rate screen, equipped with dual speakers, Neo3 is the old iQOO users very worth a try new, from the market point of view, iQOO Neo3 is also very cost-effective high-performance full 5G high refresh rate screen flagship products, or will become another sales miracle of the iQOO brand.