Iqoo Neo Snapdragon 845 Flagship Review

Vivo’s second step must be to expand its user base three months after launching the iQOO brand with the tag of a low-cost flagship gaming machine. Although the iQOO flagship’s price/performance ratio has been widely accepted, not every user can easily afford it, so Vivo introduces the “youthful” version of the iQOO Neo, which has been scaled down in terms of screen, photography, and processor, while the battery and design have been strengthened and modified. Bestbuy618 was fortunate enough to receive the iQOO Neo in advance, and I am also an iQOO user, so let’s see how the iQOO Neo differs from the iQOO in terms of experience after a few days of use.

Design The iQOO Neo comes in two colors: carbon fiber black and electric purple, and the one we received is black, and its back texture is basically the same as the iQOO Monster Inside (or Samurai Black), but the The iQOO Neo’s middle frame is also made of glass, so you don’t have to worry about the phone slipping out of your hand because it’s too slippery. The iQOO Neo has a 6.38-inch FHD waterdrop screen from Samsung’s AMOLED with a resolution of 1080*2340 and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. With a chin width of 5.46 mm, this screen differs from the iQOO’s 6.41-inch FHD display.

This screen is commonly used in mid-range machines in vivo’s product line, which is also consistent with the positioning of the iQOO Neo. This is also consistent with the positioning of the iQOO Neo.

The iQOO Neo screen fingerprint solution combines a new generation of DSP hardware acceleration algorithm with a higher acquisition density, resulting in an improved recognition rate. The iQOO Neo screen fingerprint solution combines a new generation of DSP hardware acceleration algorithm with a higher acquisition density, resulting in an improved recognition rate. The iQOO Neo is not curved, so it appears thicker and heavier than the iQOO, but actual measurement data shows that the iQOO Neo is thinner than the iQOO 8.51mm, only 8.33mm, and weighs only 2.5g more, to 198.5g.

The iQOO Neo has a 4500mAh battery, which is 500mAh larger than the iQOO, and the 3.5mm headphone jack has been relocated to the bottom, which is a plus. The data port is still Tpye-C, and the back of the dazzling light band and bezel touch buttons have been removed, as has the vibration unit, which is a real shame. Photo shooting The iQOO Neo has a dual-core 12-megapixel main camera IMX363 on the back, as well as an 8-megapixel super wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field camera, and the software algorithm still supports Super Backlight, Glow Camera, and AI

BacklightingBacklightingIn normal light conditions, the 12-megapixel main camera produces a very good image with high resolution and tolerance for users with high resolution and image requirements. iQOO Neo can independently select super backlight in a high light ratio backlight environment, under the limited hardware tolerance, the software calculates the dynamic range of multi-frame composite up to 12.3EV, in the local overexposure or sunset framing shooting environment, you can get more than ideal imaging effect, significantly improve the face is not clear, the background is too bright photo problems.

BacklightingBacklightingIn the landscape, architectural photography is very useful with the 8 million ultra-wide angle lens imaging, 108 ° large field of view. Tolerance and resolution, on the other hand, are somewhat stretched. Furthermore, the night mode of iQOO Neo was not updated in time for the review, so it is not included here.

In addition to the clichéd issues of white balance, tolerance, and color accuracy, the iQOO Neo is supported by data from vivo labs, and the imaging results of the vivo series of phones have been very satisfactory after tuning in Bestbuy618’s perennial tests. It makes women fairer, more natural, and softer, and it makes men more natural and sunny. The internal “fun beauty” retouching function of the photo album APP is also comparable to a large number of beauty software on the market.

The most surprising aspect of the iQOO Neo is that it is very performance-oriented; even though it has been neutered, it still uses the first-tier Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, a processor that was basically equipped by the last generation of flagship Android phones, and its architecture and frequency are believed to be very familiar to everyone. Snapdragon 845 has: advanced 10nm process, eight-core kryo 385 custom architecture, CPU up to 2.8GHz, GPU for Adreno 616

The iQOO Neo, with a maximum of 8GB of RAM, is more than capable of handling large games and multitasking backgrounds. AndroBench scores are at the highest level in terms of reading speed. The iQOO Neo also employs a multi-weft cooling system comprised of ultra-long heat pipes, solidifiable thermal gel, a highly thermally conductive aluminum alloy frame, and a multi-layer composite graphite heat sink, which employs the principle of high temperature evaporation of liquid to absorb heat and low temperature liquefaction to release heat, thus solving the problem of heat absorption. According to official lab data, the iQOO Neo in a fully charged state, off-screen standby up to 576 hours, or a full 24 days, up to 46 hours of continuous calls, 12 hours of drama, 19 hours of continuous navigation, and 10 hours of continuous play “glory of the king.”

According to Bestbuy618, iQOO Neo can support a day and a half of normal use, with rest screen standby being virtually non-existent; in social software, calls and other links also consume very little power. And, while the power consumption of online video and games is more obvious, a single game of chicken half an hour power consumption 5 percent can also be done painlessly. The iQOO Neo also has 22.5W fast charging, which takes about 100 minutes to charge and 50 percent in half an hour.

Funtouch OS 9 The iQOO Neo is based on the Android 9 Funtouch OS 9 operating system, which emphasizes technology and speed. The new UI, with its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 performance and large memory, provides users with a smooth, fluid, and elegant interaction experience.

It meets users’ needs in all scenes and throughout the day when combined with AI and Multi-Turbo. The interface is depicted in the following screenshots.

The iQOO also has a red AI wake-up button on the left side of the body, and a long press on the physical button to wake up the voice assistant can solve some public situations where users are hesitant to use voice to wake up, as well as avoid the problem of potential interruptions in the sound collection process. The Jovi voice assistant now includes a powerful multi-round dialogue function, and Jovi supports functions such as smart map recognition, smart scenes, and smart screen off display. Overall, the iQOO Neo has lost many of the features of the flagship iQOO, but the overall design is geared toward longevity, usability, and cost-effectiveness, and the price is essentially affordable for every user.

If you have never used an iQOO phone before, the iQOO Neo will not disappoint, with flagship performance, excellent battery life, and promising photo capabilities. In a nutshell, you can’t go wrong with it!