Iqoo 7 Legendary Edition Phone Debut Review

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] As e-sports become more popular among the general public, the e-sports industry has grown dramatically in recent years. In the age of 5G mobile internet, smartphone users’ hardware and network requirements for gaming are increasing, and a cell phone with excellent performance is critical to the gaming experience. Only a phone with excellent performance can ensure an excellent gaming experience and gain the recognition and favor of gaming events and professional players.

With its excellent performance and outstanding gaming experience, iQOO, despite not being labeled as a gaming phone, has become the official KPL competition phone. On January 11, iQOO officially released its first product in 2021 – the iQOO 7 phone – to allow gamers and e-sports players to experience the ultimate gaming experience brought by Snapdragon 888.

As a professional performance flagship, iQOO 7 is equipped with the most powerful hardware in the industry, including Qualcomm’s new generation flagship SoC, higher speed LPDDR5 operating memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, 120W ultra-fast flash charging. When used in conjunction with software algorithms such as Multi-Turbo 4.0, VPG Process Guardian Technology, VEG Energy Guardian Technology, and others. to fully unleash the phone’s hardware performance So, how is the iQOO 7 hands-on experience?

The iQOO 7 comes in three colorways: black realm, submerged blue, and Legendary Edition. The iQOO 7 I have is the Legendary Edition. The iQOO 7 Legendary Edition design language is carried over from the iQOO 5 Pro Legendary Edition, and the phone will have more complete track elements presented on the right side of the back of the body.

The pure white matte texture on the phone’s back and the partial three-dimensional beveling process on the AG glass give the phone a more three-dimensional visual effect. The iQOO 7 has a triple rear camera solution in a zigzag arrangement, with a 48MP main camera with OIS optical stabilization, a 13MP ultra wide-angle and 2x optical zoom, and a portrait lens. The phone’s middle frame is made of “marine aluminum,” which has better corrosion resistance, toughness, and strength to better protect the battery cover and screen.

The power button and volume control keys are located on the left side of the center frame, the noise-canceling microphone is located on the top, and the card slot, microphone, Type-C port, and speaker are located on the bottom from left to right. The front of the iQOO 7 phone features a 6.62-inch AMOLED polar full-screen with the popular diamond pixel arrangement, which offers the benefits of HD, transparency, power saving, and a better display. The front camera is placed directly in the center of the screen, with smaller punch holes made possible by advanced COP packaging technology, giving the phone a front-to-body ratio of 91.4 percent.

I received the iQOO 7 Legend Edition, which was outfitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, 12GB LPDDR5 running memory, and 256GB UFS3.1 flash memory. The phone also included support for 120W ultra-fast flash charging dual 2000mAh batteries (for a total capacity of 4000mAh). Large capacity batteries and ultra-fast flash charging are especially important for gaming phones, and the iQOO 7 in the case of built-in dual batteries, the entire weight of the empty manufacturing within 210g, the thickness is also the most suitable for gaming 8.7mm, hands-on stability is excellent.

AndroBench is a professional software for testing the performance of flash memory. The iQOO 7 is equipped with UFS 3.1 flash memory, with sequential read/write performance in the test of 1907 MB/s and 773 MB/s, and random read/write performance of 66212 IOPS and 67338 IOPS, respectively. The Snapdragon 888 SoC in iQOO 7 uses the 5nm process and has a built-in Snapdragon X60 baseband that supports SA independent networking and NSA non-independent networking for dual-mode 5G I tested the iQOO 7’s 5G performance in the office, with 368Mbps uplink speed and 94.9Mbps downlink speed, with latency control within 11ms. The screen’s high refresh rate of 120Hz and 240Hz touch sampling rate not only makes daily use smoother, but also makes the gaming screen more fluid.

iQOO 7 includes built-in modes such as iQOO gaming mode, Monster, and others that can provide intelligent gaming and deep distraction-free features to gamers. iQOO also includes UFS deep defragmentation technology, which significantly reduces flash fragmentation.

Furthermore, iQOO 7 supports memory fusion technology, which can speak about expanding UFS flash memory into RAM and putting background programs into RAM to save them and improve application hot start speed.

As a national-level mobile game, iQOO 7 is deeply optimized for “King of Honor,” which not only provides a high refresh rate and sampling rate, but also accelerates network speed in the background to ensure stable and smooth network performance. The frame rate of the game was very stable throughout the game test, with no frame drops or lagging, and the average frame rate of the game was kept at around 60fps. Furthermore, the phone includes a 4D hero vibration function that provides vibration feedback whenever the hero skill is activated.

If the hero dies, you can use the dead hero replay function to see how you were defeated in order to identify the opponent’s weakness. The second national game “Peace Elite” necessitates higher picture quality and stereo sound; players must see the details of each frame change, and listening to the sound is also essential. The built-in Monster Beat stereo dual speakers on the iQOO 7 provide an accurate stereo sound effect.

The average frame rate in full effect games is 42 fps, and with the added saturation and detail sharpening of Eagle Eye Display Enhancement 2.0, you can see “Voldemort” in the picture faster. iQOO 7 employs 100 percent pure copper and 99.999 percent pure water, as well as a large heat sink, which increases the liquid circulation speed through the “capillary structure Fiber power pump” to improve heat dissipation.

Because of the large 4096mm2 heat sink, the body temperature in high-load scenarios in games is lower, and the overall feel is more comfortable.

Battery life, iQOO 7 with two 2000mAh batteries, in a fully charged state, browsing the web for 30 minutes, Internet music for 60 minutes, Internet video for 60 minutes, video for 30 minutes, games for 30 minutes and other 7 items, a total of 5 hours of power consumption test, the phone consumed 35 percent of power, leaving 65 percent of the power The phone includes a 120W ultra-fast flash charger that can charge up to 42 percent in 5 minutes, 70 percent in 10 minutes, and fully charge in 16 minutes. The iQOO 7 runs OriginOS, which is based on Android 11, and provides users with a console exclusive to iQOO, as well as cooler Monster behavior wallpaper. The most significant change to the originOS system is the switch to drawer mode in the UI.

The desktop is pre-populated with the user’s most frequently used APPs, and the hidden names are only visible if you long press the desktop margin. iQOO’s widget functions have been redesigned, including a new weather notification, atomic notifications for aggregated information, and atomic music on-the-go, which can be switched between multiple music APPs.

To make the phone more personal, iQOO employs a personalized reshaping morpher to bring four window styles: monochrome, blur, weather, and time, resulting in a more three-dimensional desktop. Through “Icon Style,” the default system icons can be switched between four different styles: refined/minimalist, standard/open, covering different effects such as anthropomorphic, flat, open, and closed. iQOO 7 also includes the significantly innovative Multi-Turbo 5.0 to improve memory management, improve the system memory scheduling strategy, and increase the system memory resource utilization. At the same time, system resident processes are deeply controlled and optimized, reducing application memory consumption, reducing system concurrency conflicts, improving concurrency, and making the phone run more efficiently and smoothly.

Although positioned as a gaming flagship, the iQOO 7’s imaging capabilities are also impeccable, with a rear IMX598 sensor jointly customized with Sony, supporting OIS anti-shake; 13MP 50mm focal length portrait camera, 13MP 120° telephoto camera, 13MP 120° telephoto So, how does the iQOO 7 imaging system actually work?

As seen in the daytime samples, the iQOO 7 main camera in a well-lit environment takes photos with great clarity but not overly sharp, rich in detail, and accurate color reproduction to meet the daily shooting experience of gamers. The night scene sample, thanks to the custom IMX 598 sensor, brings a large base, can bring more light intake at night shooting, with support for wide-angle lens new night scene algorithm, brings a larger framing range, so that night photography can be shaped more space The new RAW domain AI noise reduction algorithm introduces Super Night View 4.0 mode, which makes it simple to capture pure and less noisy night photos.

As a gaming flagship, iQOO 7 bit users bring a comprehensive performance upgrade, the continuation of iQOO’s consistently excellent game, screen, battery life, and photography strength, 120W ultra-fast flash charging, and 4000mAh battery to allow users to face the worries. If you require a product with a middle-of-the-road performance, comprehensiveness, and balance, the iQOO 7 is unquestionably your best option for a flagship phone.