Ipro Student Phone P100 Experience: A Great Helper For Parents To Guide Their Children To Self-discipline And Self-awareness

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] China, the world’s most “voluminous” cell phone market, has experienced the previous years’ chaos, and there are now only a few cell phone players left in the market. With the existing technical barriers and supply chain advantages, the best way for new players to sit at this table may be to go off the beaten path and enter a niche market. At a time when mobile games and short videos with algorithmic recommendations are flourishing on mobile platforms, teenage students are often difficult to resist, and the problem of consuming a lot of time on cell phones due to their inability to resist temptation has caused numerous parents headaches.

To help parents resolve this quandary, it is critical to provide appropriate guidance to their children. ipro recently launched a student cell phone, with the goal of guiding “children to use cell phones with self-discipline and consciousness” as the starting point, and the product slogan “parents worry less, children are more conscious” is also simple and clear. According to reports, the members of the R In terms of design, the IPRO student phone uses the popular gradient color design, and the color scheme of the one in my hand is a gradient from powder blue to purple, and the coating also has a special treatment, so that the phone will show different light and shadow changes under different light angles.

The author is not judging here, but the texture of the whole machine is still remarkable, the front and rear glass glossy metal frame gives a solid feeling, and the sea blue color is a gradient from powder blue to purple.

The IPRO student phone has a 6.21-inch OLED display on the front with a 1080P resolution and a full-screen solution of “bangs,” which is not quite the same as the current design thinking of most Android phones. In terms of color performance, the phone’s screen is moderate, with bright colors and a good contrast ratio, which is at a normal level for this price point. In terms of performance, the IPRO student phone is equipped with a MediaTek Tiangui 720 SoC, which is a 5G all-network chip with a 7nm process, the core is equipped with two Cortex-A76 large cores and six Cortex-A55 small cores, theoretically coping with daily use is I’ll skip the game performance because it’s a student phone.

This phone is capable of running smoothly without lagging in the study apps commonly used by students. In comparison to previous student phones, IPRO not only offers a complete Android ecosystem, but support for 5G networks means that this phone will be applicable and durable for a long time to come, and the presence of the Tiangui 720 SoC means that battery life will be adequate. The IPRO student phone P100 has a 4200mAh built-in battery, which is the current mainstream level.

Because I graduated many years ago, it is difficult to consider the daily app usage habits of the adolescent student population comprehensively, so we have chosen a few more mainstream apps for the battery life test. The following are the contents of our tests: 130 minutes of homework help online class

230 minutes to memorize words (10 seconds per word) 330 minutes to answer questions in Saruquan (30 seconds per topic) 4 The above tests were carried out with the screen at 50% brightness and Wi-Fi enabled. As shown in the line graph, the power consumption of the P100 in the first two tests was 3%, but the subsequent question answering was possibly loaded with more content, so it consumed 1% more power. Overall, the result is quite good and can fully satisfy students’ daily use. IPRO student phone P100 has a built-in self-developed “i self-discipline” app for kids, which is at the heart of IPRO’s functions.

After a simple connection, the parent side can officially use all of IPRO’s functions. IPRO can be said to have done a thorough job based on the home panel. You can see your child’s phone’s real-time battery power on your own phone to avoid the situation where your child’s phone runs out of battery and you can’t find anyone.

In terms of functions, “i Self-Regulation” has many built-in functions that I have never seen before, in addition to the usual alarm clock, daily reminders, and messages for children. “iSelf-Regulation’s parental interface For example, the “eye protection mode” function, you can see in the secondary menu, the top is the blue light mode, this is very understandable, once you turn on your child’s phone will turn on the anti-blue light mode for eye protection To reduce the damage caused by prolonged eye use, parents can agree with their children on the length of time to use the phone and set the rest time, and the phone will automatically remind their children to put down the phone after the timer is over.

Posture correction and brightness protection function can remind the child is also quite practical, IPRO through the gyroscope, face recognition, and light sensor with the cooperation of the child lying down to play with the phone or dark environment will automatically issue a prompt to guide the child to develop the correct eye habits.

The Internet world is colorful and turbulent, and teenagers who have not yet developed the ability to distinguish right from wrong are easily enticed by some unscrupulous elements, so proper restraint is required. If you are concerned about your child’s lack of self-control and are unable to control the amount of time they spend playing with the phone, you can use the timed disable function. Parents can set the time period for their children to disable; for example, I set the time period of school days (Monday through Friday) in the morning as the time period to disable classes, so that the child is locked on time.

It is worth noting that the locked child can still make phone calls and is a key to dial directly to the parents, avoiding the risk of not being able to use the phone to call for help in an emergency. There are also features such as application control, where parents can view the usage statistics of each app on their child’s phone in real time, and newly installed APPs require parental authorization to use. Any app can also be set to “limited time available” or “permanently restricted.”

Apps that are permanently restricted will not be able to be opened on the child’s phone, whereas apps that are available for a limited time can be used for the duration specified by the parent. Based on the same concept, the call control and internet control function adopts the blacklist design, allowing parents to block access to certain phone calls or bad websites by themselves to prevent their children from accidentally clicking on them, and parents can also check their children’s call and internet records to better understand t

“i Self-regulation” Internet and call control The final feature that I find very useful is the SOS help message, which is generally equipped with similar emergency calls on cell phones, but the IPRO experience is still superior. The child can directly trigger the SOS help by double-clicking the power button in any interface; the phone will directly call the parent’s phone in the management list, and is dialed one by one to ensure the first time to notify the administrator. Before making the call, the phone on the child’s end will automatically record a 5s video and send it to the parents, allowing them to understand the general situation and respond in advance.

I believe this feature is the ultimate protection for children, and with the location track function of “iSelf-Regulation” itself, parents can quickly locate their children’s location and understand the situation based on the video.

Overall, I believe the IPRO student phone P100 is already unrivaled in this category; the “i self-discipline” built-in features can greatly relieve parental pressure while also allowing children to use the phone’s convenient features; advanced sensors can also continue to guard children’s health; however, I hope parents can use these powerful features to guide their children and help them form good habits, rather than simply using them to “control” and “restrict.” According to Mr. “IPRO hopes not to use technology to discipline children, but to work with parents to help children learn self-discipline and use cell phones reasonably,” said Zai-Chun Mei, the founder and chairman of IPRO. This process requires the efforts of every parent, and IPRO Student Phone P100 is the best helper for children and parents.