Iphone 14pro Or A $100 Price Hike, But You Can’t Blame Cook This Time?

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In the last two years, Apple has released four new models, including mini and ProMax high versions in addition to the standard model. However, Apple has remained price conscious over the last two years. The case is not neutralized by performance, and the original price is not increased. Especially the iPhone 13 series, which was released last year and has a 128GB capacity, the price is surprisingly lower. However, the iPhone 14 series may see a price increase this year, not only due to the cancellation of the 5.4-inch mini version, but also due to a change in the charging port. In fact, price increases have become an unavoidable trend, and despite the fact that the two-year chip rise has been very strong, Cook has resisted the pressure, refusing to allow the new iPhone to rise, and this time the price increase can’t be blamed on Cook.

According to supplier breaking news, Apple will still release four new iPhones this year, but the 5.4-inch iPhone14mini will be canceled, making the iPhone14 the cheapest new Apple phone. And the new iPhone14Max, which has a 6.7-inch screen but is not the same as the 14ProMax, will have an A15 bionic chip and a dual-lens camera. Don’t be fooled by the iPhone 14Max’s large screen; it’s actually quite similar to the iPhone 14. Outsiders predict that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 will cost roughly the same, but that the iPhone 14Max will cost $899.

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According to Apple’s pricing strategy, all iPhone 14Pro pricing may change as a result of the addition of the iPhone 14Max. In fact, Apple’s primary goal is to expand the price range of mobile products, which currently ranges from $799 to $1599. Obviously, the starting price of the iPhone14Pro will increase by $100, to $1099 with 128GB of storage, while the national version is expected to start at $8599. In addition, the price of the iPhone 14ProMax is expected to rise from $1299 to $1499.

The price increase is almost certain to happen; in fact, the reason is quite simple. Take into account not only the price range changes, but also the two years of inflation. The chip is also the magnitude of the two-year rise, and iPhone14Pro and 14ProMax chips may be equipped with A16Pro processors, while A15 uses TSMC 4nm process chip.

The A16 Bionic chip used in the iPhone 14 and 14Max is based on TSMC’s 5nm process, but the GPU is 6-core, so the performance of the chip used in the iPhone 13Pro will be similar to that of the iPhone 14 and 14Max. In fact, Apple’s iPhone 13 series showed a chip performance difference when it was released last year. The A15 chip is also found in the iPhone 13 and 13mini, but the GPU is only 5 cores, whereas the A15 bionic chip in the iPhone 13ProMax and 13Pro has 6 cores.

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Of course, there is another very important reason for the iPhone 14Pro and 14Pro price increases, which is that the iPhone 14 series will be the first time Apple uses a punch capsule shape screen, which is Apple’s largest sub-upgrade in recent years. As a result, raising the price has become a logical decision. As you may be aware, every major upgrade to Apple phones is accompanied by a price increase. Take a look at Apple’s pricing strategy for the iPhone X when it was first released. Apple phones have been very fragrant in recent years, but do you think they will still smell good this year if the price increases?