Intelligent Office Has Me Enough Benq E500 Intelligent Business Projector Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] In the projector market, business projection has always been a requirement for manufacturers, whether it’s an office meeting for information presentation or a multimedia application for teachers to teach. In order to meet more comprehensive business needs, a qualified projector should, in addition to a high-quality projection screen, have smart portable, easy to use, and other characteristics. The E500 smart business projector is a great way for BenQ to gain the upper hand in the competition with its differentiated experience. The pure white language is light and stylish with a high value.

The body measures 283*222*95mm and weighs 1.9KG, making it ideal for carrying around or desktop projection.

The lens of the BenQ E500 smart business projector is made of solid materials and has an all-glass design, which has the advantage of being less likely to go out of focus after prolonged use that generates a lot of heat. The zoom ring and focus ring are located in the regular position above the lens, with a granular non-slip design on the surface, and a good feel for a moderate adjustment. The BenQ E500 smart business projector has a multi-hole cooling design with a large cooling fan with an auxiliary cooling port that allows air to circulate quickly to take away high heat, thus keeping the machine working steadily for long periods of time. This time, a wireless signal port was added, greatly improving the application’s convenience.

The new posture of screen casting can be unlocked and cast wirelessly without a network BenQ E500 intelligent business projector is equipped with an Android smart system, the main interface is divided into four sections: direct screen casting, computer screen casting, cell phone screen casting, and file manager, very simple and clear. The system comes with 4.8G of memory, so users can download more extended applications to meet the needs of different meetings.

All types of devices can be projected through the BenQ E500 Smart Business Projector by simply connecting the device being projected to the BenQ E500 to the same WIFI network environment in advance. Apple phones can be connected directly by opening AirPlay mirroring, while some Android phones require the download of a separate screen casting software to use the screen casting function. You can cast pictures, audio, video, and various documents from your phone, and the projector also supports cell phone remote control, which can be easily controlled by downloading the Wukong Remote Control app and then connecting it via LAN.

BenQ, the domestic projector brand leader, has naturally pushed the boundaries and added a library of lifestyle entertainment resources to its business lineup.

The BenQ E500 Smart Business Projector can also support native memory reading, LAN FTP file upload and download, and USB direct reading in addition to full-platform wireless projection. Independent presentations can be completed even without a computer using the built-in WPS document processing software. We can see from the U disk document real picture, BenQ E500 intelligent business projector projected PPT screen text is very clear, can fully meet the user’s multiple office needs.

High brightness is not afraid of ambient light High contrast text is clear and sharp

Turn on all four lights in the room. The projector’s 3300 lumens are also excellent. Real-world testing revealed that turning on the four fluorescent lights in the room (conference room) had little to no effect on the image.

As a result, there is no interference from light in daily business office use, making it impossible to see the projected image.

The E500 was tested with a TES136 illuminance meter and produced a peak brightness of 3194lm, which is approximately 96.8 percent of the official nominal brightness of 3300lm. In general, the peak brightness is best when it is close to or even exceeds 95 percent of the nominal value. The BenQ E500 business projector is completely at ease in terms of brightness; however, in this night scene, if the brightness and contrast are not sufficient, the environmental details, including the outline, are difficult to see clearly. The BenQ E500 intelligent business projector has 3300 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 13000:1, which shows the dark details of the overall environment very well.

Through the rich color screen projection effect test, we can see that the BenQ E500 intelligent business projector screen line outline is clear, the overall color saturation is also very satisfactory, as a business model is really valuable. According to the actual test results, the BenQ E500 intelligent business projector performs very well, with a sharp font angle, sharp strokes, and excellent clarity, even if the tiny text is not stuck together with each other.

Noise is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a business projector; after all, no one wants to attend a meeting in a noisy environment. The noise level measured at one meter from the machine in an office with an ambient noise level of 30 dBA was 34 dBA. The overall value is ideal and has no effect on participant communication. Review Summary.

The BenQ E500 intelligent business projector has 3300 lumens of brightness and a high contrast ratio of 13000:1, as a business model, the hardware parameters compound conventional The lightweight and compact body, as well as the top lamp cover, are intended for simple installation and maintenance. Furthermore, BenQ SmartEco intelligent technology with dynamic energy-saving function, not only to reduce energy consumption, but also to extend lamp life, so that the total cost of ownership is relatively lower, while the brightness performance is not compromised in any way, the picture quality is still fine and wonderful.

The outstanding configuration in all aspects enables this projector to easily cope with the projection needs of various complex scenes. The intelligent system of the BenQ E500 eliminates the projector’s cumbersome connection and debugging and supports a number of practical functions such as full platform wireless projection, PC-free presentation projection, cross-platform file transfer, and video conferencing to help business meetings get twice as much done with half the effort. This is an excellent product that will undoubtedly alleviate your business concerns.

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