Intelligent Business Change Innovation Develop Devan Ineo 550i Black And White Multifunctional Composite Machine Review

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel] Despite the accelerated digital transformation of various industries, there are still a large number of customers in the entire mid-to-high-end business market who have higher expectations for service, workflow, and office quality. Simultaneously, user demand has gradually evolved from the simple pursuit of cost performance to the pursuit of more intelligent, advanced, high-quality value-added services. DEVELOP, which is positioned in the mid-to-high-end business market and focuses on integrated business office solutions, has indeed brought new changes to the entire industry landscape in the three years since its entry into China. DEVELOP has positioned itself as an “intelligent business solution expert focusing on the value of the entire chain” and is committed to providing mid-to-high-end users with highly integrated software and hardware expert consultancy services.

DEVELOP launched the new generation A3 black and white multifunctional laminator ineo 550i (hereinafter referred to as “ineo 550i”) in 2021 to fully meet the high output and diverse printing needs of medium and large enterprises. In this issue, we’ll look at how well this office device performs.

The ineo 550i multifunctional composite machine is an A3 black-and-white multifunctional composite machine with scanning, printing, copying, and fax (fax optional) all in one, a print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200dpi, and a print / copy speed of 55 pages per minute. Scanning speed of up to 140 pages per minute (single-sided / double-sided) to meet the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises for frequent, high-volume printing processing. The ineo 550i is equipped with a quad-core CPU to ensure high performance and quick response from the laminator.

The ineo 550i, which comes with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, dramatically increases data storage speed, improves data reliability, and ensures high-performance device operation and fast response. The ineo 550i also comes with a plethora of optional components for diverse functional expansion.

DEVELOP DEVAN ineo 550i black and white multifunctional composite machine using the classic black and white color, the overall business is mainly calm. ineo 550i also supports a variety of integrated business office solutions that can efficiently help business users build a new business office model in the digital age. On the upper left corner of the machine, the “DEVELOP” brand logo is clearly visible, while the China Energy Efficiency Mark and Energy Star certification are clearly visible on the right side.

The ineo 550i includes a duplex synchronous document feeder with a paper capacity of up to 300 pages as standard. Scanning speeds of up to 140/280 pages per minute (simplex/duplex) on both sides at 200 dpi can easily meet users’ needs for high-volume scanning jobs on a daily basis. The duplex auto document feeder also has tick marks for various paper sizes, indicating its wide paper applicability, and the laminator has a large 10.1-inch operation panel with only one physical button, the power button, ensuring a larger percentage of the operation screen and enhancing the stylish and technological appearance.

The new operating panel angle adjustment range has been extended to 90°; this humanized design can make it easier for all types of users, such as those with mobility issues or those who use wheelchairs, to operate and set up the device. Open the consumables panel below to reveal the toner consumables for the ineo 550i. The cylindrical toner compartment is placed inside the machine for a more compact fit, is easy to operate, and can be replaced by opening the panel.

The ineo 550i has an innovative LED light indicator on the side of the operator panel and in the paper cassette, with different colors to indicate the different states of the laminator.

The ineo 550i now has a new graphical user interface (GUI). The main menu interface clearly separates the information area and the function area, allowing users to see their login status and the device’s main functions at a glance, making it easy to select and switch between the corresponding functions. The secondary menu interface has been rearranged so that users can scroll through the menus by dragging the screen up and down to select the job settings they need, eliminating the need to enter multiple nested menus and saving b The automatic data storage function after detection ensures that there is no delay in the laminator’s paper movement, reducing the frequency of paper jams caused by human error and greatly increasing the speed and efficiency of operations.

The ineo 550i, which was field-tested, has a plate-handling option that enables a wide range of post-press processes such as grouping, binding, folding, perforating, inserting, and so on. It has a new plate-handling processor to meet various binding needs, such as corner staples, parallel corner staples, two-point edge staples, riding staples, and so on. It is also worth noting that the ineo 550i supports offline binding, so that if you forget to set up the binding during operation, you can simply collate the document to be printed and insert it into the offline binding port to get the finished product bound. Depending on the user’s requirements, additional cassettes can be purchased to supply up to 3,650 sheets.

With the addition of the high-capacity feeder, the device’s maximum capacity is 6,650 sheets. It can also support SRA3 large format, 1200mm long paper, and other printing. Companies must pay attention to preventing the leakage of sensitive information and securing business office information.

Unlike traditional password-based authentication, the ineo 550i offers an optional IC card ID authentication system that eliminates the time-consuming step of entering a password and instead requires only a direct swipe of the IC card on the device to complete authentication.

Furthermore, the laminator includes an optional biometric vein authentication system, which provides increased security and accurate identification. Medical research has shown that each person’s finger vein images are unique, forming a template that is a unique biometric feature that can be used to make identifications with an error rate of only 0.000005 percent, much lower than other identification technologies. Using the absorption of the human vein (finger vein) to a specific wavelength of near infrared light to obtain the image of the vein, through the algorithm into a feature code to carry out the identification of the person, users can easily connect their mobile devices to the ineo 550i via NFC (for Android) or low-power Bluetooth technology (for iOS).

Users only need to touch the touch area on the mobile device to quickly perform pairing and use the wireless network to directly print documents and pictures and access scanned data, bringing a new experience of mobile intelligence. In today’s increasingly popular mobile workplace, the ineo 550i supports a variety of industry standardized mobile connectivity standards, providing an important support for improving employee office efficiency and helping companies wi It supports AirPrint for iOS and Mopria Print for Android, allowing users to connect their mobile devices to the laminator without downloading any applications in a wireless network environment, making it simple and convenient to use.

It is also worth noting that the ineo 550i supports USB printing, allowing users to insert files from the USB storage to print on the laminator or scan documents to the USB storage even when there is no network environment.

DEVELOP not only offers high-quality laminating equipment, but also focuses on providing integrated solutions with high hardware and software integration. In terms of authentication management, the ineo 550i supports a variety of integrated business office solutions, such as the Scan Workflow solution, which can help large and medium-sized enterprises effectively solve printing control, information security, and other printing pain points, and fully open a smart office. When faced with a large number of scanning jobs, the extraordinary scanning workflow solution – advanced document capture/scanning/processing/routing/indexing/printing/distribution workflow automation solution, support for batch document scanning, can automatically rename files according to the rules, and automatically place the files in different f

In terms of cost control, IT staff can automatically filter and generate data reports based on printing volume, users, departments, time, and other conditions, and can set different quotas and pricing strategies for users and departments to avoid daily printing waste and achieve visual control of office expenses. Since the composite machine is the same in terms of printing and copying speed, so at 600 dpi resolution, I put the two together through the actual test, and the summary data chart is as follows. In 600dpi resolution, we tested ineo 550i in 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes under the number of printing and copying paper, comprehensive data results can be seen, the composite machine printing speed and copy speed, and the official cla

We scanned the ineo 550i in single-sided B at different resolutions of 200 dpi and 600 dpi. According to the test data, the higher the scanning resolution, the slower the scanning speed, but at 200dpi, the scanning speed reached a maximum of 140ipm single-sided, 280ipm double-sided, and is basically the same speed of black and white, color, and the official claims of the data. In this print test, we used different font sizes, and the ineo 550i easily met the 4pt standard, with clear text, even blackness, and a good overall reading sense.

In the dot matrix output test, the ineo 550i met the 1pix standard of accuracy, can present rich graphic details on both black and white backgrounds, and its fine print quality for the user’s daily document output and copy provides strong support.