Intelligent Ai Accurate Recommendation Thunderbird Ui4.0 System Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] During the epidemic, Thunderbird Technology, a subsidiary of TCL Electronics, responded to user needs by quickly launching the “Battle Epidemic” channel on TCL TV, allowing users to accurately obtain epidemic news for the first time through television. It is understood that the average daily click rate after the channel was launched exceeded 50%, indicating that the TV screen has given full play to the advantages of the channel during this Spring Festival and has become the mainstream media for users to obtain authoritative information. UI4.0 has updated the intelligent AI recommendation algorithm, which uses user portraits, video portraits, and an intelligent algorithm to recommend personalized content to each user in a timely and accurate manner, increasing user click rates by three times or more, and click penetration rate by two times.

The UI4.0 iteration cycle has been reduced from three months to one month. UI 4.0 has reduced its iteration cycle from three months to one month, allowing it to meet users’ ever-changing needs for fast and new services while also achieving a significant increase in operational efficiency. The main reason for users to buy Internet TV is to watch movies and TV dramas, which is the definition of Internet TV, Thunderbird UI4.0 in terms of Internet resources integrated with Akiyip, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV, Sohu Video, PPTV, CIBN, 4K Garden, Beili Beili and other platforms, there is no problem with the abundance of content, Tencent video has millions of hours of massive copyright And online third-party applications such as Bee Video, Orange Video, Sohu – cloud video listening to listen to, rich smart TV application ecology, so that users have a greater and broader choice of content.

Users can purchase membership directly on the TV through the VIP interface, which includes QIEGO VIP, CIBN Poly Sports VIP, Education VIP, Children’s VIP, Huadu Gaming VIP, and other paid rights. We all understand that there are various things to love, so after splitting the membership, users can purchase the content they are only interested in at lower prices. Thunderbird System UI 4.0 The game interface, mainstream online games, and casual games are relatively comprehensive.

Educational resources, on the other hand, are built into the LeXue education platform, which includes a wealth of online educational resources. Preschoolers, elementary school, middle school, high school, and other subjects are all covered. The recommended section on the home page displays some of the most popular sections to the user, and the poster format is very user-friendly.

Thunderbird System UI 4.0

There are also numerous educational resources for children, including children’s songs, puzzles, handicrafts and paintings, English, early education, mathematics, and Chinese studies. The rich children’s film and television resources include: “Woof Team Ligong Essence Edition”, “Bear Paradise Essence Edition”, “Cocoa Little Love Public Welfare Animation”, “Piglet Peach Complete Collection” and other popular children’s film and television resources. Thunderbird System UI4.0 Over time, they also began to work closely with the system to create shopping pages. Thunderbird system UI4.0 built-in shopping interface, TV shopping is a good bridge between the platform to communicate between users and goods, the TV big screen can enjoy the fun of shopping with the whole family, and the brush two-dimensional code payment operation is very simple.

Thunderbird System UI 4.0 supports rotating viewing mode, rearranges and categorizes high-quality content such as movies, education, shopping, games, and so on, and organizes videos in the form of TV channels, with multiple channels, and selects content by “changing channels” just like traditional TV.

In conclusion, the content service platform is becoming more professional, and the content brand effect is becoming stronger. With faster hardware upgrades, the experience improves, allowing Internet TV to support 3D, Dolby, 4K, HDR, and other high-quality content, better meeting the needs of family intelligent life. In general, this cross-sectional evaluation of the content resources’ cool open system, rainbow collar gold system, and thunderbird system was able to meet the diverse needs of users watching movies.

In addition to extensive film and television resources, there are a variety of services available, including education, games, shopping, and so on. Throughout the epidemic, all major OTT platforms responded positively to the Ministry of Education’s work by opening the education section of “No School No More” to provide free online education resources for children who are unable to attend school. The games section also includes a variety of educational and adventure games, as well as live videos such as King’s Honor and Peace Elite that users can watch.

At the moment, the major OTT platform shopping has also been in the layout, and with the traffic in front of the big screen revitalized, the future of big screen shopping will also usher in a wave of “climax.” Thunderbird system UI4.0 top information bar content classification is complete, with a total of fifteen sections, respectively, ace channel; classification, children, selected, VIP, TV series, movies, variety, 1212, applications, sports, music, games, a These pages can be selected to display or not display based on individual needs, allowing users to customize the content they are interested in. Thunderbird System UI 4.0 Thunderbird System UI 4.0 displays content using a waterfall flow, a large module design, and horizontal tiling. And Thunderbird System UI 4.0 improves the intelligent AI recommendation algorithm, which uses user portraits, video portraits, and intelligent algorithms to recommend personalized content to each user in a more timely and accurate manner, increasing the user click-through rate by three times or more and the click penetration rate by two times.

Thunderbird System UI 4.0 The smart TV system has been plagued by lagging operation, frequent bugs, backward functions, and incompatible software due to the long system update cycle and slow iteration speed of some manufacturers. Thunderbird UI4.0, on the other hand, has reduced the iteration cycle from three months to one month, meeting users’ ever-changing needs for fast and new services while also achieving a significant increase in operational efficiency. When you say “Little T, Little T,” the TV AI quickly recognizes it and then executes voice commands, such as finding movies, TV shows, and songs, it will respond quickly and immediately give relevant search results, and the overall operation experience is smooth.

Thunderbird System UI 4.0 fully realizes the potential of the paid content lifecycle by integrating Thunderbird TV vertical and content business privileges with multi-scene, multi-channel, and diverse joint operations. It allows users to be active and sticky, while also promoting the consumption behavior of shopping, platform membership, and third-party membership cards. Thunderbird TV global operation platform as the preferred platform for domestic content to go overseas on the big screen, with ten million user traffic, Thunderbird TV can promote through multi-channel large integrated promotion, effective exposure, expand offline after-sales, and exclusive customized services.

OTT advertising and marketing is in high demand because it is a practical and effective method with broad coverage among all digital marketing channels. Thunderbird Technology places advertisements not just for the sake of placing them, but also to combine them with operational activities, operational strategies, operational contents, and users’ attributes and preferences to make the placement more efficient. Not only is the exposure time long, but also the exposure form is diverse, and the user viscosity is high.

Thunderbird Technology, in addition to maintaining rapid product innovation and refining its business, will integrate its own massive resources, continuously launch high-quality content, fully integrate the resources of the OTT industry, and strive to achieve 100 percent filling and selling in the future. In terms of operation, in October 2019, Shenzhen Broadcasting Group and TCL Group collaborated across the border to establish Sky Arts Vision, with children’s art literacy education as the focal point and a high-end education complex as the primary business channel. We will collaborate with Tianyi Visual World to create a unique competitive brand of comprehensive education body as well as an innovative business model of integrated media platform.

Furthermore, Thunderbird’s algorithm team uses AI technology to create more potential connections between items and users in the fields of content recommendation, membership value-added services, e-commerce, music, and games, as well as to continuously improve operational efficiency through algorithm technology. Using voice recognition, camera face recognition, binding the user’s unique ID, real-time response to user-triggered operations, the entire chain feedback user behavior, completely through data, algorithms, and personalized operation to achieve “a thousand people, thousand faces” Thunderbird technology will also integrate more scenarios in the future, such as the current large screen, not only in the family, the next screen will be everywhere, the large screen will be in a variety of occasions, Thunderbird will be based on different people and scenes, different screen recommended the corresponding content. The new Thunderbird system UI4.0 improves users’ experience in many ways, including a new TV system interface, content presentation form, and a new Thunderbird system interface.

The UI4.0 upgrade not only provides users with a better experience, but it also adds more imagination to OTT big screen marketing in the future. UI4.0 has a positive promotion effect in terms of increasing user stickiness and increasing user activity.

Furthermore, it demonstrates Thunderbird Technology’s ability for continuous innovation and efficient operation. Thunderbird Technology UI 4.0 also makes a series of optimization improvements to address the issue of system lag.

Thunderbird Technology is constantly upgrading and optimizing the system to reduce memory consumption. Furthermore, Thunderbird Technology integrates solutions via technology and products to automatically and thoroughly clean the system while ensuring that users’ critical data applications are not lost.

The rapid iteration of the product is a key component of lean startup thinking. In this regard, Thunderbird Technology made significant progress in 2019 by optimizing the system structure, performance occupancy, and loading efficiency of UI4.0 in all aspects, reducing the system iteration cycle from 3 months to 1 month, significantly improving the speed of product innovation. Thunderbird UI4.0 improves user experience through a series of upgrades and optimizations, as well as the integration of technology and products.