In Addition To The Snapdragon 710 Vivo Z3 Cost Performance Is Also Reflected In What?

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] On October 17, 2018, Vivo released a new series of Z3 phones in Beijing, eerily similar to its sister brand OPPO K series. The Vivo product line is now divided into four categories: high-end flagship NEX series, mid-range photo X series, $1000 machine Y series, and Z series between X and Y. We can predict this position based on its selling price and design performance.

Bestbuy618 has been tried for some time prior to the release of this new product and has a clearer positioning of its performance in all aspects. This Vivo Z3 can be linked to “value for money” in the market consumers’ concept, in addition to the public more important processor models, in the design and photography also have outstanding features, which we will tell you one by one.Package, Z3, TPU case, card pin, 25W charger

In the unboxing process, the difference between the higher-priced X series, the vivo Z3 is not equipped with headphones inside the package, although many cell phone manufacturers have long since removed the headphones from the package spare parts, but it is still a pity. The package includes a free TPU protective sleeve and a randomly distributed 25W charger, as well as the same agile water drop screen as the X23, 6.3 inches with a 90.3 percent screen-to-body ratio.

vivo Z3 The vivo Z3 adopts the “spirited waterdrop screen” design of the latest X-series, increasing the screen-to-body ratio to 90.3 percent, with a wider field of view and a large 19:9 full-screen with a delicate 22801080 FHD full HD resolution. Vivo used a very clever method to blend this touch display into the thin body after achieving a colorful and clear screen effect. The top makes use of the screen slit’s narrow space to form a very integrated hidden Z3 gradient back cover

The Vivo Z3 comes in three gradient colors: Starry Night Black, Aurora Blue, and Dreamy Pink, with the one we received being the Starry Night Black gradient color. The flow of light and shadow in nature inspired Vivo designers, giving this Vivo Z3 back light gradient a distinct charm. The light is refracted by the phone at different angles, emitting two colors: blue and purple. Over the last two years, cell phones have increasingly used glass or plastic bodies rather than metal bodies to achieve the gradient color scheme.

However, due to the high cost of glass processing, it is obviously not the choice of the Vivo Z3.

The vivo Z3 is thin and light in the hand, thanks to a 3D micro-arc body that has a thinner feel than the real thing. The 3315mAh Snapdragon 710 battery lasts all day.

The highlight of this new series, the Vivo Z3, is equipped with a Snapdragon 710 but only costs 1898, which is unusual in the market. Snapdragon 710 is a Qualcomm chip series designed as a replacement for Qualcomm’s flagship 845 mobile platform, with some parameters closer to Qualcomm’s flagship 845 mobile platform, the same 10nm process technology and the third generation Kryo CPU and Adreno 6 series GPU, the second generation Spectra ISP, 4K, HDR playback, and the introduction of 4×4 MIMO, octa-core architecture design, consisting of two performance cores up to 2.2GHz and six efficiency In terms of games, the large memory provides space for large games to run, and when combined with vivo’s original dual-turbo acceleration engine (vivo Dual-Turbo), which fundamentally solves the competitive short version of the Android system in terms of resource allocation mechanism, and collaborates with software and hardware in terms of games to achieve an all-round, systematic enhancement and acceleration of game-related performance, network, heat dissipation, standby, and other features.

Game Vivo collaborates with Netease, Tencent, and other mainstream game manufacturers to establish two-way information communication interfaces and adaptation in order to achieve efficient resource deployment. With HD quality enabled, the entire game can maintain a frame rate of around 40FPS, making it easy to eat chicken smoothly. The CPU performance is outstanding, with a total score of 171,737.

During the process of eating chicken, the Vivo Z3 has excellent temperature control, and the phone only slightly heats up. The power consumption is also reasonable, with approximately half an hour of chicken game using 10% of the electricity. It is also the one responsible for the most power consumption in the entire power consumption test.

WIFI online movies and live streaming did not consume much power with the screen brightness at 50% and sound at 50%, and the network standby performance was excellent. With the included 25W charger, in fact, there is no fear of high power consumption, even with the 3315mAh battery, derived from the dual-charge chip and dual-charge circuit of vivo dual-engine flash charging technology, half an hour full 50%, as long as the use of the usual fragmented

Front infrared face recognition, rear 1600W 200W dual camera Face unlocking is the current trend. The Vivo Z3 front camera (1200W pixels) can project 1024 facial features and unlock faster than a fingerprint (though the Z3 also has a rear fingerprint sensor). Facial unlocking conditions are more severe in low-light environments, which is why the Z3 has a hidden infrared fill light, which enables faster unlocking in low-light environments while appearing identical to daylight to the naked eye.