In Addition To “aldehyde” “fog” Exhausted Haoze Air Purifier Indoor Pollution Purification Challenge Upgrade

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Nowadays, the air quality is becoming unfriendly to rhinitis and laryngitis sufferers, with haze in the winter and aldehyde in the summer. And, coincidentally, I have chronic rhinitis and chronic laryngitis, to which I just want to say, “I’m too hard!” In winter, I can’t breathe well at night when I sleep, and it’s difficult to sleep; however, in summer, it’s even harder for me! Formaldehyde in summer often gives me a sore throat, and dry heaving is more common in the morning when I brush my teeth. And the concentration of indoor formaldehyde content increases by 0.15-0.37 times for every 1 °C increase in room temperature. When the room temperature reaches 34 °C and the relative humidity of the air reaches 50%, the concentration of formaldehyde volatilized exceeds the national “indoor air quality standards” 5.53 times.

Ventilation or air purifier?

We will generally use the method of opening windows and ventilation to deal with formaldehyde. However, opening windows and ventilating will not solve the problem of continuous formaldehyde volatilization. After moving in, it is impossible to open the windows 24 hours a day due to the influence of weather, season, temperature, and other factors.

In this case, purchasing an air purifier is a powerful solution that is not limited by time, space, or location, and it is not even harmful to use the air purifier while opening the windows for ventilation. We recently introduced the Houser air purifier, and the following is the key purification ability test. We will measure the formaldehyde purification test and the PM2.5 purification test in this test.

So, does the Houser air purifier, which claims to have medical-grade purification technology, live up to its name in this test?

The test environment is a special transparent plexiglass test chamber (80mm*100mm*160mm), with a total test space of approximately 2 cubic meters. 1.Formaldehyde purification test We first paint on the board, then place it in the transparent box and wait for formaldehyde evaporation. The smell is still quite strong while it is being installed. We choose exterior wall paint because its formaldehyde content will be relatively high, and the situation will be closer to the newly renovated room.

After standing for a while, we can see that the formaldehyde concentration measured by the test instrument has reached 0.28 mg/m3, which is not low, as the indoor formaldehyde pollution level belongs to moderate pollution, close to serious pollution. At this time, we can open the phone to open the Haoze air purifier, and tuned to strong mode, running four minutes later, we can see the air quality indicator change from red to purple, indicating that the The formaldehyde concentration measured by the testing instrument had dropped to 0.1 mg/m3, which is also the qualified value in the Indoor Air Quality Standard, at this point.

The formaldehyde concentration graph measured by the testing instrument is shown below; you can see that the Haoze air purifier purifies formaldehyde very quickly, and the formaldehyde concentration in the glass box decreases in a straight line. The Haoze air purifier only took about five minutes to purify the formaldehyde in the glass box to the standard, to 0.1 mg/m3, this is still due to the wet paint in close proximity to continuous volatilization, I believe that in ordinary indoor its purification effect will be more stunning. Here I want to remind a sentence, indoor formaldehyde concentration is likely to reach or even exceed 0.28 mg/m3, long living in this concentration on the respiratory system The purchase of an air purifier at this point in the indoor process is absolutely necessary. And the data above shows that, in the face of serious indoor formaldehyde concentrations exceeding the standard, the Haoze air purifier, with its medical-grade purification technology, can efficiently purify formaldehyde, keeping users safe from the harmful effects of formaldehyde.

We will make the box filled with PM2.5, large particles of smoke through the cigarette lighter in the center of the box, and when a cigarette is burned out, we will measure through the instrument that the internal PM2.5 rises linearly and reaches the explosive state of 999g/m3. It is worth noting that reaching 999g/m3 at home is generally impossible, and reaching this concentration is only for a more demanding test. At this time, we open the air purifier through the phone and time, you can find only 72 seconds, the air purifier will purify the PM2.5 in the glass box an empty, open the glass box will not smell smoke. It is believed that its efficiency in purifying PM2.5 in daily life is also very high.

The PM2.5 concentration graph measured by the testing instrument shows that the efficiency of Haoze air purifier to purify PM2.5 is very high, and the concentration of PM2.5 decreases in a straight line. Through the above test, we can see that whether for formaldehyde or for PM2.5, Houser air purifier can purify the air very quickly, and the concentration of PM2.5 and formaldehyde is quickly reduced to the concentration in line with the Indoor Air Quality. Following that, I will bring you more information about this product, so stay tuned.