In Addition To Ai And 4k Decoding Hymedi White Box Is Also A Nas Server!

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Hymedi White Box is a speaker and a 4K set-top box that can be detached from the TV screen as a smart speaker, connected via Bluetooth as a high assurance Bluetooth speaker, but also through HDMI2.0 output ultra-high definition 4K signal to the TV as a high-end 4K set-top box to use, can achieve including film and television broadcast control, music broadcast control, children’s education, life assistant, and intelligent homing It is capable of performing functions such as movie broadcasting and control, music broadcasting and control, children’s education, life assistant, and intelligent home appliance control. In fact, in addition to the official announcement of the “Q5 Quad Intelligent AI System,” the Himedia White Box is also a simple NAS server that can share mobile storage content received from the White Box’s USB3.0 port for simultaneous use by multiple terminals, which is very useful. There are two points worth mentioning here: first, the Himedia White Box is equipped with USB 3.0, and the mobile storage also uses a USB 3.0 interface to provide faster read and write speeds; second, because the Himedia White Box only has one USB 3.0 interface, we can extend it with an external USB hub to share multiple storage devices at the same time.

In addition, from the system interface, enter “System Settings – Advanced Settings – Enter Advanced Settings”, select “SAMBER Sharing Service” in the pop-up interface, check “On”, and turn on the password protection as needed, as shown in the following motion picture.

Hymedi White Box file sharing settings Practical experience The Himedia White Box has been successfully shared after a simple setup. It uses the SAMBER sharing protocol, which is similar to the effect of right-click file sharing in a computer, and can be used by multiple terminals at the same time, so we can store various types of files such as movies, music, photos, APKs, or text documents on mobile devices for sharing, which is very convenient! Hymedi White Box supports multiple terminal types such as computer, cell phone, smart TV, or smart set-top box to access at the same time, I experienced the ef

1 Computer access The computer access is also very simple; there are two ways: the first, in the “My Computer – Network” view; the second, directly in the folder address bar to fill in the “double slash Himedia White Box IP address” can be, for example, if the IP address of the Himedia White Box is, we type “” in the address bar to enter and access the “share” folder.

When you enter the “share” folder, you will notice that there are numerous folders, and their representative contents are shown below. It is worth noting that, in addition to accessing the data of USB removable storage via share, we can also access the data of the Hymedi White Box that has been connected to NFS or SAMBER devices, which is very powerful!Shared file directory I have connected two USB storage devices to the Himedia White Box via USB hub, so after entering the “media-rw” folder, two folders will appear, each representing a different storage device.

After entering, you can edit all files, as well as copy and paste files between computer and mobile storage, which means we can download the APK copy to mobile storage via computer, and then install it on Hymedi White Box via remote control, which is very convenient.

Support file editing between computer and mobile storage 2 Mobile phone access The most commonly used scenario is cell phone browsing multimedia files in NAS server, for example, we can watch shared movies, listen to music, and look at pictures in the room, living room, and balcony, which solves the problem that cell phone storage is insufficient and solves the drawback that HD movies occupy large storage space on cell phone. Viewing the LAN shared devices in your phone’s file manager allows you to discover and browse the shared content.

Cell phone access The test environment is a 100 megabit router wireless network for 5G WIFI, the actual test, cell phone LAN when watching the size of 2.4GB of “Journey to the Dream,” before and after the drag and drop is not lagging at all.

3Accessing the Shared Portal from the Smart TV/Smart 4K Set-top Box Side Whether it’s a smart TV or a smart 4K set-top box, any terminal equipped with a smart TV TV system can also find the shared portal inside the file manager, and a similar directory structure can be found when you enter Himedia H7 IV was used to access the content shared by the small white box, and I dragged and dropped it back and forth to play “Journey of Dreams,” and the effect was also very smooth!

Despite the fact that the box only has one USB port, it can be shared by multiple devices using a USB hub, and the shared storage content can be edited on the LAN using a computer or cell phone file manager without the need for third-party software. It is as simple and straightforward as editing local files on a computer. In terms of terminal compatibility, whether it’s a computer, cell phone, tablet, or other smart 4K set-top box, it’s very smooth when browsing the files shared by Himedia’s Little White Box, and it supports simultaneous access to multiple terminals.

As a simple, complementary NAS function, Himedia SAMBER sharing can meet the sharing of music, photos, and light film and TV content. In conclusion, whether playing shared files or sharing files to other terminals, the Himedia White Box is well optimized, and in this age of data-filled intelligence, you deserve such a composite product.