Ignasi Monreal’s Paintings Combined With Chinese Elements Did You Read Them?

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Today, the OPPO R17|R17 Pro New Year’s Edition is officially on sale. The OPPO R17 New Year’s Edition is priced at 2799 yuan, and the OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition is priced at 4299 yuan. On the evening of December 17, OPPO brought a unique audio-visual feast to everyone, and at the same time, nine fantasy paintings created by Ignasi Monreal, It was as if we had entered the door of the whimsical world through Ignasi Monreal’s nine paintings, allowing us to swim in a world where the East and the West are intermingled.

Ignasi Monreal is a Spanish visual artist from the 1990s who specializes in painting, design direction, and video by combining classical art with realism and adding digital and youthful elements. Ignasi Monreal is a favorite of luxury brands such as Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and others, and he has also contributed to the music scene. With his delicate brushstrokes, he is able to vividly combine imaginary visions, aesthetic legends, and young, modern, technological details of life.

He is also skilled at presenting products to the public in a fantasy classical oil painting style that is realistic. This time, he understands the richness of Chinese culture with OPPO, blending and recreating the good blessings of the East and the West, and brings us nine fantasy New Year paintings with double blessings, but do you really read these New Year fantasy paintings?

There is a parallel world in OPPO’s fantasy world. Each New Year’s wish you send will be delivered to its destination by a different special messenger at the start of the New Year. The Golden Piglet will be in charge of this fantasy world in 2019. When you send this New Year’s blessing by pressing the send button, the Golden Piglet will immediately receive it and carry it to the responsible envoys and partners to fulfill these wishes and blessings.

Through the collision of Chinese and Western cultures, Ignasi Monreal combined the 9 blessing words to create a series of paintings to deliver New Year’s good wishes; in fact, many elements of the East and West can be seen together in this picture: longevity symbol of the crane, a symbol of good luck koi, wealthy gold yuan treasure and festive red lanterns, etc.; Cupid, Venus, the Beatles, these representatives of Western elements also appear in the paintings, the o

Furthermore, have you noticed the egg in this image? The full WIFI signal on the lantern represents that once the OPPO phone is connected to the WIFI, the fantasy parallel world inside the phone will automatically open. The moon elder and the little god of love Cupid’s bring everyone a good expectation of love. The Moon Master’s red line and Cupid’s arrow of love were ready, and they were happily sitting on the bench, seemingly discussing how to send love blessings to everyone for the New Year.

The word “love” on the background wall and the heart shot by the love arrow both represent good love. This image also includes a small egg: to demonstrate his identity as the god of love, the moon god is meticulously matched from head to toe.

The shoes have a Cupid shot love pattern, the belt buckle has a curved moon shape, and even the sunglasses have a love theme. And the moon chairs on the red line and love letters, in the meet the next person looking for love, who will it be?

The koi represents good luck, and the New Year’s painting doll sits on the koi, which represents good luck, implying that the new year will be smooth and full of luck for everyone. Even the Western cherubs defied the sublime and flew alongside the koi and the New Year’s painting doll, pulling out their OPPO R17 Series New Year’s Edition phones to capture the moment. Even the koi’s beard is a cell phone cable with “luck,” which must be the quickest way to open up the New Year’s luck.

In Western countries, Santa Claus serves the important task of delivering gifts, whereas the magpie is a symbol of good luck in China. Santa Claus, delivering New Year’s gifts in Ignasi Monreal’s fantasy painting, takes a break and meets a magpie to guide him, sending joy and peace to the New Year in the real world. Furthermore, I’m not sure if you’ve found Santa Claus’ gift bag full of OPPO New Year’s special edition gift box; and I also know that Santa Claus is leaning on the name of the reindeer JOY, don’t ask me why, because the antlers are written on the antlers.

Positioning is written with a big “joy,” which means that where there is OPPO, there is joy, and smiling is so simple.

The classic scene of the Beatles crossing the road, and the four gods of fortune (Tian Guan Gifu), Wen Chang Xing, Nan Ji Xian Weng, and the god of happiness (Ji Shen), which represent fortune, prosperity, longevity, and happiness, are integrated together to bring fortune, merit, longevity, and happiness to everyone from the fantasy world of OPPO. The door gods swap out the big knife for a cell phone cable, and the left door god holds a small book with the word “An” written on it, while the right door god holds a small book with the word “PEACE” written on it. The two door gods also have the most classic red ballpoint pen in their hands, which I believe is not seen after 00.

The peace dove flies with an olive branch, wishing peace and tranquillity in the new year, as is the world’s common New Year’s wish. More importantly, the word PEACE is written on the left wall.

Ignasi Monreal to oil painting drawing to bring a famous painting style, the beauty of the regal Yang Guifei and the Western goddess Venus lazily lying together, with OPPO R17 series New Year’s Edition to record the beauty of their own, but also for everyone to send beautiful blessings. The immortal crane representing longevity tops a large longevity peach, while the elephant representing good luck The immortal crane dances to the music played by the nearby OPPO New Year’s Custom Edition cell phone, wishing everyone a long and healthy life. When you zoom in and out on the painting, you will notice that the clock tower has an “” infinity symbol, which means a good sign of long life.

In the coming year, we all hope to be favored by the God of Wealth, Kris, who represents both the Chinese God of Wealth and the Western God of Harvest, standing beneath the gleaming golden fortune tree, to exchange the secret method of turning stones into gold and provide more wealth to everyone together. The god of harvest Kres revealed a large gold watch directly blind, the god of wealth with his own as-you-go stick and super stylish tiger mount, the tiger head is also topped with a super large gold yuan, look very valuable, this selfie show is full of heart. Furthermore, the God of Wealth “yeah” is a bit cute is what happened; in the Chinese symbol of wisdom Wen Qu Xing and the Western learned Albert Einstein formed a “learned” combination, together with a ghost face photo, cute gold piggy C position, the light of wisdom shines, send smart wishes

In fact, in addition to the New Year’s greetings contained in these nine paintings, there are many small eggs hidden throughout OPPO’s fantasy New Year world, just waiting to be discovered.