Igame G-one Review: The Suit Thug In An All-in-one Machine

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] All-in-one PCs, including Apple’s iMac and iMac Pro, give the impression of being biased toward business offices in the traditional concept. During the DIY market boom, the early all-in-one machines were primarily aimed at enterprise users, resulting in high pricing and insufficient performance. Furthermore, desktops have excellent expansion performance and an excellent price/performance ratio, whereas laptops are known for their portability, and the positioning of all-in-one machines has become very awkward, with no clear enough positioning to create a “chicken and egg” situation.

On May 20, iGame unveiled G-ONE, its first all-in-one product, at the RNG eSports Center in Beijing, with the goal of changing the traditional perception of all-in-one PCs and redefining the concept of all-in-one PCs. The iGame G-ONE is an all-in-one PC designed for gamers, providing them with the ultimate gaming experience by combining high-performance hardware.

iGame offers five different configurations for the G-ONE all-in-one computer, beginning with the i5-8300H, RTX 2060 6GB, 256GB SSD 1TB mechanical hard drive, 8GB*2 memory, priced at $11,999, and ending with the flagship i9-8950HK, RTX 2080 8GB graphics card, 16GB*2 memory, 512G SSD 2TB mechanical hard drive, priced at 29,999 yuan.

The iGame G-ONE features a 144Hz refresh rate 27-inch 2K screen with 95 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, Display HDR 400 high dynamic light rendering, Killer E2500 wireless network card, Intel Wireless AC 9560 gigabit network card, built-in independent audio decoding chip ESS Sabre Hi-Fi DAC, professional-grade external amplification, and more complete sound resolution.

Exterior design of the iGame G-ONE

A gaming product that has a variety of RGB lights and can support gaming linkage features is considered a gaming product by many gamers. The iGame G-ONE retains the usual design features of gaming products in its appearance as an all-in-one computer with gaming design, with angular back lines bringing a higher face value. The overall visual quality of the machine is comparable to that of a gaming monitor, but with powerful hardware performance built in.

The front of the iGame G-ONE features a gaming-grade 27-inch IPS screen with a 144Hz refresh rate for a smoother and smoother picture display, a 2560*1440 resolution for a clearer and more detailed display, and HDR 400 high dynamic light rendering to significantly reduce color deviation in games and enjoy a more colorful gaming world.

The iGame G-ONE is outfitted with a pair of high-quality speakers beneath the screen, which can provide gamers with a stereo surround sound effect. In the middle is a 2.0 megapixel camera that supports the Windows Hello function. If users do not require it, they can physically prevent prying eyes from entering through the bottom flap, ensuring gamers’ privacy and security.