I Moved The “supermarket” Home Whirlpool Freeze Pro Refrigerator Experience Review

Preface When I was a child, I went to the supermarket with my parents and saw all kinds of food that made people drool, so I was especially looking forward to my parents buying it at home, perhaps one of my dreams was to move the “supermarket” home. After growing up, I discovered that there is actually a way to move the “supermarket” home, the first way is to open a supermarket, which is obviously not desirable, the second way is to buy With a total volume of 603 liters, the machine adopts the high-end design of cross four doors, bringing the ultimate temperature control performance through its own cruise preservation system, the addition of dry and wet anti-bacteria cabin allows dry and wet ingredients to be stored separately, and the fourth generation HFO foam expands the internal volume while effectively locking in fresh….. Whirlpool Freeze Pro Can it meet my requirements? We use the review to speak.

Appearance: eight-layer panel structure, creating high-end taste Refrigerator is not only an indispensable household appliance in daily life, but also an important “ornament” in the overall decoration of the family, and its appearance and style determine our home taste to some extent, which also determines the appearance of refrigerator products m Another thing to note is that the Bugatti Veyron’s car paint is only eight layers thick, indicating that Whirlpool has put enough money into the value of this refrigerator. The texture of the glass panel surface is very much like an artifact, and even if there is greasy dirt, it can be restored to its original state with a light wipe.

The glass surface of the Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator is rounded and polished, so there is no need to worry about the glass edges interfering with daily use. The handle is made of metal anti-gray spray paint door handle, which is very comfortable when opening and closing the door. The operation panel is designed in the lower left of the freezer panel, where you can control all the functions of the refrigerator, namely “roo Another “child lock” is to lock and unlock the refrigerator button.

The front panel appearance is basically these, in a simple summary, Whirlpool Freeze Pro with a high-end and low-key appearance design ushered in different people’s favorite, in addition to the details of the processing also did an excellent, so outside, then the inside? Let’s go on to see. When we opened the door of the Whirlpool Freeze Pro freezer, the 395-liter capacity gave me a sense of openness. The shelves on both sides are well distributed and can hold some large beverages.

In addition, the shelves in the middle part are thickened. Traditional refrigerator shelves are only 4mm thick, whereas the shelves of the Whirlpool Freeze Age Pro are thickened to 6mm, resulting in a higher load-bearing capacity.

The LED lighting at the top restores every detail of the freezer and provides a comfortable feeling when the door is opened. Directly in front of us is the “Sixth Sense Breathing Light,” indicating that the Whirlpool Freeze Pro is equipped with the signature Sixth Sense Smart Technology, the specific performance of which we will test later. The dry area of the first gear is suitable for wolfberry, the second gear is suitable for dry fungus, dry mushrooms, and the third gear is suitable for some Chinese medicine.

The dry and wet two zones also designed a lysis membrane, in constant filter airflow brought into the filter bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth, can ensure that the dry and wet two zones of antibacterial effect, the working principle is simply through the molecular state uniform distribution of lysozyme, in the filter fibers, through the chemical combination of the way constantly filter and antibacterial. The top left of the Whirlpool Freeze Pro’s freezer section can be dedicated to a mobile ice maker, which is configured to make up to 24 ice cubes at the same time, and it is easy to add water to get ice, and the optional handle allows you to pour ice into the box, which is convenient and sanitary. Whirlpool Freezing Pro’s inverter compressor uses an Embraco inverter compressor, which is a high-efficiency inverter compressor with a speed range of 1200-4500, 30 rpm for a gear, a total of 110 gears, but also perfectly matches the compressor gears according to the different needs of cold air. The inverter fan uses a Japanese Nidec inverter fan with a speed range of 736-1840, a total of 5 gears

With the addition of a temperature and humidity sensor, the refrigerator can more accurately sense the outside temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator, for refrigerator refrigeration real-time accurate sensing, 1 second 64 times data collection, processing speed is 128 times the ordinary refrigerator. Under the same volume, Whirlpool Freeze Pro has achieved a larger capacity, one of the reasons being that it is the first in the country to adopt the fourth generation of pure HFO foam. The actual test: freshness, temperature control performance is excellent I basically shared the features of this refrigerator above, the next is the most important and most anticipated part of the test. First and foremost, let’s test the temperature.RC-4 professional tester Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator power off, and open the refrigerator, so that the internal temperature of the refrigerator and the ambient temperature of 27.5 °C, then we will test the temperature.

Next, I placed the humidity test instrument in the wet zone of the wet and dry inhibition chamber, and the inhibition chamber is set to different gears for testing. Wet zone in the low gear, suitable for apples, duck pears, and other moisture-sufficient fruit, the measured humidity is about 86 percent, basically maintained between 84 percent and 88 percent. Wet zone in the middle gear, the data show that the humidity is 92 percent.

We tested the tray with a large handful of goji berries, and after 3 days in the dry area, we re-checked the appearance of the berries, and there was no change in appearance from when they were placed, no stickiness in the hand, and the overall level of moisture balance was maintained. Of course, the dry zone can be refrigerated with dried mushrooms, dried fungus, ginseng, nuts, and other ingredients.

Noise test Because the noise level of the refrigerator is a concern for many consumers, we sampled the data using a professional noise tester. We first tested the ambient noise at 38.7 decibels.

Following that, we will power off the refrigerator and open the refrigerator door, for the refrigerator to be re-energized 5 minutes later, we will noise decibel meter placed in the refrigerator freezer, measured the working state of the refrigerator noise decibel for 39.2 decibels, basic and environmental noise to maintain the same. The main event is the freshness test, as we all know, two of the same ingredients placed in different environments will inevitably appoint. We will now use the Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator to test the freshness of ingredients. First, we prepared two copies of the same ingredients: apples, lettuce leaves, and we will be able to get more convincing data through these more watery fruits and vegetables.

After that, we placed one in the daily environment and the other in the wet zone of the Whirlpool Freeze Pro, and we took three days to test its appearance, color, and weight change. It is clear that the Whirlpool Freeze Age Pro has a very strong moisture retention capacity in the wet zone.

Inside the Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator The same goes for the lettuce leaves, the difference between the two is very obvious, the lettuce leaves in the daily environment are no longer edible, I then threw all of the fruits and vegetables placed in the daily environment into the trash, and the apples placed inside the Whirlpool Freeze Pro rewarded themselves. Comparison test with traditional refrigerator We chose original cut steak because many people do not eat beef fully cooked, so it is important to keep it fresh by thawing it after putting it into the refrigerator freezer.We first weighed the two steaks separatelyThe weight of steak (A) put into Whirlpool Freeze Age Pro refrigerator is 158gThe weight of the steak in the conventional refrigerator is 161gNow we put the steaks into the freezer of Whirlpool Freeze Aging Pro

We thawed the steaks in both refrigerators in the same environment after 24 hours, and we discovered that the steak in the Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator did not have much juice flowing out, indicating that most of the steak’s juices were locked in the meat, and the color was bright red and the meat was more elastic. When weighed on an electronic scale, the resulting weight was 154g, a reduction of 4g from the weight before the test, which is an excellent overall performance. After thawing the steak in the conventional refrigerator, the juice also flowed out a lot, indicating that the juice was not locked in the meat when frozen, and the weight was reduced by 8g, which was not as good as the Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator. If you still have a traditional refrigerator at home, it is necessary to consider replacing it with a Whirlpool Freeze Age Pro refrigerator.

It has been proven through experiments that the ingredients placed in the Freeze Age Pro refrigerator will keep better moisture and nutritional value than those placed in the daily environment and in the traditional refrigerator, and the freshness preservation ability of Whirlpool Freeze Age Pro also greatly exceeds my expectations, so I sue.

This Whirlpool Freeze Pro refrigerator can also be connected through the “Whirlpool Home Appliance” APP, the connection is very simple, after the connection, we can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator freezer, greenhouse, freezer on the phone, in addition to adjusting the current mode status of the refrigerator. It is also worth noting that in the “food management” can also add food in the refrigerator, by setting the shelf life of food, we can real-time understanding of the refrigerator. The appearance conveys a sense of craftsmanship, and the cruise freshness system ensures that fruits and other ingredients placed in the refrigerator remain fresh at all times. On a hot summer day, it’s a great feeling to think about pulling out a fresh chilled watermelon from the Whirlpool Freeze Pro.