Hymedi Mango Hi Q Small Q True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] TWS true wireless headphones have gradually become the market darling since the first generation of Apple AirPods. With the maturation of True Wireless Stereo technology, there are more and more TWS headphones on the market, and the price is becoming more and more affordable, making TWS true wireless headphones the first choice of users. Hymedi in the first half of the launch of Mango Hi Q small Q true wireless Bluetooth headset, the official price of 299 yuan, this headset can bring the user what use of the function, the headset sound quality, and the use experience is how?

The Mango Hi Q small Q outer packaging is quite compact, with the top / bottom pull out of the internal and external two-layer set of box design, the front of the carton using a highlighting paste the way to highlight the Mango Hi Q small Q headset, and the back is the headset parameters introduced. The sides of the box introduce the headset support Bluetooth 5.0, TWS wireless transmission, fingerprint touch, IPX7 waterproof and other features, respectively. MANGO Hi Q small Q headset support IPX7 waterproof, can reduce the user in daily use because of sweat or rain on the headset caused by the damage, so that users are more at ease with the use of this headset.

The headphones come with two different sizes of silicone plugs, a Micro-USB charging cable, and a manual.

The charging compartment of the MANGO Hi Q small Q headset is made of hard engineering plastic, and the overall visual is quite rounded and feels very good; I will not experience choking in my hands. The surface of the charging compartment is made of piano lacquer, which is visually appealing but easily stained by fingerprints. The charging interface of the headset charging compartment uses the conventional rear design, Micro-USB interface brings better wire adaptability, users do not need to worry about interface incompatibility problem.

Hymedi has also prepared a lanyard for the Mango Hi Q Q charging compartment, which can effectively reduce the problem of charging compartment slippage; users can also hang it in a convenient location according to their preferences.

Headset charging box with a magnetic cover design, the user can easily dial when using one hand, and the Q65 headphones are stored in the charging compartment. When the user opens the charging compartment, the four power indicators located in the charging compartment will light up, allowing the user to clearly see the remaining power of the charging compartment, but also making it more convenient for users to manage charging compartment charging problems to ensure the normal use of the headset. When the user is in use, you only need to gently take out by hand; when not in use, the user can easily find the corresponding position for storage, and the charging compartment automatic suction design can reduce the headphones falling out due to shaking and other problems. This headset is quite stable in terms of stability; whether for daily commuting, running, or other occasions, the headset rarely falls out of the case.

The Hymedi Mango Hi QQ65 headphones have a left and right symmetrical design, and the appearance has become more rounded. The triangular design allows the headphones to better fit the user’s ear, and the surface is coated with the same piano baking lacquer process. As a true wireless Bluetooth headset, the user only needs to take out the Hymedi Mango Hi Q small Q from the charging compartment, and it will automatically start and Bluetooth search, and quickly connect with the device that is already matched. The first time the headset is connected, the user only needs to take it out of the charging compartment, search for “Mango Hi Q Xiao Q” on the device, and then click to connect.

MANGO Hi Q small Q headphones are connected using the common “main and deputy headphones” structure, with the right side of the main headphones and the left side of the deputy headphones. Although the headset does not have physical buttons, MANGO Hi Q small Q supports touch operation: single press left / right headset for play / pause function when music is playing; double click left / right headset for last song / next song; three click touch keys to wake up the voice assistant.

According to Hymedi’s official structure, the headphones use the popular micro-motion structure. Hymedi Mango Hi Q small Q headphones with graphene bio-fiber diaphragm moving coil speaker The headset’s micro moving coil structure can bring better low frequency performance, and for a cavity so small TWS headphones, Hymedi Q65 headphones can bring a more excellent sound quality performance. Hymedi Mango Hi Q small Q headphones after wearing the first feeling is quiet, the headset’s sound insulation effect is quite good, and wearing comfort is also very good.

The two headsets communicate wirelessly, avoiding the stethoscope effect and reducing outside interference. When the headset is on a call, the noise reduction process allows for clearer sound.

The Hymedi Mango Hi Q Small Q headphones have a three-way design that allows for richer three-frequency detail. The bio-fiber diaphragm of the headset makes the sound levels more distinct, the combination of vocals and soundtrack is quite excellent, the treble part of the headset is transparent, the high-frequency part is not overly bright, but the naturalness of the high-frequency extension is better; the midrange part is calm and clear details; thanks to the structure of the micro dynamic coil, the headset’s bass processing is quite good, the sound is thick and clear, fully comparable to

Continuity, a single headset with a charging bin, up to 6 hours of music playback, up to 18 hours of talk time, and up to 200 hours of standby. Summary of use Hymedi Mango Hi Q small Q wireless Bluetooth headset appearance fashion, full wireless Bluetooth connection, comfortable wearing feeling, headset call quality is excellent, excellent sound quality performance, magnetic wireless charging convenient and practical, IPX7 level of waterproof to bring a richer use of the scene Users should not overlook the Hymedi Mango Hi Q small Q headset 299 yuan price.