Huewei M5a Three-way High-fidelity Active Bookshelf Speakers Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Because of their smaller size, bookshelf speakers’ low frequency, large dynamic performance is not their strong suit. Because of the technical difficulties, there are very few three-way bookshelf speakers on the market, so the M series of three-way active speakers from the well-known domestic speaker manufacturer Huwei has been embraced by many audiophiles and the pursuit of goals. Huewei has been attentive to create both to adapt to the new era of young people’s convenient listening needs, but also has a high level of true active speakers, from the Huewei M3 to the latest generation of M5A.

In September 2018, Huiwei released a new generation of active three-way bookshelf speakers M5A, changing the impression that bookshelf speakers are “weak for a long time.” Huiwei Chairman Yao Hongbo stated at the launch that the M5A is a cloud-era reference-level flagship active speaker. The Megawave M5A is one that can meet the needs of young users for convenient listening and excellent sound quality, with Wi-Fi/ WLAN/Bluetooth/optical/coaxial/line/balanced input interface multiple input methods, bringing better convenience and playability for players.

Compared to the previous generation of Huwei M3A, M5A by upgrading the 8-inch woofer to solve the bookshelf speaker low-frequency weakness of the norm, bringing a more shocking listening experience. The speaker employs DSP three-way active electronic filter technology and a high-power digital amplifier module, laying the groundwork for high-quality sound.

Exterior Design The Whiteway M5A maintains the classic family design, which is handcrafted by Whiteway using a large amount of expensive high-density solid wood on the cabinet’s periphery. A solid wood cabinet with a high density can effectively reduce resonance, resulting in a more pure musical experience. According to the official Huewei recommendations for the use of the speaker environment, the Huewei M5A is more suitable for the living room area of the environment, which can provide better low frequency and sound field.

The front panel of the Huwei M5A cabinet is made of black leather, with the original wood-colored cabinet, bringing a strong classical flavor to this speaker. From top to bottom, the front panel features an equal magnetic field band tweeter, a 75mm aluminum-magnesium alloy midrange unit, and an 8-inch large-diameter woofer.

The Whiteway M5A’s main box has knobs, various input and output interfaces, and an on/off key on the back. The top from left to right are down to switch the input mode/volume adjustment, bass knob and treble knob, the middle from left to right are LAN interface, OPTICAL (optical), COAXIAL (coaxial), wired input and left and right balanced channel output, the bottom is the on/off key, 220V power supply and do output interface, the cabinet length, width, and height are 280mm, 475mm, and 362mm, respectively. Users who want to get this speaker before purchasing should measure ahead of time to ensure that the speaker can be placed in the reserved position.

Whiteway M5A three-way speaker with an equal magnetic field band tweeter, a 75mm aluminum-magnesium alloy midrange unit, and an 8-inch large-diameter woofer, so that each channel has the most appropriate speakers Three-way speakers, as opposed to traditional two-way speakers, can better interpret the midrange frequency range and bring richer details. The M5A employs the patented RT2.2 equal-field ribbon tweeter, which is commonly found in high-end products. This equal-field ribbon tweeter has a clear, natural tone and a high resolution.

The Megawatt M5A’s RT2.2 equal-field ribbon tweeter has a lighter system mass vibration, a diaphragm mass one-tenth that of a traditional tweeter, and transient characteristics that far outperform traditional tweeters.

Huewei in M5A equipped with an 8-inch large-diameter woofer, which belongs to the professional monitor X8 woofer, so that the speaker low-frequency texture more excellent, so that the bass distortion is lower, clearer and fuller details. Chip configuration Wai Wai M5A line input and balanced XLR input using Texas Instruments PCM1862 ADC chip, with 24bit/192kHz sampling rate, 103dB signal-to-noise Texas Instruments PCM9211 chip is used in the digital coaxial and optical input section, which can be connected to professional digital devices, ultra-thin TVs, Blu-ray players, and so on. Furthermore, the Megawire M5A supports direct connection via the router WLAN port, Wi-Fi input mode, and Bluetooth (APT-X) input mode, providing users with the most common connection methods currently available on the market and making them more convenient to use.

Whiteway M5A woofer uses Texas Instruments PCM5242 plus TPA3255 combination, built-in DSP with multi-segment dynamic processing, resulting in strong and powerful sound performance, with powerful bass performance. The tweeter is powered by Texas Instruments TAS5754M chip, which contains 28/56 bit audio DSP, can be embedded mini DSP electronic crossover, is a sound performance is very strong class D digital amplifier chip. Sound listening experience As a flagship bookshelf speaker, the Megawire M5A has excellent sound performance, its dynamic range can already meet the needs of most players, even in the larger living room space, you can also enjoy an excellent list. Huwei M5A left and right box frequency fit is quite good, as is the actual listening sound image positioning and sound image contour.

In comparison to the 6-inch unit used in the previous generation of M3A, the 8-inch unit used in the Megawave M5A is the first 8-inch woofer unit in the M series, providing more outstanding low-frequency performance to the speaker. In comparison to its predecessor M3A, the Huwei M5A creates an extremely good ambience, while allowing the speaker in the dive, volume, and response to be greatly improved. The Megawatt M5A adds an independent midrange unit, effectively reducing the burden on the tweeter and woofer while bringing a richer sound detail.

The midrange density and transients of the speaker are also excellent, and the midrange dynamic limit is sufficient to deal with a variety of scenarios; it can also easily bake the vocals in recordings to make them more three-dimensional; and the tone of the M5A is slightly more youthful, slightly more vibrant, and not dark and chaotic.

The three-frequency performance of the Whiteway M5A is better than blue, thanks to the three-way structure and larger size of the top ball and horn, with excellent transients in the mid and high frequencies and powerful low-frequency dive, worthy of the title of flagship. Review Summary As a bookshelf speaker primarily used in the living room environment, Huwei M5A have more excellent performance than the previous generation flagship M3A three frequency, three frequency ar

Huwei M5A offers users a plethora of interfaces and connections, and is smaller than a traditional home theater system, as wireless Wi-Fi active speakers, simply plug into the power supply to listen to music, connect to the network to enjoy the cloud, is a set of speakers with excellent sound quality and convenient listening.