Huawei P60pro Concept Machine: With A 3 Nm Kirin Chip That Supports 5g, Huawei’s Comeback Is Still A Long Way Off

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Every year, Huawei releases two very bold flagships: the P series and the Mate series. These two series of models are positioned differently, but both have high sales and are very popular with users in the high-end market. The P50 series only supports 4G in the years following Huawei’s ban, whereas the Mate50 series was released late. However, the Internet has been exposed in advance Huawei P60Pro concept design, which, despite not being the real machine, has a fixed point of view. Return to the 5G network with a 3nm Kirin chip It appears that the concept machine’s designer still expects Huawei to deliver a more opulent performance when it returns.

The Huawei P series screen has changed dramatically over the last few years, with major upgrades every year, unlike Apple’s squeeze toothpaste upgrade. And the Huawei P60Pro is no exception, with a double-curved true full-screen section. To put it another way, the front lens is hidden beneath the screen to give users a better visual experience. As you can see from the concept diagram, the double-curved true full-screen ratio is extremely high; in fact, the black edge has almost completely vanished at the screen’s forehead and chin, where the most occupied space is optimized. And the screen resolution has also reached 2K, the most rare and valuable of which is the screen, which is entirely made in the United States and supports a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, making it almost as good as the iPhone13ProMax in terms of usability.

Huawei’s contribution to the cell phone market shooting speaks for itself, with major hardware and software upgrades from last year’s Huawei P50Pro. And the Huawei P50Pro has been regarded as the best shooting phone since its release.

In terms of photography, the Huawei P60Pro is more advanced, with a rear cut ring frame and a rear Leica lens. There’s also a lens with the same aperture size, both reaching F/1.1, that supports the RYYB filter matrix, has a pixel density of 2 microns, and uses 24 in 1 pixel fusion technology. Support for up to 15 times lossless optical zoom shooting, with intelligent switching between 5 and 15 times optical zoom. A gimbal stabilizer is also included, allowing the phone to shoot video and photos with improved picture quality, clarity, and stability.

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The Huawei P60Pro’s powerful shooting capabilities would be impossible to achieve without the Kirin chip. That’s right, the Huawei P60Pro will most likely come with a 3nm Kirin chip, despite the fact that chip supply will be limited for the next two years. However, Huawei will most likely be the first company to break through the technical barriers of chip production in the future, allowing it to conduct true independent research and development. The Huawei P60Pro is a device worth trying out, and it supports 5G networks. Huawei will be the operating system and chip, the two most important infrastructure, in this step of smartphone development, and I believe that Huawei’s future will be more bodacious.

Even if the battery capacity is 5000 mA, the Huawei P60Pro will support 120W wired charging and 100W wireless charging, allowing it to be charged in 15 minutes. And the memory is also 10G, indicating that the high-end flagship should have the configuration, which will drive the flagship hardware development.

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