Huawei P60pro Concept Machine: A Huawei Only Ho Cross That Goes Hand In Hand With 5g And Kirin Chip Dominance

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If Huawei is not subjected to another round of repression, it has a good chance of becoming the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer. And Apple will not be like this; despite the fact that the new machine is not particularly innovative, shipments are increasing. Huawei’s only remaining Kirin chip isn’t much at the moment, and the Huawei Mate50 series has yet to be released.

From the first bangs to the water drop screen, the screen’s research and development over the last few years has been meticulous. This time, Huawei P60Pro uses a very rare curved true full-screen design, with the map visible on both sides of the screen and the curved design continuing. However, the front lens design on the top of the screen is very hidden, in fact, it is hidden beneath the screen. This not only improves the screen ratio, but it also leaves the front lens selfie effect unaffected. In fact, true full-screen is a development trend that Huawei will not overlook in the coming years. This is also Huawei’s return to the flagship market to make a big statement. After all, screen homogenization is now too serious, in terms of specifications, the screen refresh rate has been upgraded once again, with 1 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, using the domestic generation of LPTO OLED panel, the next big leap, not only compared to the Star S22Ultra, but even more advanced than the iPhone13Pro.

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After looking at a domestic screen, and then trying to figure out what kind of lens it is, To understand the Huawei P series of cell phone lens specifications, not only a special supplier ordering, but also super algorithms are required. As can be seen in the Huawei P50Pro, the second refresh rate smartphone shooting height, as well as the addition of a large base aperture and a new algorithm, the Huawei P50Pro shooting effect is noticeable to all.
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And this time, Huawei P60Pro, and once again in the frame upgrade, Huawei Mate series frame ring frame was also used. It’s just that instead of a full ring, it’s a cutting board. The four Leica certified lenses on the back of the body have a pixel count of 100 million, an aperture of F/1.1, and an ultra-wide angle lens with an aperture of F/1.2. There’s also a RYYB filter matrix and 24 in 1 pixel fusion technology, with a 2 micron unit pixel. This lens features a dual periscope zoom system that allows for 3 to 10 times lossless optical zoom and up to 200 times digital zoom. And the new shooting algorithm has been upgraded once more, especially in video recording, resulting in a more detailed, noise-free, and realistic image.

The Huawei P60Pro will come with Huawei’s own Baron 5G chip, which is also made in a 5nm process. This time, it’s likely to team up with Star to build a chip production line together, allowing Huawei’s independently developed Kirin chip to reach mass production. This is significant for Huawei, as it means that the company will no longer have to delay the release of new machines due to a lack of parts. Perhaps, as promised, two new flagships will be relaunched every year in the future. Furthermore, Huawei’s operating system is the result of independent research and development, so Huawei must compete with Apple in both hardware and software.

This Huawei P60Pro is significant in terms of pollen. Another chance to have an impact on the world’s largest cell phone throne, as long as the function isn’t limited and the parts process is completed. There will, of course, be a seat of the land for Huawei in the high-end flagship market. What are your thoughts, friends?