Huawei P40 Pro Review: A Fully Upgraded All-around Flagship

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]On April 8, Huawei officially released the new HUAWEI P40 series flagship phones in China, including three models, the P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro, which netizens jokingly dubbed “medium cup,” “big cup,” and “super cup.” The P40 series of flagship phones includes the P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro models, which are also referred to as “medium,” “large,” and “extra large” by netizens. The P series flagship has always been a balance of fashion and image, not only has a very fashionable and atmospheric design, while in the image continue to explore and breakthrough, so this time Huawei P40 Pro will bring what surprises? Here’s a look at it. The front of the HUAWEI P40 Pro is equipped with a 6.58-inch quadruple curved overflow screen, the polygonal curved design brings a visual borderless feeling, with a strong visual impact, and the screen has a resolution of 2640 x 1200 and supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, giving a very good display and a smoother experience when swiping, brushing microblogs, and playing games on a daily basis.

HUAWEI P40 Pro employs magnetic suspension screen sound technology, with the screen serving as the earpiece, and no need to open holes in the glass, no dust, no liquid issues, and no concerns about plugging holes and noise after extended use. The front camera is located in the upper left corner of the screen, with precision components integrated such as the front main camera, depth-of-field camera, and proximity light/ambient light sensor. The depth of field/infrared camera also functions as a gesture sensor for AI spaced operation, and it also supports infrared face unlock for fast unlocking in low light.

The curvature of the two sides of the screen is relatively large, while the upper and lower curvature is smaller, while the R corner uses a streamlined design, and the transition between the entire screen and the middle frame is very smooth, very comfortable to hold, and one-handed operation is completely OK. I got the frost silver version, which, despite being a solid color, has a very dynamic light effect in different light angles, silver gray body looks extra textured, but also very durable, and the back of the body also uses a new process, the touch is very delicate, not only look and feel very resistant.

Let’s move on to the HUAWEI P40 series, which is a significant upgrade to the imaging system. The HUAWEI P40 Pro we received is equipped with a super-aware Leica four camera, which includes a 50MP super-aware main camera, a 40MP movie camera, a 12MP super-sensitive periscopic telephoto lens, and a 3D deep camera. As the saying goes, “the bottom is bigger than the bottom,” and the sensor size of the 50-megapixel super-sensitive main camera used in the HUAWEI P40 series is 1/1.28 inches, Its dark light photo effect is also enhanced when combined with the RYYB ultra-sensitive filter array.

In addition to hardware, the Huawei P40 series introduced the Huawei XD Fusion image engine, which is combined with an AI ultra-clear algorithm library. The super score algorithm is used to enhance details, and multi-frame synthesis is used to improve dark light performance and overall image quality.

We can also see how it performs in this section by looking at sample photos.

??? In better lighting, the HUAWEI P40 Pro sample images are colorful and full, with various details reproduced well. The tolerance is also very good, even in some of the more complex light scenes, and can also be very good in the light and dark parts of a good rendering. The night scene, with the large base and RYYB pixel array, HUAWEI P40 Pro also performed very well, safeguarding the overall brightness of the image, while well suppressing the highlights and safeguarding the dark details, without losing sight of the other.

When we encounter the right scene, the camera uses AI to alert us to use the ultra-wide angle for the best results.

HUAWEI P40 Pro is equipped with a 12 megapixel super-sensitive periscopic telephoto lens that supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and up to 50x digital zoom; you can see the sample photos below to see how far 50x zoom can shoot, and the addition of telephoto lens also allows us to shoot more possibilities, which can be a good way to increase our “range” to shoot distant scenes. HUAWEI P40 Pro has very good imaging effect, can restore the details of the scene very well, and even up to 50x zoom imaging is also remarkable, whether it is 5x optical zoom or 10x hybrid zoom. Its telephoto lens also supports OIS optical stabilization, and it can also rely on handheld to complete the actual shooting, with a high rate of success. Furthermore, the HUAWEI P40 Pro this time uses the RYYB color filter array in the telephoto lens, so using the telephoto lens with handheld super night scene at night can also produce good results.

When we enable Dynamic Photo, we can not only take a moving photo, but the system will also recommend the best one to us, which we can override if we are not satisfied, and we can also eliminate passersby and reflections in the photo by editing it after shooting in this mode, which is a very powerful feature.

From the sample photos, the HUAWEI P40 Pro’s selfie is very good, natural overall, lightly optimized without losing details, the depth of field bokeh effect is also very natural, and the keying is very accurate. Furthermore, it includes a variety of effects, including circular, heart-shaped, rotating focus, and other light spot effects, as well as studio light, window shadow, theater light, and other options. Huawei has also made repeated efforts to improve the phone’s photo effect, and this HUAWEI P40 Pro did not disappoint anyone, with an ultra-sensitive Leica four camera combination to meet the user’s multi-scene photo needs, with excellent imaging effect in the dark, indoors, and outdoors.

I believe that in the future, Huawei will continue to surprise consumers in mobile imaging, allowing more users to take beautiful photos with their phones and experience the allure of photography. The P40 Pro is equipped with the Kirin 990 5G processor, which uses the 7nm EUV process and has two super cores (based on Cortex-A76 development), two large cores (based on Cortex-A76 development), and four small cores (Cortex-A55) with a three-stage energy-efficient CPU architecture.

Big-Core NPU Micro-Core (Tiny-Core) computing architecture, NPU Big-Core for large computing power scenarios to achieve excellent performance and energy efficiency, NPU Micro-Core to enable ultra-low power applications, AI computing capabilities to advance.

It also integrates a 5G baseband chip, supports NSA/SA dual-mode 5G network, 5G 4G dual SIM dual standby, and Wi-Fi 6 technology, supporting 160MHz bandwidth, not only 5G speed, WiFi speed is also faster. And “Peace Elite” recently opened up to higher frame rates, so I’ll use this game to test its performance. According to the test results, the performance of HUAWEI P40 Pro can fully meet the condition of running smoothly at full frame, and also let us have a better experience when playing the game. 5G experience, HUAWEI P40 Pro equipped with Kirin 990 5G processor can well play the super high network speed of 5G network, tested in the 5G network environment

HUAWEI P40 Pro is equipped with a 4200mAh battery, supports 40W super fast charging, can charge 76 percent in 30 minutes, and takes less than 1 hour to fully charge, very fast. This time, HUAWEI P40 series also debuted with EMUI 10.1 system, which added many new features and also optimized the user experience. The most noticeable change is the addition of the micro-dimensional AOD, the official design of the Kingfisher AOD style, which was inspired by Bai Juyi’s poem “the tips of the branches curl green, rhyme like strings in the wind.” The figures and pictures are split into layers, and the three layers of foreground, digital, and background layers are superimposed to create a visual sense of three-dimensional depth of field before and after.

Wisdom split screen is also added to EMUI10.1, by sliding the sides of the screen and then pause to call out the side DOCK bar, long press to drag the application instantly open the split screen, pictures, text can be directly dragged and dropped across two application windows in the same screen, and even drag and drop files from the file manager into the mail.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro, Huawei’s flagship in the first half of the year, brings a quadruple bend overflow screen design, a newly upgraded ultra-perceptive Leica quad camera, Kirin 990 5G chip, and EMUI 10.1, a very big upgrade in appearance, photography, hardware, and system, with a very strong overall strength. The most impressive one is the bezel-less visual effect brought by the four-curve overflow screen is very stunning, the The other is the newly upgraded ultra-perceptive Leica four camera in the photo, which has once again become the industry benchmark, to achieve the full focal length, the entire time quality imaging, DxOMark top also deserved. In the current competitive flagship market, I believe the HUAWEI P40 Pro, with its excellent overall experience, will undoubtedly occupy a position.