Huawei Office Treasure In-depth Experience: Tribute To Black Technology With This “team Award” To Stimulate The New Vitality Of Enterprises

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel]As a workplace, the meeting thing is more than familiar, 2020, when we use the intelligent writing, extremely clear screen, office collaboration, video conferencing as one of the intelligent meeting terminal – Huawei Office treasure (familiar Huawei enterprise wisdom screen), we then carefully Disc about the evolution of various “meeting” tools, is a very meaningful thing. Because it not only elucidates the true meaning of “science and technology is the first productive force,” but it also informs us that “the birth and application of new technologies is the relentless impetus for business transformation and the way of enterprise survival.” This is especially true in the field of enterprise meeting, collaboration, and office, where the meeting (or course, or class meeting, or school assembly) with “whiteboard,” “chalk,” and “paper notebook” as tools for sharing and recording has become a memory etched in the hearts of students. remembering Until the emergence of new media classrooms, students or teachers had to endure the chalk froth everywhere, while teaching and teaching at the same time, and wiping the blackboard also became the biggest workload in 10 minutes between classes. The PPT was shown on one side of the room, and the PPT was also shown on the other side, and everyone waited for the instruction to “read the next page.” Throughout the meeting, some people wrote and drew, others photographed the PPT, and the sharing staff kept emphasizing “there is no mark on the PPT here, let us remember it” while speaking.

There were numerous slots available throughout the meeting.

The rise of enterprise instant messaging needs in the mobile office has resulted in the development of a large number of enterprise IM software, meeting software, collaboration software, and OA software. In the aforementioned context, businesses continue to refine their own meeting forms, utilizing more aligned software. Until this black swan event of the 2020 epidemic, let the enterprise IM software flourish at the same time, but also let people realize that the enterprise instant messaging software cannot meet the needs of the meeting scene due to the stability of the network connection, server load capacity, audio and video transmission capacity constraints, as well as does not support electronic whiteboard, remote two-way collaboration, and other skills.

After the annual meeting, Huawei Office treasure as a “team award” to the excellent team, must be a very good choice for the enterprise’s head and the team together through the magical year 2020. After all, it will allow team members to use a more flexible online and offline hybrid office, staggered work instead of a full workforce by the beginning of next year, which is also an important care for employees. Huawei Office is an intelligent terminal that integrates smart writing, extremely clear screen projection, office collaboration, video conferencing, and a large number of applications.

In comparison to previous meetings, which were “complicated to connect, shared by multiple devices, and redundant to operate,” Huawei Office integrates projection, whiteboard, microphone, speaker, conference room PC, video conferencing device, pad, TV, and collaboration software, which can meet the needs of smart office in multiple scenarios such as conference rooms, manager’s rooms, and open office areas with its N-in-one function and one screen in place. Strong screen casting functionality to assist businesses in increasing efficiency.

As we all know, the main way to cast screen HDMI as the representative of the wired screen and Wi-Fi transmission as the representative of the wireless screen, both have their advantages and disadvantages: although the wired screen has the advantage of stable signal transmission, the redundant connection operation, messy cable, is bound to shackle the effective conduct of the meeting; wireless screen, although easy to operate, but in the process o As a result, how to ensure that the process of wireless screen casting maintains a smooth picture has become a worthy subject of investigation. Mobile phone screen casting, image quality is touching Huawei Office Treasure is based on professional audio and video conferencing chip, intelligent AI chip, in the transmission of dynamic images, support 1080P 60 frames of video display needs, far more than the industry’s 30 frames / second, but also in static screen can reach 4K level, which is Huawei Office Treasure has a “unique skill” Furthermore, Huawei Office supports wireless screen casting from cell phones, computers, and PADs; in practice, download WeLink or Huawei cloud conferencing software, directly using the screen code, two-dimensional code to cast the screen, smooth and convenient operation; and in terms of casting screen, Huawei Office also supports reverse operation; no need to turn the page on the computer or use the infrared pen, you can directly turn the page manually on the big screen. Furthermore, Huawei Office supports multi-writing and labeling, screen expansion, and other functions; after writing and labeling, you can save locally as well as sweep the code a key to share, and perform other operations.

3rd In the market, most conference tablet to display devices, Android systems, pluggable OPS module integration, this conference tablet failure rate is high, high maintenance costs, and the resolution is mostly 720P. In contrast, Huawei Office Treasure has the industry’s unique strong ability to use the top dual SOC design, built-in professional audio and video conferencing chip, intelligent AI chip, and professional audio and video coding engine, no need to install OPS computer can achieve 1080P 30Fps cloud conferencing. Furthermore, Huawei relies on leading public cloud services with its 30 years of technical accumulation in the field of professional audio and video conferencing.

And, thanks to professional audio and video technology, Huawei Office Treasure can still open the entire meeting with 512k bandwidth smoothly in the case of 30% video packet loss and 80% audio packet loss, ensuring clear audio and video transmission. It is also worth noting that Huawei Office Treasure has a built-in intelligent speaker recognition and tracking function, so the speaker is always in the C position on the screen.

During the test, I allowed the participants sitting on both sides of the front and back to speak, and the video screen speed switching was very smooth. As you might expect, intelligent voice recognition and tracking function is equivalent to placing a “camera” in front of each person, and as long as the speech, the screen automatically focus on the speaker.

In terms of audio, Huawei OfficeBuoy achieves 20K Hz full-screen sound with sound pickup and a built-in intelligent sound screen function that automatically shields all noise outside the pickup range, compared to the market’s 8K Hz sound pickup effect. The strong sound pickup effect described above is due to the 12 microphone linear array built into the camera on both sides of Huawei Office Treasure, which is based on Huawei’s core algorithm and can provide frontal 180 degrees 8 meters of sound pickup and 0.5 degrees of accurate sound pickup. Intelligent writing: the realization of writing annotations and two-way collaboration In the past, the meeting scene, we mostly “photo,” “handwritten” way to do the record, the process is easy to lead to the attention of the participants and time-consuming trouble, and Huawei Office provides the intelligent writing function to solve this problem.

It is worth noting that Huawei Office has a two-way collaboration feature, which allows participants to modify and annotate the screen content in both directions. Users can directly save and share the modified documents, as well as synchronize them with all participants, after modifying and annotating them.

Furthermore, the writing experience, Huawei Office has 0.035 seconds of ultra-low writing latency, the experience is similar to the smoothness of writing on paper. 5 Built-in a large number of applications, work can also be enjoyable Strong hardware configuration cannot be separated from perfect software ecological construction, Huawei Office treasure is so, its corporate meetings to create a perfect office application ecology Huawei Office Treasure not only has built-in meeting, whiteboard, screen casting, file management, and other high-frequency word applications, but it also has a built-in enterprise wisdom screen exclusive large-screen application area, with 170 large-screen office application adaptations, via the Huawei application market. Furthermore, the information window, negative screen, and other configurations allow companies to better display corporate culture, news push, as well as the background of the event, the event agenda.

Finally, when discussing conference tools, it primarily involves hardware represented by projection and conference phone and software represented by enterprise IM software and conference software. The conference hardware equipment is numerous and lined up among them.

Once used, the key to ensuring that each link does not go wrong, even when encountering remote video conferencing, the need for software assistance. Then consider the conference software, which, while it can be updated in a timely manner, adding a variety of intimate meeting features, is always subject to the wireless transmission rate, server carrying capacity, and network environment shackles.

Huawei OfficeBuoy combines powerful functions like intelligent writing, extremely clear screen casting, office collaboration, video conferencing, and massive applications with Huawei’s powerful algorithm, public cloud, and chips to make “complex” meetings simple, stable, convenient, and easy. And with the ultimate performance and experience: the future of professional meetings will undoubtedly be a deep optimization and in-depth integration of hardware and software! Furthermore, the comprehensive experience results, Huawei Office can well enhance team efficiency, improve online and offline collaboration, and unleash team creativity anytime, anywhere! Huawei Office Treasure, as a “team award” to reward outstanding teams at the 2020 annual meeting, is bound to stimulate business development and the innovative vitality of the enterprise team! Attachment: Huawei Office Treasure appearance and details appreciation