Huawei Nova9 Pro Experience: The First Young People’s Hongmeng Image Flagship

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] The Huawei nova9 Pro will also support Hongmeng multi-camera shooting, which can be connected to other Huawei cell phones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth devices to easily perform multi-camera shooting, which can take multiple groups of angles such as close up, far away, portrait close-up, selfie, and so on. Users can simply shoot and shoot without additional editing to generate a complete Multi-camera shooting can provide users with a more efficient shooting experience. On September 23, the long-awaited Huawei nova9 Pro finally arrived, Huawei nova9 Pro as the first young people’s Hongmeng image flagship, is committed to bringing expression, function, and play upgrade vision for the current young people’s image social experience, the price has never let us down.

This time, the Huawei nova9 series offers users four distinct colors: No.9, Cherry Forest, Provence, and Glossy Black. When I first saw the phone, I was struck by the gradient color of the azure and purple combination, as well as the shimmering starlight under the light and the different colors when viewed from different angles, which directly touched my teenage heart. It has a frosted texture that is comfortable to the touch, and it is fingerprint resistant. 3D curved screen In terms of body size, the Huawei nova9 Pro employs a double perforated 6.72-inch dual curved screen with narrow edges to emphasize the screen’s occupancy ratio.

In comparison to mainstream flagships, which are frequently 190g or even 200g or more, the Huawei nova9 Pro body weighs only 186g and is 7.97mm thick, allowing you to comfortably hold the Huawei nova9 Pro in your hand with one hand.

The Huawei nova9 Pro follows the trend of the times; the screen supports 120Hz high refresh rate, as well as 1.07 billion color screen and P3 wide color gamut, which can accurately restore color and show the true picture. Whether playing games or shaking the brush, the 120Hz high refresh rate brings a sense of pleasure, and the screen displays a natural color display, the screen color fine. The Huawei nova9 Pro can provide users with the ultimate picture enjoyment for drama and game fans, as well as performance and battery life.

In terms of performance, the Huawei nova9 Pro has a Snapdragon 778G processor and 8GB of RAM. According to the results of the editor’s game test, users who like to play the game no longer have to worry about playing the game because of the heat caused by the card frame, play a very silky smooth feel. This time, Huawei nova9 Pro has built-in HarmonyOS 2.0.1 operating system, which can meet the user’s desire to experience Hongmeng. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with 4300mAh battery, support 100W Huawei super fast charging, only 20 minutes to charge to 100 percent, so users can completely say goodbye to power anxiety.

The most anticipated photography is finally here; this time, the Huawei nova9 Pro comes with two 32-megapixel front-facing lenses that support front-facing wide-angle and 4K movie shooting. The Huawei nova9 Pro’s rear camera is designed with dual rings and equipped with a 50MP HD camera (1/1.56 size extra-large low with RYYB color filter array) 8MP ultra wide-angle camera 2MP depth of field camera 2MP 4cm super macro camera. It allows users to take beautiful photos when shooting night scenes and dark portraits; without further ado, let’s take a look at the photos.

This time, Huawei nova9 Pro photography technology is said to be the most powerful in the nova series’ history. To begin with, the main camera is 50 megapixels, with a 1/1.56-inch sensor light-sensitive area, support for RYYB array, and many configurations allow users to take photos with extremely strong image quality. With the strong hardware quality of the main camera and Huawei nova9 Pro equipped with the XD Fusion ultra-clear image engine, you can pixel-level optimization of image perception, improve the color, refine the image quality, whether it is a close sc There will be no dark light photo long exposure hand shake caused by the vignette in any of them.

In addition, the Huawei nova9 Pro has two secondary depth-of-field lenses and a macro lens. The depth-of-field lens can capture precise images of simple object edges. The macro lens can meet the minimum 4cm super macro shooting, which can come in handy for everyday shooting of small animals. Huawei nova9 Pro is the first young people’s flagship of Hongmeng image, and it also meets the preferences of young people in terms of selfie.

Both of the front-facing lenses are 32 megapixels, and both of the main camera levels use 1/2.8-inch light-sensitive elements. It can produce high-quality selfie images.

Multi-camera mode Huawei nova9 Pro will also support Hongmeng multi-camera shooting, which can be linked with other Huawei phones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth devices, for easy multi-camera shooting, you can take close up, far away, portrait close-ups, selfies, and other multiple groups of angles in the shooting put together in a video, the user just shoot, shoot without additional editing, you can generate a complete multi-camera shooting finished film, can bring use Even on the live streaming platform APP, multi-camera live streaming is no problem.

This Huawei nova9 Pro also has a dual-view video function, which can present both foreground and rear view in one screen, or present close-up and wide-angle rear view at the same time to achieve lens switching, and the recorded image quality is clear and can present a better state. The price remains in the Huawei mid-range, and the range has been significantly improved.

A Huawei nova9 Pro with Hongmeng image flagship is very deserving of your hands, oh, don’t miss out, book up quickly!