Huawei Nova7 Pro Review: Face Value Climbs Again Selfie Focus Is Always On

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]On April 23, Huawei officially launched the new nova7 series flagship, dubbed the “5G selfie video flagship,” capturing the interest of many “nova people.” Huawei’s nova series has always been a trendy brand for young users, and its products have always been deep in the field of selfie, and in the appearance design is to follow the trend of the times, aiming to create a trendy entertainment experience for the new generation of people. I was also very fortunate to receive the Huawei nova7 Pro in advance for a period of time to experience how it performs. The first thing you need to do is take a look at it with me.

The front of the Huawei nova7 Pro is equipped with a 19.5:9 6.57-inch curved screen, with a curvature of 70°, achieving a visual effect of no bezel on both sides, bringing a very open field of vision. The bottom of the body is approximately 7.98mm thick, and the top is approximately 8.28mm thick, weighing approximately 178g, making it a very “slim” product among current 5G phones and very comfortable to hold. The nova7 series is also a pleasant surprise to me in terms of color matching, and the color I received is one of the very special colors.

It employs a new upgraded “double film double plating” process, which consists of two layers of special color light effect film and multiple layers of nano-level film superimposed with an advanced color effect transparent texture.

It will show a different color and light depending on the light or angle, very beautiful, the company’s ladies said this color scheme really love Furthermore, when looking at the back cover from the front, it will have a mirror effect, and you can usually look at the mirror. The Huawei nova 7 Pro still maintains the high value design of the nova series, and this 7 color is bound to attract the attention of many young ladies.

The reason it is called “focus dual camera” is because other than through the industry-leading autofocus lens super AI engine flagship ISP image processor, no matter where in the picture we are, Huawei nova7 Pro will keep the eye as the core for accurate focus, to achieve clear far and near The selfie effect is clear both near and far Even when the selfie is magnified, the eye details are still visible. It is worth noting that with the evolution of selfie pictures to selfie videos for young people, the eye focus function is synchronized in the background when the front selfie video is turned on, which means that some beauty and food vloggers, using the Huawei nova7 Pro front lens to shoot video, as practical as you. The following is also a sample to see how the actual selfie effect of nova7 Pro.

And even from a distance, it can take a clear selfie, shooting a kind of imitation of his shooting effect, and there are a variety of selfie light effects to choose from. Huawei nova7 Pro is also newly upgraded with Portrait Super Night View 3.0, taking clear selfies even in a dark environment, the beauty effect is still very natural, and the details of both bright and dark areas are well controlled.

With the ring fill light, it is possible to take good photos even in low-light situations.

In addition to the 32 million main camera, the nova7 Pro has a 105° ultra-wide angle lens on the front, which can provide a wider framing range, allowing you to easily take pictures with the surrounding scenery or multiple people, which is very useful for selfie enthusiasts. When using this lens to take pictures, the phone will use a powerful AI engine for semantic recognition, which can accurately identify each person in the picture, and different aberration correction algorithms to deal with the portrait subject and background respectively, which is a good solution to the problem of aberration, so that people and scenes are more natural. The 64-megapixel main camera has a 1/1.7-inch sensor with a single pixel area of 0.8 m and supports 4-in-1 light fusion equivalent to 1.6 m large pixels, increasing the amount of light intake to better cope with low-light scenes.

This is also the first time the nova series has introduced a periscopic telephoto lens, which allows for better zoom shooting. In this section, I will demonstrate the rear photo effect of the nova7 Pro using sample photos.

The Huawei nova7 Pro’s photos are full of color and detail, and have a natural bokeh effect in the large aperture and portrait mode. In the night scene, Huawei nova7 Pro also has a good performance in the super night scene support, the overall brightness of the photo is very high, the picture is also very pure, the bright part is not overexposed, but also captured a lot of dark details that the human eye can’t capture. It has OIS EIS dual anti-shake, which can also handle shake better when shooting, with a higher success rate and good actual imaging results that restore the details of the scenery well. When the zoom magnification exceeds 15 times, a secondary focus frame will appear in the upper left corner of the viewfinder to help us more accurately shoot the scene you want to shoot.

In addition to the primary camera and telephoto lens, the Huawei nova7 Pro has a 120° ultra wide-angle lens and a macro lens. The ultra wide-angle lens provides a wider framing range, which is more useful when shooting grand scenes and creates a stronger sense of space, while the macro lens allows us to capture more details that are not easily seen with the naked eye, which is very useful. Overall, the Huawei nova7 Pro’s rear camera is at a mainstream level in current mobile products. The combination of the main camera, telephoto lens, and ultra-wide angle lens can cover a wider range of photo focal lengths to meet our daily photo needs and cope with more shooting scenarios.

Huawei nova7 Pro is equipped with the Kirin 985 5G SoC chip, which is manufactured with a 7nm process and integrates eight CPU cores, including one 2.58GHz A76 large core, three 2.4GHz A76 mid-core, four 1.84GHz A55 small cores, eight Mali-

We’ll also look at how it performs in practice with two games, “King’s Honor” and “Peace Elite.” First and foremost, “Honor of Kings” can easily run at 60 fps at the highest image quality, and the frame rate fluctuates very little. Peaceful Elite” also runs very smoothly at HDR HD and ultra-high frame rates, and the frame rate fluctuates very little.

The Kirin 985 5G SoC chip supports NSA/SA dual-mode 5G networks as well as additional 5G bands. I also tested it on a 5G network near my office, and its download speed reached 1048Mbps and upload speed was 108Mbps, which is tens of times faster than 4G. As you can see in the actual download, several tens of MB of APPs were completed almost instantly, and the download speed reached 80-100MB/s.

This is a fast feeling that we cannot get on a 4G network, and Huawei nova7 Pro is also a good way to bring out the super fast network speed of 5G. In terms of battery life, Huawei nova7 Pro has a 4000mAh battery, which is enough for a day of entertainment and photo taking for young people.

It also supports 40W super fast charging, which can charge up to 76 percent in 30 minutes and fully charge in 1 hour. The Huawei nova7 Pro runs the EMUI10.1 system, which adds a lot of new features over the previous EMUI10.0 system.

It implements micro stereoscopic AOD by dividing figures and images into layers and presenting users with a stereoscopic AOD display effect.

It also introduces a new smart split screen, which can be accessed by sliding the sides of the screen and then pausing to bring up the side DOCK bar, long pressing and dragging the application to instantly open the split screen, and pictures and text can be dragged and dropped across two application windows within the same screen, such as directly dragging photos from the gallery to WeChat or documents, which is very convenient.

As a phone for the majority of young users, the Huawei nova7 Pro can be described as a product with its own high value and the ability to shoot users with high value; it has a very eye-catching advantage in terms of selfie and face value. Through autofocus eye tracking, the dual camera combination of 32MP 8MP ultra wide angle front camera achieves more accurate focus than other products. The front portrait night view 3.0 feature is now available, allowing users to take clear and bright selfies even at night. Huawei also used the new upgrade “double film double plating” process to create a very dreamy “No” color.

7 color,” different lighting, different angles have different colors and shadows, bringing a unique visual enjoyment, this color scheme is also expected to become the series This color scheme is also expected to become the most popular among the girls in the new products.