Huawei Mate X Comprehensive Review: Fold The Present Unfold The Future

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]With the maturation and development of flexible OLED panels, the design of the screen can be folded to become a reality, there are a variety of different folding options on the market, the most mainstream is to fold inward and outward, because of the different ways of folding, so there are certain differences in product form and design, but its essence is to allow users to get a product with portability and a larger screen, Huawei Mat When unfolded, the Huawei Mate X’s body is only 5.4mm thick, making it very comfortable to hold. Huawei Mate X adopts the form of external folding, the creative use of eagle wing hinge structure is a good solution to the folding state of the body gap problem, in the folded overall more excellent, can be directly transformed into a full-screen phone.

The Huawei Mate X is 11mm thick in the folded state, which is thicker than some of the current mainstream full-screen phone products, and has a weight of 300g, which gives it a heavy feeling, but after a few days of experience, I think the pressure of holding it with one hand is not as big as I thought, and it is perfectly acceptable to think that it is an 8-inch tablet after unfolding. Looking back at the history of cell phones, from the 1980s to the early twentieth century, we must hold in the hands of the big brother to go to the phone can be easily carried in the pocket, t

Until 2007, the first generation of the iPhone appeared to disrupt the entire cell phone market, with its 3.5-inch capacitive screen bringing a revolutionary interaction, human-computer interaction gradually stepping into the touch era. After more than a decade of using the scene and application interaction needs, major manufacturers in technology and design have carried out continuous innovation, full-screen design has become the mainstream, cell phone screen gradually increased, from the original 3.5 inches to the current 7 inches or even larger, and the increasing screen size has also led to the contradiction between the large screen and portability, and users want both. As a result of this demand, as well as the accumulation and maturity of many technologies, manufacturers have investigated a new species of folding screen cell phones, which can be described as a quantitative change in screen size that has triggered a qualitative change in product form.

Huawei Mate X is a representative and mature product, it will be flexible screen and eagle wing hinge structure and other precision components well combined, folded state is closer to the current full-screen phone, very suitable for one-handed operation and has excellent portability, unfolded is a tablet, bringing the visual impact of a large screen and a new interactive experience, between the two forms can Seamlessly switch We can’t predict which form the future phone will take, but the Huawei Mate X at least shows us a direction and a possibility. No one can guarantee that we will seize the future, but only through continuous innovation and accumulation in technology will we not miss the future.

Photo experience: shared Leica four-camera front and rear It has a Leica Quad camera system that includes a 40-megapixel ultra-sensitive camera, a 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera, and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera ToF camera, with a new ToF lens compared to the previous version, and it supports laser focus, phase focus, contrast focus, and AIS stabilization to fully meet the needs of users in a variety of mobile photography scenarios.

Through clever design, Huawei Mate X only relies on a set of cameras to achieve the problem of front and rear photography, not only the unfolded or folded state can achieve rear photography, when you need to take a selfie just fold the phone and flip, using the secondary screen on the back of the phone can easily complete the selfie, such a design is exquisite. This feature can be a great blessing for the majority of male friends, because when you take photos for your girlfriend, you can easily take the photos she wants, saving time and effort. We also come to see the Huawei Mate X photo performance through sample photos.

The Huawei Mate X’s imaging level is very high in scenes with sufficient light, fully demonstrating its powerful resolution, detail reproduction is in place, and there is no problem of overexposure in various scenes. The AI scene recognition support can automatically identify the scene photographed or in the scene for automatic optimization, making the imaging more eye-catching and allowing it to be sent to friends without retouching.

1X, 3X, 5X, 30X The addition of a telephoto lens allows us to shoot more distant scenes can also get more excellent results, even in 30x zoom can also have a clearer image The addition of a super wide-angle lens gives us more shooting possibilities, compared to the ordinary wide-angle lens it can accommodate more scenery, shoot a stronger sense of space, fully demonstrate the magnificence of the scene, when we go out to shoot some magnificent landscape more useful

Huawei’s night shot has always been one of its strong points. The image is very clear, and the detail restoration and noise control are also very good, thanks to the support of AIS Handheld Super Night View, the overall brightness of the image is guaranteed, while the highlights are well suppressed and the dark details are not lost, the image is very clear, and the detail restoration and noise control are also very good. Huawei Mate X’s clever design allows us to use the powerful Leica four camera when taking selfies, and its performance is also very good, both ordinary mode and portrait mode have high This time, Huawei Mate X Leica four cameras did not disappoint, not only to meet the needs of users multi-scene shooting, but also to have a flagship level of imaging, while the innovative design also cleverly solves the problem of front and rear photography, laying a good foundation for the next innovation and breakthrough.

For the folding screen phone, a brand new species, many people are very concerned about how the system interaction, and I fully believe that Huawei has put a lot of effort in this period of experience in the folding screen interaction. To begin with, both the unfolded and folded states can be manipulated using Huawei’s gesture navigation; however, the screen is slightly softer when compared to conventional cell phones, but the operating feel and overall cell phone are identical. It is also very smooth when switching between large and small screens, with no lag.

Because the Huawei Mate X has both large and small screen modes, the application must be adapted so that it can be displayed properly in any state. In my experience, in addition to the built-in applications, there are dozens of applications that we use on a daily basis, such as WeChat, Weibo, B-site, Today’s headlines, Aiki, Youku, Zhihu, Baidu Maps, and so on.

can be perfectly adapted, and whether from the large screen folded to the small screen, or from the small screen expanded to the large screen, the conversion is very smooth and normal, with no abnormal display problems. Here is also a separate game, because Huawei Mate X after the expansion of the proportion is different from the general cell phone, so the game adaptation is also very critical, so I chose the two hottest games “glory of kings” and “elite peace” for you.

The “Peaceful Elite” makes better use of the advantages of Huawei Mate X’s 8-inch large screen, in the folded and unfolded states, the horizontal field of view is exactly the same, while the vertical field of view is much larger, in a screen to get a larger image content, ordinary cell phones may need to raise the perspective to see things, Huawei Mate X can see directly, so that earlier insight into the enemy’s location information, can be called physical hang. We can open the gallery and drag and drop pictures directly when chatting with WeChat, or insert pictures from the gallery directly when editing documents, or watch videos while brushing Weibo, or chat while brushing Jitterbug, so you can work efficiently and play with two things at once.

In addition to the application split screen, Huawei Mate X supports the previously acclaimed parallel view function on its own tablet. In the expanded state, the different interface information of an application can be displayed in the left and right windows at the same time, maximizing the benefits of the large screen. At the moment, applications such as Today’s headlines, Taobao, and other applications support the function.

We cannot make a definitive conclusion about the future shape of cell phones at this time, but the folding screen can be said to be a bold speculation and prospect for the future. Any new product form requires continuous technical accumulation and innovation to achieve and mature, and the emergence of Huawei Mate X has been in the 5G wave of leading Huawei in the road towards a new form of cell phones again in the forefront, becoming the key key to open the future.