Htc Vive Cosmos Experience: Shuttling Between Virtual And Reality

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] On September 12, HTC’s much-anticipated new generation flagship VR device Vive Cosmos went on sale at Taobao Maker Faire, with prices starting at 5899 yuan. Before the official launch, HTC invited Bestbuy618 and other media to experience Vive Cosmos and introduce us to this product. The main character of this experience will naturally be HTC Vive Cosmos, which uses the Inside-out tracking system achieved by six lenses, thus eliminating the troublesome step of “base station positioning” and the need to install external tracking base stations to position.

So, all you need is a computer with RTX graphics and a Vive Cosmos to get started with PC VR.

According to the staff, Vive Cosmos uses two LCD screens with a combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 using real-RGB technology, an 88 percent improvement over the first generation Vive, effectively reducing the distance between screen pixels and minimizing the screen’s screen effect. We tested the standard 6-camera mask in the field; HTC will also release an External Tracking mod panel that supports SteamVR outside-in tracking at a later date to provide players with a better experience. Cosmos allows players to flip the headset, allowing them to quickly switch between the virtual and real worlds.

When wearing the mask, you must wear it tightly; otherwise, the user wearing glasses will appear to be unable to see the situation, which I encountered. Vive Cosmos has also made a new design on the main interface of the VR operation. vive redesigned a set of immersive system VRS, as well as the entire operation menu, to perform “home” type virtualization. To make the VR experience more immersive, this “home” is an exclusive personal space called Origin, which is actually a VR application and the home of the daily VR social experience.

Perhaps because it is still in its early stages of development, Origin does not offer a plethora of features, currently only capable of performing basic functions such as listening to music and changing wallpaper. However, the scene is very realistic; I have a fear of heights and have stood in the scene next to the railing, hesitant to take a step.

The first generation of Vive on the deep sea big whale Demo “TheBle” has also been reset, the image is more fine, and the presence of the flagship sense is more shocking. During the experience, I touched the fish and jellyfish in the scene; the vibration feedback of Vive Cosmos is very delicate, and the vibration when touching the jellyfish is very slight, as if it is really touching the folds of the jellyfish skin. After the accumulation and precipitation in previous years, HTC already has a large number of games, and these games can also be played on Vive Cosmos.

Furthermore, with the help of Steam, the world’s largest third-party game platform, we can play more than 4,000 games, essentially including the mainstream VR masterpiece, Vive Cosmos, Vive Cosmos also brought me a very good gaming experience, such as the hot gun battle game “Mercenaries 2: Intelligent Crisis,” I feel really in the gunfire environment, nerves are always tense. Although I wanted to continue playing after the game ended, I discovered that my body issued a “warning” to me due to a lack of exercise.

The Vive Cosmos is also brimming with sincerity. The 5899 price of the Vive Cosmos is more cost-effective than the previous HTC Vive and Vive Pro, after all, the game experience has been greatly improved, and there is no need to hold four positioning base station away. Previous mobile VR HTC Vive Focus users, if you want a more powerful and complete gaming experience, Vive Cosmos is also currently a good choice.

Friends who have not been exposed to VR equipment may also want to purchase a Vive Cosmos; after all, the game can also be used to exercise.