Hp Continuous Printers A New Generation Of Office Tools That Put Efficiency At Your Fingertips

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel]In the context of the gradual formation of the new Internet industry, mass entrepreneurship and innovation has become a new vane of the times, based on which a number of new businesses from birth are engraved with the Internet’s “DNA,” gradually emerge in the market. Interestingly, a survey shows that since 2000, half of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared from the list, and the replacements are primarily these companies with strong Internet connections. This list of rising stars, which often has a commonality among them, are from the difficult start-up environment, with the market momentum on a firm footing.

Clearly, technology is the driving force behind its development, particularly in this rapidly changing market, with intelligent tools and technologies to simplify the original business processes and improve overall office efficiency, has become a decisive factor for enterprises to seize the market opportunity.

For enterprises, the overall efficiency of the team determines the speed of business development, especially in start-ups where everyone has multiple jobs and deals with multiple tasks at the same time, so the utility of intelligent tools cannot be overlooked in the ongoing process of improving efficiency. When there is an important report, the key moment of the meeting is the need for efficiency first, imagine the customer has been sitting in the conference room, to report the document is still late to print out, that is not acceptable.

HP’s new HP Smart Tank 538 continuous supply printer (hereinafter referred to as HP 538) is to solve the above pain points and the “birth” of the office tool. HP 538 configuration of the new upgrade WeChat printing function, breakthrough distance restrictions, WeChat, there is a network can be printed anywhere, anytime. To complete printing, use dual-band WIFI, a stable connection, and a direct cell phone connection.

It also has a 35-sheet auto-feeder for printing and scanning in one batch, allowing busy start-up office workers to multitask effectively. It is not too much to ask for it to be described as high performance, high configuration, and high value.

WeChat printing, mobile office anytime, anywhere WeChat has become an important channel for office, business, SOHO talk about work, everyone WeChat have so many dozens of work groups, a variety of reports, documents are often sent directly through the work group, if you can directly WeChat received documents through the phone print out, will greatly simplify the workflow, improve the efficiency of daily office

With its easy installation, simple use, and powerful printing functions, the HP 538’s newly upgraded WeChat Print provides users with a convenient printing experience. First and foremost, there is no need to download the APP, and the connection to the printer can be completed through the “HP Cloud Print” in the WeChat app. This is an excellent method for making the most of your business.

The HP Cloud Print applet offers users a variety of printing options. You can easily type the documents and images you require by following a few simple steps. Furthermore, the WeChat chat log printing function can print documents and images directly from the conversation log.

When you receive project documents or design drawings during a meeting, you don’t have to interrupt the conversation to perform printing operations; instead, the phone can directly send print jobs, saying goodbye to tedious interface switching and allowing energy to be better focused on core business. In addition to meeting daily office document and picture printing needs, the HP 538 also provides a variety of functions such as ID card and invoice printing.

In terms of invoice printing, if you scan the electronic invoice issued by WeChat and select “invoice printing” in the small program, you can easily find the corresponding invoice and print it directly, eliminating the need to send the invoice to the designated mailbox and log in to print such a complex operation, saving the reimbursement family from the complex invoice preparation process. “It may save reimbursement personnel from the time-consuming process of preparing invoices.”

When using the ID card printing feature, simply follow the prompts to take a simple photo or upload and then cut off the excess to finish printing. This is a perfect solution to the previous requirement of copy placement and button control. HP Cloud Print also supports “one-click printer sharing,” which is a very useful feature.

As long as one person binds the printer, it can be shared with other people to print together, allowing temporary visitors and customers of the company who need to print to share and use the printer conveniently at any time. At the same time, it supports remote printing, so you can play no matter where the person who needs to print is located, as long as there is WeChat and a network. Sharing printers saves time for both parties, allowing you to run an efficient office even if you’re thousands of miles away.