How To Use Tv To Socialize? Hisense Social Tv E8d Review Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] With the advent of 5G in 2020, the TV, as an appliance, has taken on a larger role. Hisense and Huawei both released camera-equipped televisions in the last year. Huawei believes that the “smart screen” is the future of television; Hisense believes that the “social TV” is the future of television.

TV is in the “strengthen” and “replace” period, where the “status” is being strengthened and the “form” is being replaced. No matter how you define it, the future of the TV must not be a cold screen, but even if the living room war is noisy, its status as the center of the family will not change. So, as a new species in the TV category, Hisense social TV E8D has what kind of bright performance, and how it “from me to us”? The camera has a large F2.0 aperture and can be manually tilted by about 35 degrees via a wave wheel behind the camera; there is also a physical lock on the right side of the camera; when the physical lock is in the locked state, the camera cannot be remotely opened remotely, removing the possibility of remote hacking in the Internet of Things era and further reducing security risks.

The lift speed is comparable to phones with lift-up cameras. Camera lift Gif The camera’s specific elevation control is in the AI settings, where you can set the elevation control mode and single elevation control. The camera can be raised and lowered manually using the remote control, which is turned off by default.

Photo Gif After selecting their favorite stickers, backgrounds, and filters, users can take pictures by shouting “cheese” or making a “yeah” gesture. When taking pictures, users can also ask the TV “who do I look like?” and Hisense Social TV E8D will become your AI encyclopedia advisor through image recognition technology, using big data comparison to list the stars with the highest similarity to the user, and also analyze the user’s face value and pop up similar items in the picture for recommendation. Users can add friends and relatives to the TV as long as the other party has downloaded and registered the “Hisense Jubei” APP on their phone.

Add Friends and Family Gif The company has also built in a number of friends and family templates for users to quickly add friends and family. The video call Gif The company’s newest product, the E8D, allows multiple users to watch the same movie at the same time, and can also realize up to six voice calls. Even if they are thousands of miles apart, they can still watch TV and discuss the world as if they were in the same room. It should be noted that this feature cannot be connected across devices and that the user must be using Hisense Social TV in order to use it.

To use this feature, users must first create a new shared screening room.

Create a shared screening room Gif The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. For those who enjoy karaoke, Hisense E8D includes a karaoke channel that allows you to order songs according to pinyin, singer, and category, which is no different from the interface of a karaoke machine in a KTV and very easy to use. After the song is played on demand, you can also control the volume, reverb, and other advanced operations.

The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup. Karaoke Gif In addition to the screening room, K songs, and other entertainment items, Hisense E8D’s game function is, of course, not to be overlooked. The TV has a brand-new and innovative game to increase user interactivity, which can be controlled via the TV’s own camera or via a special handle peripheral.

Because most physical games allow two people to play at the same time, the interactive experience between users will be enhanced.

Sensory Game Gif For a more comfortable gaming experience, I recommend purchasing an exclusive gamepad. When the user is not at home and wants to know what is going on at home, you can open the small gathering at home through the APP to open the video directly. You can use Xiaoju at home to make video calls with your family at any time, which is especially useful for families with elderly people or children.

The cell phone screenshot The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup Create an AI voice control Gif.

Users can begin the AI voice control journey after turning on far-field voice, eliminating the need to use the remote control to control the TV. Picture quality is an element that no one can ignore when purchasing a television. Hisense’s social TV features the U super picture quality engine, which combines the unique ULED light control technology, quantum dot technology, picture quality algorithm, AI picture quality adjustment technology, and other features. to increase the picture color level and contrast ratio so that the picture quality performance is very good Let’s take a look at the picture quality performance of this TV through actual screen shots.

When it comes to picture quality, let’s first talk about picture stability, which is important for users who like to watch sports games. Hisense Social TV E8D employs MEMC motion picture compensation technology, which generates dynamic compensation frames of moving objects within frames via deep learning and intelligent detection to achieve smooth motion picture viewing.

The trajectory of the ball is very obvious in the screen shot of the ball game, and the soccer ball can be seen clearly at high speed rotation. Hisense Social TV also uses 4K ultra-fine picture quality restoration and ULED light control technology for excellent detail performance in predominantly black scenes.

The screen shot picture below, thanks to the fine regulation of the backlight, makes the blacks look deep and the backlight is not easily noticeable if you don’t look closely. Furthermore, we can see the edge of the highlighted line in the center of the nebula, and there is no scattering of the backlight, indicating that the light control is very accurate. Thanks to Hisense quantum dot technology, the color performance of this E8D TV is also improved, reaching 130 percentBT.709 color gamut, which can be referred to as a wide color gamut screen.

Naturally, the advantages of a wide color gamut screen include more vibrant color performance, which can present richer color levels and faithfully restore the creator’s intent. With the popularity of 4K HDR video, there are more and more movies and TV shows based on higher color standards (DCI P3, REC.2020), and only TVs that reach wide color gamut screens can better present picture content.

In the first image, the cool tones of the charcoal and the warm tones of the flame blend well together, and the color shades are different at different angles, both of which are very clearly reflected. The colors of the sky in the second image are all different, with natural color transitions and clear layers.

In recent years, an increasing number of high-end televisions have begun to support “Dolby ATMOS” (Dolby Atmos), a new Dolby audio technology that allows sound to be deployed and flow precisely in three-dimensional space without being constrained by the sound channel. Hisense E8D is a TV that uses Dolby Atmos sound technology (Dolby ATMOS) to achieve perfect hardware and software adaptation. To achieve better sound quality, this TV’s audio system uses a dual-pass four-drive audio system, with Dolby Audio dts sound can make the TV such a flat sound source to show the immersive effect of surround sound.

It is also equipped with AI AQ intelligent sound quality adjustment technology, which can automatically adjust the sound quality. The dome silk membrane pure treble design allows users to hear the real treble, immersive. We played a Dolby Atmos video for trial listening, guitar sound from far and near floating, magnetic female voice as if sitting across the singing, the sound from head to foot position changes were clearly conveyed, sitting in front of the TV can feel a sense of accurate positioning and spatial sense.

When users open the “intelligent speaker mode,” press the standby button on the remote control to enter the unique speaker mode, just say “Hisense Xiaoju,” you can voice control in the case of black screen standby, and at this time Xiaoju can help you play music, or query weather, etc. Hisense Social TV E8D is equipped with the industry’s first and only dual AI SoC architecture dual-drive interactive system, where the AI chip is dedicated to HD video, AI processing needs; while the SOC chip computing power is more than twice that of Hisense’s regular flagship TV, a strong performance breakthrough to meet users’ social needs while watching HD TV and video chatting.

In addition to the powerful chip, the Hisense Social TV E8D has a 3GB 32GB storage capacity. After we installed several games and software, the memory side occupied 7.07G, the system occupied 2.91G, and there was still 22.02G of space left, indicating that the overall storage space is very generous. Hisense E8D is a perfect combination of fashion and simplicity, and it incorporates the most popular design elements, making it very eye-catching.

The main color of this TV is silver, which gives it a mysterious sense of science fiction and fashion. The hovering full-screen design not only creates a stunning sense of unity when the screen is resting, but it also reduces visual distractions when we watch movies and provides the most immersive image impact. After turning on the screen, we can see the “ultra-narrow bezel,” which is why there is a thin black edge, because there is a liquid crystal control area around the screen, and for the time being, we cannot do a true bezel.

Ultra-thin, minimalist characteristics also explain the E8D’s craft-like characteristics; I measured and discovered that the thinnest part of the body thickness is only 8.7mm, so thin thickness is it can be perfectly integrated into any home style. The heat sinks at the top ends of the cover allow for very good heat dissipation according to air circulation rules, and the base has been chosen in a figure-of-eight design, which is very simple and secure, and the color is consistent with the body, which looks light and agile visual aesthetics.

Hisense TV is a sponsor of the Euro 2020, and there is a silkscreen logo of the Euro on the left side of the bottom frame. The interfaces are concentrated on the right side of the back, with the openings facing outward for easy plugging and unplugging. Hisense E8D’s remote control black color scheme, calm atmosphere includes two HDMI ports, one USB3.0 port, one USB2.0 port, one network cable port, one audio and video input port, one digital audio output port (coaxial), and one antenna port. It is worth noting that, in addition to the familiar “small gathering key” and “voice key,” a “family and friends circle key” has been added this time, so that users can directly enter the family and friends circle through the remote control.

To summarize, along with the familiar “small gathering key” and “voice key,” a “family and friends circle key” has been added this time, so that users can directly enter the family and friends circle through the remote control. It will be convenient video calls, excellent shared screening room, K songs and physical games, which have their own social fusion characteristics, transforming the TV into a family social entertainment center; at the same time, the traditional attributes of the TV it did not abandon, ULED 4K screen built-in AI picture quality and EMMC technology, with Dolby Atmos sound, can provide users with the ultimate audio and video experience.

Furthermore, its AI voice control enables users to completely abandon the constraints of the remote control in favor of the convenience of voice control. If you have large-screen social needs and want a TV with easy control, fine picture quality, and pure sound, the Hisense E8D is the best option.