How To Train The Boys Of Hygiene? Dyson V11 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hands-on Experience

Hello, this is a paragraph I want to write to you: outside the house cotton rain drifting, look at home, the ground dust around my heart, but I do not love to move, worry about looking at the broom full of tears flow…… This is the voice of many male compatriots, right? The dust in the house is simply horrible existence, every double day off also do not love to move, want to lie in bed blowing air conditioning So, I believe our family is in desperate need of a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, and I want to develop my own cleaning motivation through the new cleaning experience of a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.Dyson V11 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner To say that “Dyson” is the pioneer of wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, I discovered Dyson’s own store in an e-commerce, discovered the most expensive Dyson products – Dyson V11 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, and without saying a word,

I’ve seen a lot of Dyson wireless handheld vacuum cleaner commercials and also experienced Dyson products in colleagues’ homes, giving me the impression that it is full of black technology, and I even believe that Dyson’s presence has helped the home appliance industry quickly find its goal, and today I experienced the Dyson V11 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner is such a product. However, when dumping the garbage, there will still be dust floating out, but this pot is not Dyson to carry; if industry manufacturers can solve this problem, I believe it will be a qualitative improvement. The tail housing of the Dyson V11 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner has also been updated to a blue transparent material, and the use of the internal filter can be seen at a glance, where the filter can adsorb 99.97 percent of microscopic dust as small as 0.3 m.

Those humanized features and brush heads Previously, the traditional handheld vacuum cleaner head accessories were basically the “old three,” but with the high consumer demand for handheld cordless vacuum cleaners, many manufacturers have introduced more different heads, such as the Dyson V11 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, which comes with seven different functional vacuum heads: a high-torque rotary head, a soft lint roller head, an electric mattress head, a dusting brush head, and a dusting brush head.

If you’ve ever used a handheld wireless vacuum cleaner, you’ve probably noticed a stronger sense of damping as the suction power is increased. The Dyson V11 wireless handheld vacuum cleaner adds an adjustable airtightness module that can be adjusted by moving to meet different cleaning needs. The V11 supports two suction heads on the charging pile, and also comes with a suction head clip, which can be used to carry two more suction heads after the clip is stuck on the metal extension pole, but I don’t recommend carrying it while using it, as it will add more weight than it’s worth. But when I got the Dyson V11 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, I cranked it up to “strong” maximum and sucked…..

on my arm. Compared to the previous generation of Dyson V10, this generation of V11 suction power has increased by 40%, the maximum speed of the digital motor can reach 125,000 rpm, although the speed and the previous generation of the same, but Dyson V11 this time added a three-stage fixed impeller, can bring a more durable and powerful suction power.

So, is the Dyson V11 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner comparable to the wave of performance I just blew in the actual experience test? Before the test, consider what places in our living environment usually have more dust. In terms of personal living environment, the most dusty scenes are: the ground, chair crevices, pillows, high dust crevices, keyboards, and so on. So, let’s put the experience for these scenes to the test.

For the ground cleaning test, I’ll prepare scraps of paper, particles, and so on. After installing the high-torque rotary head and setting the Dyson V11 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner to auto, we started the test, and the results were as shown above, the Dyson V11 was able to cleanly fling all the trash and dust on the floor into the dust collection canister with low resistance and very easily.

Crevice cleaning test Usually, we sit in the crevices of the chair or sofa will leave a lot of dust and dirt, so I scattered some cookie crumbs in the crevices to test. Clean the crevices of the dust residue on the use of crevice cleaning suction head, the operation is very simple, where there is ash point where, basically suck once to complete the cleaning. Cushion cleaning test So for this round of testing, we used the electric mattress suction head.

Before the test, I cleaned all the garbage in the Dyson V11 dust collector, and then began cleaning the pillows. The results were surprising, as the seemingly clean pillows sucked out so many “unknowns,” it was frightening.

High place crevice test In everyday life, some high crevices are difficult to clean, such as the central air conditioning vents, which are usually fine. However, after the summer open air conditioning, these dust will be dispersed with the wind in the polite, a long time people are prone to illness. So insert the long pole after inserting the mini dust soft bristle brush head to begin cleaning test. Cleaning arm still feels some strain, but the good cleaning effect is good, the air outlet dust cleaned clean.

Keyboard cleaning test Dandruff, food debris, and even insect carcasses may appear in the crevices of the keyboard. According to one report, the keyboard crevices are dirtier than the toilet seat in terms of bacteria and dust.

Normally, the best way to clean the keyboard crevices is to blow with your mouth, phew but not very useful. Insert the crevice soft hair suction head to begin cleaning, the keyboard surface and even the crevices in the dander, food residue are quickly sucked into the dust collection tube, the effect is obvious.

The battery life is significantly improved. The Dyson V10’s battery capacity is 2600mAh, and the battery of this generation V11 is directly upgraded to 3600mAh. According to official data, the Dyson V10 (in energy-saving mode) has a ground cleaning run time of 40 minutes, and the Dyson V11 has a run time of 60 minutes. As a result, we conducted a targeted range test.Left: Dyson V10; Right: Dyson V11 Our test logic is simple: we use the most realistic use experience to provide test results.

Prior to the test, we first charged the Dyson V11 from 0 percent to 100 percent, which took about 4 hours, and then began cleaning the room. After repeatedly cleaning and cleaning, Dyson V11 was declared dead after 32 minutes.

Of course, it is not always in energy-saving mode while in use, so there may be a discrepancy with the official data. But the range test gave me the impression that charging this guy once and cleaning twice isn’t going to be a problem.

In addition, I’d like to add that during use, I discovered that the switch is designed with a small sense of damping, and my hands are relatively large, so there will be accidental touch; I hope Dyson can improve the switch damping sense. The question of “how to raise a boy who likes hygiene” appears to be resolved.