How Powerful Is The Multifunctional Cooking “robot”? Mibo Multifunctional Cooking Machine Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Cooking this thing is simple for those who know how to cook. For kitchen whites, however, every fried dish is an adventure. For example, in the case of roast pork, cutting the meat is simple, but achieving the classic flavor is difficult. The good news is that modern technology has advanced to the point where we have found a solution – a multifunctional cooking “robot.” From the user’s perspective, a good multifunctional cooking “robot” should ultimately have what “hardcore” qualities.

Can it make tasty dishes, and what other functional features does it have besides stir-fry? Mibo multifunctional cooking machine review experience (video) Answer this question before the answer, I will sell a story, please follow the author in the Mibo multifunctional cooking machine review experience to find the answer.

One machine, mobile kitchen; guided intelligent recipes, simple to use; Chinese cooking, restore delicious; golden temperature, healthy nutrition; multi-function, integrated with over 15 types of kitchen functions According to China’s “Residential Design Code,” the smaller kitchen area is 5 square meters; less than this value, the indoor heat gathering will be too large, and people will be uncomfortable staying. As a result, many households have an extra 5-8 square feet of kitchen space. This range can accommodate 8 small appliances. However, such a kitchen will appear crowded and cluttered, with small appliances switching back and forth, keeping your hands occupied.

MiB multifunctional cooking machine appearance show?

MiBo multifunctional cooking machine display The Mibo multifunctional cooker has a simple design, consisting of two parts: the main machine and the all-inclusive safety double-layer insulated pot, 345mm wide and 317mm high. Unlike ordinary carbon brush motors, the Mibo multifunctional cooker is equipped with a reluctance motor, with a wide speed range of 40rpm-10000rpm, forward and reverse freely switchable, with the knife set reverse stir-fry,

Mibo multifunctional cooker with a 5-inch color touch screen MIBO multifunctional cooker with four hidden safety latches

Mibo multifunctional cooking machine back interface display The bottom suction cup design allows the Mibo multifunctional cooker to be more firmly attached to the smooth operating surface.

The round rotary button can be used to set the kneading time, temperature, and recipe. The MIBO multi-functional cooking machine host has a 5-inch touch color screen and a circular rotary button. The 5-inch touch color screen has set, cancel, weigh, and menu buttons, and users can select recipes using the touch color screen. The main unit is outfitted with four hidden safety latches and two sensor switches that are activated when the lid is closed, ensuring user safety.

It is possible to set the kneading time, adjust the temperature, and select the recipe by turning the round rotary button. The product is simple to use, with clear and simple button fonts that allow users to get started quickly.

MiB multifunctional cooking machine display

The innovative thick film heating element is printed directly on the bottom of the main pot, ensuring more even heating, faster heating, and no scorching of food during cooking. The double-layer pot body excels at heat locking, insulation, and soundproofing. It includes a pot lid for simple installation.

Multifunctional knife set display, one side of the sharp, one side of the blunt knife Its built-in multifunctional knife set is made of 420 stainless steel, and the blade is a one-piece stamping type. The multifunctional knife set has two sides, one sharp and one dull knife. Positive rotation is the sharp side of the blade at work, which can stir the juice and grind panax pseudoginseng powder; reverse rotation is for the blunt knife, which can be used for stir-frying, stewing, and so on.

Knife set to operate in accordance with the instructions, disassembly is very simple.

Accessories of Mibo multifunctional cooker, duplex steamer MIBO multifunctional cooker has a variety of accessories, including a double steamer, strainer blue, stirring rod, spatula, measuring spoon, 10A power cord, and recipes. It is a product that combines over 15 kitchen appliance functions while being the size of a rice cooker, saving kitchen space.