How Great Is The Quantum Dot Display? Review Of Tcl X8 Qled Tv Picture Quality Performance

[Bestbuy618 home appliance channel]At the moment, OLED TV is widely praised for its pure black, high color gamut (easily above 100 percentNTCS), response speed, viewing angle, saturation, contrast ratio, and many other parameters over LED LCD TV, but the cost of the vacuum true plating process is prohibitively expensive, making it unpopular in the market. TCL X8 QLED TV The QLED quantum dot display technology is in the display effect and cost to give more possibilities in the field of high-end display. Quantum dots are extremely small semiconductor crystals, the size of about 3 to 12 nanometers (Nanometer, one billionth of a meter), composed of only a few atoms, which can only be active in a small space, so the impact of its energy state is easy to promote its light, generally through the electron or photon excitation quantum dots, produce color photons, depending on its internal structure and size of the different, emitting different colors of light If the calculations are correct, they can emit bright red, green, and blue light, which is used as the RGB primary color light source for display.OLED TV VS Quantum Dot TV VS Ordinary LED TV

“Quantum dots are probably the best light-emitting material ever discovered by mankind,” said Professor Peng Xiaogang, the world’s No.8 scientist. “High” that is, high color gamut, the new generation of ultra-thin quantum dot TV using inorganic three primary color quantum dot light-emitting materials, color gamut coverage of up to 157 percent (BT709), can present 1.07 billion color performance; “pure” that is, pure chromaticity, color Purity compared to OLED about 37.5 percent, 58.3 percent improvement over ordinary TV; “long” that is, color for a long time, in Today, let us experience quantum dot performance through TCL’s newly listed X8 QLED TV! From the figure below, we can see that X8 in the color transition test, its color scale diagram at various places of the square excessive level are more obvious, blue, red tip at each grid separation is very obvious, which means that X8 blue red performance, transition ability is relatively good.

In addition to quantum dot display technology, the TCL X8 QLED TV employs a new generation of DEBF-BA optical film, a viewing angle that is 1.6 times greater than that of standard TVs, and full-scene AI picture quality enhancement technology that can intelligently adjust the dynamic parameters of the screen for different scenes to produce optimal picture quality. TCL X8 QLED TV saturation test The parrot in the image below has four vivid colors of red, blue, green, and yellow, with full performance and transparent colors, and the overall effect of the picture as well as the color reproduction ability is very good.TCL X8 QLED TV saturation test The outline of the black clothes is still clearly seen on the black background, and the skin tone of the characters is accurately represented, indicating the X8’s high contrast performance.

Figure 1 is the playback of a 4K demo film, 4K clarity performance is eye-catching, fine detail portrayal, crocodile uneven teeth and head folds can be seen clearly, Figure 2 is the playback of a 1080P “Avatar,” clarity performance is better than the general HD TV playback effect.

TCL X8 QLED TV4K detail performance (when playing 4K source)TCL X8 QLED TV4K detail performance (when playing 1080P source) X8 equipped with Dolby Vision HDR image technology, quantum dot display technology can make the TV brightness effectively increased by 30 percent-40 percent, and 4K HDR on the LCD brightness dynamic range requirements for brightness 1000nits or more / black bit less than 0.05nits, so equipped with quantum dot display technology X8 can

TCL X8 QLED TVHDR movie test “The Young Ones” When playing the HDR source of “The Young Ones,” the HDR function is turned on by default, and it is obvious that the HDR state has richer contrast, better brightness, and more details, the starry sky in the dark, the luminous jellyfish on the sea has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and the boats have a good sense of hierarchy between the stars and the sea, thanks to the The trees in the background and the tiger in the foreground in the image below have a good sense of spatial three-dimensionality, thanks to the high brightness and vivid color performance, as well as the comfortable viewing angle. Furthermore, the X8’s HDR function includes SDR to HDR conversion, which means that the contrast and detail of standard movies will be improved with the X8’s technology upscaling.

TCL X8 QLED TVHDR movie test “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” The X8 has a built-in MEMC motion compensation engine to improve the clarity and smoothness of sports images through intelligent frame insertion, and will contribute to the optimization of subtitle jitter and contour jaggies. The continuous and fast motion picture in the soccer match below is clear and smooth, and the subtitle outline is smooth and comfortable to watch in the subtitle test. Different users have different requirements for picture smoothness, and the X8 can also set the low, medium, and high levels of MEMC.TCL X8 QLED TV motion picture test

TCL X8 QLED TV with quantum dot display technology has outstanding color performance, quantum dots can bring pure, vivid, and accurate color performance due to their physical properties, and improve the overall brightness of the screen, with TCL X8 QLED TV built-in DEBF-BA optical film, full-scene AI picture quality enhancement technology, MEMC motion enhancement, and Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision HDR image technology, can br