How Convenient Is The Oppo Smartphone After Opening The Nfc Function?

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] What is NFC? NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange data while remaining close to each other. It is the evolution of non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection and interoperability technology integration. Take the cell phone, smart phones have NFC function, it can realize mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identification, anti-counterfeiting and other applications, and there are now many brands of smart phones to join the NFC function, but it appears that people still know less about NFC, probably the most known is that NFC can be used to recharge the bus card, but NFC can be used for more than that. I believe that many people, like me, will use Alipay payment every day, use the small WeChat program to brush the QR code to take the bus and subway, and then use a smartphone with NFC function to recharge the bus card.

Today, I had the OPPO Reno Z experience; will activating the NFC function open up a new world?

OPPO Reno Z As a daily subway commuter, sometimes the price of a few more minutes of sleep is not having time to pack their bags, usually forgetting to put something in the bag, and the author is one of the few objects forgotten. Some may wonder why not use small programs; small programs can be useful. However, a metro station without a signal or a super weak signal metro station not only prevents others from swiping the card into or out of the station, but it is also very embarrassing to stand next to their own two-dimensional code out is very embarrassing, it is likely to wait half a day can not get out, so the author’s first choice before recognizing the NFC function is bus card. NFC traffic card identification efficiency is equivalent to the physical bus card, and does not require the opening of small programs and other processes, making it far more convenient than the brush two-dimensional code in this way, and can “secretly” tell You can “secretly” tell, NFC transportation card can also enjoy the same benefits as the physical transportation card.

When the bus card does not have enough money to recharge, the use of NFC can be directly recharged, eliminating the need to visit a convenience store or subway station to recharge, which is not only convenient but also saves time.

Users open OPPO Pay and bind the bank card, then find [OPPO wallet] on the phone’s desktop – click [bus card] – click [add bus card] – [select the open bus card], then the recharge page will pop up, Shenzhen pass opening fee of 25 yuan, but will help you reduce this opening fee, the user only needs to recharge the amount can After recharging, users do not need to open any apps; simply light up the screen near the sensor to swipe the card, which is both convenient and quick.

Open OPPO Pay and the new NFC traffic card Here we need to tell you about OPPO wallet, OPPO wallet supports 150 city transportation cards nationwide, such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei card, Shenzhen pass, Lingnan pass, and more than 10 transit cards, here we see the quick and convenient NFC transportation card through GIF.

OPPO Reno Z NFC traffic card entering the station (Note: This image is in GIF format)OPPO Reno Z NFC traffic card exiting the station (Note: This image is in GIF format)

NFC as a role of two: OPPO Pay payment small hand Some users may be unclear about the role of OPPO Pay, so let me explain. OPPO Pay is able to provide NFC-based offline mobile payment function, users can open OPPO Pay after binding the bank card, you can swipe the card, recharge (including phone bills, traffic recharge), international Internet access, apply for credit cards, taxi travel, and other functions. It should be noted that OPPO Pay can be used to complete payment transactions and ride the bus and subway at POS machines with the “UnionPay Flash” logo.

Users only need to touch the phone on the POS machine to pay after verifying the wallet payment password or fingerprint. You do not need to be concerned about security because the OPPO cell phone operating system will automatically detect the security of the payment environment, but it will also provide the user with hardware security storage technology for bank card information, high-level security password verification, and fingerprint verification technology, making the payment more secure.OPPO Reno Z NFC flash payment function (Note: this image is GIF)

NFC as role three: recharge machine Of course, as I previously stated, NFC can be used as a bus card, but it can also be used to recharge the physical bus card, eliminating the need to search for a convenience store or wait in a long line at a subway customer service center to recharge the bus card.OPPO Reno Z using NFC function for bus card recharge (Note: this image is GIF)

NFC serves a four-fold purpose: file transfer. Furthermore, the OPPO NFC function can be transferred to each other. Of course, as long as there are NFC-enabled smartphones, you can perform file transfers, which are both convenient and quick.

Let me walk you through the steps to open Android Beam: open [Other wireless connections] in the settings – open [NFC] – click [Android Beam] below – open [Android Beam].

Once you are ready, the next step is to prepare another phone, I used the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version to receive OPPO Reno Z files, using the Reno Z and Reno 10x zoom version to have a close contact, follow the instructions of the device [click to transfer] can share pictures, contacts, web pages, and other applications on the device content. I only sent a photo of the author “sucking a cat” due to time constraints. Here’s a GIF demonstrating how easy OPPO’s file transfer is.OPPO Reno Z file transfer (Note: this image is a GIF)

Is it not found that NFC can have so many uses, use more convenient and fast? Most smartphones are now equipped with NFC function, so you can further experience the convenience of smartphones close to our lives. Let’s watch the full video of the OPPO NFC function.