How About 5g In Las Vegas “vegas” Usa? After The Field Test: Sorry To Bother You

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] 2019 is known as the first year of 5G, with China, South Korea, the United States, and many other countries and regions launching commercial 5G networks. Consumers can not only access 5G networks, but the market also offers a variety of 5G cell phones. We can choose up to double-digit 5G cell phone models, especially in China, where the three major operators are accelerating 5G network deployment. Previously, Bestbuy618 also brought a lot of 5G experience content, to the author’s test results in Beijing, for example, in the area covering the 5G signal, using 5G cell phones can easily get more than 400Mbps downlink speed, such as Zhongguancun, Xidan and other 5G In areas with better signals, downlink speeds can be as high as 700Mbps and 900Mbps.

Overall, the pace of domestic 5G network construction remains on track, and only 5G signals can be found in many areas. Of course, this aspect is also due to China’s excellent 4G network construction (at this stage, 5G mostly uses NSA non-independent grouping, using the 4G core network to gradually transition to 5G).

So how will the 5G experience be in the United States, where the 4G (LTE) network is poor? Don’t worry, we’ll send you the results of our real-world testing right away.

Many times to the United States to participate in the exhibition, not only the author himself, but almost all the media and domestic exhibitors have complained about the country’s poor network environment. There are numerous reasons for this phenomenon, and the author summarized the following points after interviewing numerous American users: 1. expensive tariffs 2.

base station construction costs are too high, resulting in operators in many areas not optimizing network coverage Previously, a guide who had lived in the United States for decades told me that because the United States is “vast and sparse,” operators want to build base stations to recover costs, which resulted in the number of base stations in many areas being insufficient to ensure that the network. 3, simply blame the rival is too good! Accustomed to domestic hundreds of megabit fiber, fast and stable, and relatively cheap traffic tariffs, to the United States, the huge contrast, The network environment has deteriorated even further.

Despite the author’s complaint, the network in the United States is not as good as imagined. So, if you come to the United States to play, it is also recommended that you be psychologically prepared and “equipment ready” to avoid “lost connection.” Well, back to the topic, the United States 4G is very bad, so 5G can get back to the city? The answer is no surprise – it can’t! CES 2020 will be held from January 7 to 10 in Las Vegas, USA, and 5G is also an important theme of the show. As a result, I planned ahead of time and had my friends in the United States conduct preliminary research to gain a brief understanding of the commercial 5G situation in the United States, and the results are as follows.

Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento are among the cities where Verizon is testing 5G.

Brands selling 5G phones in the United States include Samsung, LG, HTC, OnePlus, and others.T-Mobile offline store On the Las Vegas Strip, we tested at the T-Mobile offline store, which is said to be the largest store (flagship store?) in Las Vegas. , we saw three 5G phones inside the store: the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the Galaxy Note 10 5G, and the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Custom Edition.

We wanted to buy a phone and test out the 5G experience in the city, but the store was out of stock and we had to wait until Monday (Jan. 7) to possibly buy it The good news is that the clerk said we could use the in-store display for 5G speed testing. First, the clerk used a Samsung Note 10 for 4G network speed testing, the downlink speed was 191Mbps, followed by the Samsung S10 5G for 5G connection test, the clerk also introduced that this Samsung S10 5G is 5G via millimeter wave (mmWave), the test results obtained for the highest 233Mbps or so. We then tried a few more times, only at about 200Mbps, and when we asked the clerk, she said the best speed of the test is about 250Mbps, which seems that it should not be a “malfunction,” but as a 5G phone, it is difficult to understand such a report card in a 5G network.

But we did not give up, so we went down from the second floor to the first floor, using the counter of a plus 7T Pro 5G McLaren custom version of 5G is truly powerless to spit, it appears that the “weak” 4G foundation in the United States, 5G will not be very powerful.

For the United States Although the application scenario of 5G is not rich enough at this stage, but it can’t even “test a speed” experience is so bad, right? I thought that 5G might be able to temporarily solve the bad network during CES, but I did not expect the dream to be dashed so quickly! But, there is still a chance to save! In a couple of days, we will also go to this experience store after th Meanwhile, users who have used 5G phones in China may have discovered that even if we use a 4G phone card on a 5G phone, the phone will show a 5G connection after turning on 5G in the settings, but the rate is still lower than the 4G sign-up rate, which is up to 300 Mbps. I’m curious if this service is provided by operators in the United States, and we’ll find out in the next test.

Of course, in order to prevent its “stable performance,” you can now prepare a variety of spiteful words and phrases. Written at the end Before coming to the United States to participate in the CES 2020 report, I also looked at the content of the 5G test in US users, but also saw some users in Chicago and other areas to get “normal” (more than 1000Mbps) test results, but apparently the 5G network in Las Vegas still has a certain gap. Perhaps China will lead the world in the number of 5G users in the next 1 to 2 years.

(The green area in the image above represents the 5G signal coverage area) Finally, will the ending be reversed when we test it again using the phone we purchased? Stay tuned for our follow-up report! Of course, in addition to experiencing 5G in Las Vegas, Bestbuy618 will also bring a lot of exciting content from CES 2020, so stay tuned!