Honor Magicbook V 14 Notebook Review: A New Generation Of All-around Productivity

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] Since entering the notebook market in 2018, Glory has provided users with a plethora of high-performance products. In September, Glory released its first high-end flagship model, the Glory MagicBook V 14. What new experience can the Glory MagicBook V 14, certified by Intel Evo platform, bring us as one of the core products of Glory’s 1 8 N all-scene ecological strategy? Family-style full-screen design As a flagship product for productivity, the Honor MagicBook V 14 is a highly competitive product.

The notebook has a 14.2-inch screen with a narrow bezel design on three sides, a screen-to-body ratio of 90.5 percent, a 2520*1680 resolution, a 90Hz refresh rate, 1.07 billion colors with high color depth, and support for 10-point touch, with Windows 11 system optimization for touch interaction, making the computer’s touch response faster and more accurate. The screen has also received eye protection certification from the National Eye Center, the German Rheinland Hardware Grade Low Blue Light Eye Protection Certification, and the German Rheinland Strobe-Free Eye Protection Certification, in addition to DC dimming.

In light of this excellent screen, I chose the Red Spider Sypder 5 Elite to test the color gamut, brightness, and color accuracy of the screen. In the actual test, the Honor MagicBook V 14 covers 93 percent sRGB, 73 percent P3, and has an average color accuracy of 0.98. The Honor MagicBook V 14 has excellent color reproduction and accuracy, and is easily capable of performing various tasks, according to both the screen parameters and the actual test.

Low-key luxury design The MagicBook V 14 is available in Deep Sky Gray, as well as Glacier Silver and Aurora Blue. The notebook body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that has been anodized and fine sandblasted, making the entire machine very comfortable to the touch, and the A, C, and D sides have a consistent feel. The body’s edges have been meticulously chamfered so that the notebook does not feel like a choke in your hand.

The notebook has a minimalist design language, with the mirror design “HONOR” logo in the middle of the A-side, and the C-side still has the traditional keyboard area, which has a 1.5mm key range, and the good key range makes the typing trigger and feedback quite excellent. Glory’s extensive use of the keyboard area has resulted in a keycap area comparable to that of a game book, ensuring the accuracy of editing documents and various software shortcuts. The white backlight has two brightness levels that can be adjusted using the Fn spacebar, and the power button is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, with an integrated fingerprint recognition switch key that activates the unlock function when the user presses the power button, allowing the computer to quickly enter the system desktop.

Glory MagicBook V 14 increased the area of the touchpad, touch control operations are more humane, accurate, and easier to get started; touchpad below the integrated NFC sensing area, increasing the area of the sensing area by 346 percent and improving the sensing distance by 150 percent, in the use of Glory’s multi-screen collaboration function is faster to achieve seamless connectivity. When in use, three large rubber feet ensure the Honor MagicBook V 14’s stability.

Glory has a plethora of options for side interfaces. The left side of the body is equipped with a USB-C port and a Thunderbolt 4 port to easily meet the requirements of screen output and data transmission; the 3.5mm headphone jack is also designed on the left side of the body bezel. The right side of the body provides a USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 and an HDMI port to meet daily USB-A data transmission and video output.

A laptop’s camera and microphone simply do not exist for the average user. However, as demand for mobile versions grows, the camera and microphone on laptops are gradually gaining public attention. The Honor MagicBook V 14 is equipped with the industry’s first 5 million HD wide-angle dual camera, which comes from the concept of cell phones and the design of user needs, naturally gaining the love of many players. In terms of audio, the Honor MagicBook V 14 is equipped with four microphones four speakers, four microphones Jun using high signal-to-noise ratio microphones, through the linear array arrangement and directional pickup technology, video calls even if far away are possible.

The four speakers are located on the C side of the keyboard on both sides of the tweeter and the D side on both sides of the bass section, resulting in a more three-dimensional sound. The Honor MagicBook V 14’s 5 million dual camera, 4 microphones, and 4 speakers significantly reduce the problem of inefficient communication in meetings.

The most intuitive experience provided by such a high specification Honor configuration is that communication in the meeting is more smooth and comfortable, which also helps to improve the meeting efficiency of online meetings.

As previously stated, the Honor MagicBook V 14 I received is the basic version, which is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation standard voltage Core i5-11320H processor, built with Intel’s own 10nm SuperFin process, quad-core and eight-thread, base frequency 3.2GHz, maximum core frequency 4.5GHz, thermal design power consumption 35W. To evaluate the notebook’s performance, I used CINEBENCH R15, CINEBENCH R20, 3DMARK’s CPU Profile, AIDA 64, and PCMARK 10. The single-core score in CINEBENCH R15 was 987cb, and the multi-core score in CINEBENCH R20 was 2391cb.

Single-threaded 909 points, 8-threaded 3579 points in the 3DMARK CPU Profile test.

The Intel Core i5-11320H scored 560.3 on the single core and 2984.2 on the multi-core in the CPU-Z benchmark test, and I also achieved good results in the baking test using AIDA 64 thanks to the dual-fan, dual-heatpipe cooling design inside the Honor MagicBook V 14’s body, together with the sensorless silent fan and large cooling fins on the heat pipe. Whether in high energy mode or balanced mode, the Honor MagicBook V 14’s core frequency is quite stable, and the temperature control is quite adequate. After 30 minutes in high power mode, the CPU power consumption is stable at around 38W, with a maximum temperature of 93 degrees and a full core frequency of 3.8GHz.

In balance mode, the CPU power consumption is 35W, with a temperature of 88 degrees and a full core frequency of 3.4GHz. Because I received this Honor MagicBook V 14 without the MX 450 discrete graphics card version, I only tested the processor integrated Iris Xe core graphics card, with 96 groups EU and a frequency of 1350MHz. The GPU achieves a score of 5400 in 3DMark Fire Strike and 1760 in Time Spy.

The solid-state drive remains Western Digital’s SN 730 series for OEMs, with the same 512 GB capacity. I chose AS SSD for the drive’s performance test, with a maximum read speed of 3009 MB/S and a maximum read speed of 2392 MB/S. PCMARK 10 test, Honor MagicBook V 14 common basic function items to get 9563 points; forms, document writing productivity project in 6422 points; photo editing, video editing, rendering of digital content creation project in 5465 points; total score 4982 points. The multi-screen collaboration feature eliminates barriers between different devices and systems, allowing the Honor MagicBook V 14 to become a core family management device.

Bringing the phone’s NFC sensing area close to the touchpad will enable quick device identification, and the connection can be completed by following the prompts. With multi-screen collaboration enabled, users will be able to operate the phone using the Honor MagciBook V 14’s mouse and keyboard, including WeChat replying and dragging and dropping image/file functions. Gloria’s multi-screen collaboration allows the phone to open up to three windows on the computer side and display three mobile applications side-by-side, improving screen utilization and office learning efficiency. In terms of ease of use and convenience, I believe that the best feature point in multi-screen collaboration is that file transfer has become more convenient.

Photos, videos, documents, and other documents can be transferred and edited between the phone and computer with a single drag and drop, and the Honor MagicBook V 14 can also be connected to a tablet via multi-screen collaboration, for which Honor has designed two modes: mirroring and extension. To achieve synchronized images, use mirroring mode to fully project the PC screen onto the tablet.

The extended mode transforms the tablet into a second screen for the laptop, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, during meetings, users can directly connect the PC to the smart screen to share project solutions.

Glory’s new flagship Glory MagicBook V 14 can be described as sincere, pure flat bezel, ten-point touch plus 1.07 billion color retina display, so it has a very immersive visual effect; at the same time, the industry’s highest 5 megapixel front lens, providing users with better picture quality effects for video conferencing; slim body conceals a strong core of performance Easily meet the demands of daily high-intensity use.