Hollywood Sound Effects To Bring Home? Magnifi Max Sr Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] The high housing prices force us to live at a snail’s pace, but the size of our living space does not limit our desire for a better life. If you want to break free from the bonds of reality, bitterness is a good quality to have, especially since the reality of life isn’t all that bitter. We get a lot of happiness from sight and sound, so any improvement to the audiovisual experience makes people happier.

Nowadays, TV picture quality is getting better and smaller, but the sound quality has weakened, and the built-in speakers are only “listening to a loud” level. The echo wall is one of the solutions to improve the sound quality of the TV, not only does not require too much space to place the echo wall, but it can also significantly improve the sound effect. And, in order to maintain consistency, the echo wall design style and TV in the home environment can be well integrated with the environment.

Recently, the Sky Home Appliance to a station of the sound of the Magnifi Max SR (polk), so its performance in the end how it?

The Polk Magnifi Max SR is black in color, with a very restrained look and a sense of understated luxury. The main wall is very long, 109 cm, and equipped with seven sound generators, including a center, two tweeters, and four full-range sound generators. The sound unit is critical to the sound of the echo wall, and the more units there are, the better the sound, all else being equal.

The echo wall has a hollow design, which makes it flatter and prevents it from blocking the TV signal and screen, and the front of the wall is decorated with a silver ring, which adds a touch of style to the wall. The silver ring features Polk’s renowned Voice Adjust technology, which allows for quick adjustments to vocals to make them more prominent and clear. The top of the echo wall is tilted slightly downward, making the control area invisible from a normal viewing angle and visually more comfortable.

The control panel differs from the standard echo wall in that the volume adjustment keys are on the right side, and the centered button is for voice adjustment. Users can play audio by transferring it to the echo wall using the Bluetooth key.

The Echo Wall has four HDMI ports that can be connected and switched between multiple devices at the same time, as well as optical, AUX (3.5 mm headphone jack), or LAN connections. One of the HDMI ports supports ARC, allowing us to input digital audio for decoding and playback when watching HD content on the TV. The right side has a SYNC button, and the connection between the echo wall and the subwoofer and SR1 small speakers is dependent on the SYNC button.

The subwoofer has a slight curvature, which reduces the footprint while being beautifully rounded, giving the user more choice in the placement of the subwoofer during use. For the audio system, the subwoofer caliber is large, the sensitivity is high, the drive is easier, the bass is more powerful and “loose,” the dive is deeper, and watching a large movie is also more comfortable. Of course, the above-mentioned effect is present in the case of a well-tuned speaker.

The power and SYNC keys are located on the back of the subwoofer and are used for power supply and connection to the echo wall. Long press the SYNC key on the echo wall first, wait until the light flashes long press the SYNC key on the subwoofer, the successful connection of the echo wall and subwoofer will be sounded at the same time, to indicate the successful connection. The two SR1 small speakers are also quite high value, very small size, you can choose the location according to your sense of listening, and does not take up too much space.

It is worth noting that the power jack is located at the top of the back groove; therefore, you must pay close attention when using to avoid inserting the incorrect power jack. The subwoofer is the same as the SR1 small speakers connected to the echo wall.

The front of the remote control is made entirely of black silicone, which is soft to the touch and smooth to the touch but not like plastic; I adore it. The switch, night mode, and mute buttons are located at the top of the remote control; the night mode can increase the volume of the human voice while decreasing other sounds; there is also a device switch button, which allows you to switch between different HDMI-connected devices or enter Bluetooth mode; the volume adjustment, which can set the bass, overall volume, and vocal adjustment; and the fast EQ switching, which includes movies, sports, and music, is located at the bottom. At the bottom, you’ll also find the track switch and pause buttons. The surround speaker volume and left and right balance are located at the bottom of the remote control.

Realistic reproduction is not inferior to that of a theater.

When selecting an echo wall, the appearance is important, but the sound effect of the echo wall is even more important. Next, I’ll put the Magnifi Max SR to the test to see if it can achieve a cinema-level sense of presence. The movie I chose for this is “Macao Vice 3,” which has a lot of shooting and fighting scenes, as well as a lot of background music, so you can listen to Magnifi Max SR’s performance in music while evaluating the movie sound.

The singing of “The Light of Friendship” after Fat’s imprisonment, the gun battle when he was released from prison, and the clip of the battle against his old enemy are without a doubt the best parts of the movie. In the crowd singing “Light of Friendship,” the bass dive strong, loose but not loose, sounding very comfortable, the author also relaxed the whole person, when the fat mother open voice out of the high notes, the high notes are not harsh. When I wanted to hear clearer vocals, I turned up the volume of Polk’s unique technology, Voice Adjust, and the clarity of the vocals was presented at an “audible” level.

Even in movie mode, it performs admirably in music, with the three frequencies balanced and the midrange not overpowering.

Its two SR1 small speakers to bring the 5.1 channel, and the equipped Dolby Atmos and DTS immersive surround sound technology, the perfect restoration of the gun battle that occurred when Fat left the prison, and SDA wide sound field multi-dimensional array technology to give me a more realistic feeling, in the glass broken when I can even feel the glass in the side, and the author in the theater to see the film is the feeling is similar. In terms of movie playback, I surprised the author even more. The first is Voice Adjust (dialogue correction) technology, which allows me to watch movies without having to turn up the overall volume in order to hear the human voice dialogue.

And, in large scenes, Magnifi Max SR provides a strong sense of envelopment, with excellent reproduction.

The Polk Magnifi Max SR is not very large, but its sound performance is very impressive, both in terms of reproduction and envelopment, when compared to the sound of the cinema, which is not inferior, indeed the general sound effect of Hollywood. Furthermore, there is Polk’s unique Voice Adjust (dialogue correction) technology, which is useful when watching a movie and wanting to hear the human voice dialogue without disturbing the neighbors. As a movie enthusiast, I believe this audio system is an excellent choice for home movie viewing. Learn more about the Magnify Max SR here: https://zs.polkaudio.com/products/magnifimax