Hisense Tmall Teamed Up To Create A Dual Ai System Hisense 55e52d Ideal Home Tv Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Decades have passed carelessly. Our televisions have also evolved from black-and-white to color, and from smart TVs to AI TVs. …….

Along with the pursuit of the ideal home, Hisense 55E52D TV stands out because it is equipped with the popular AI voice control function, allowing users to interact with the TV face-to-face without the remote control, and open a new entertainment mode at will. Furthermore, the stylish design of the infinity full screen and the addition of MEMC motion anti-shake technology 4K HDR bring the ideal home model even closer to perfection.

Ideal Home STEP1: AI voice control is smart and interesting I remember watching a science fiction movie a long time ago, in which the robot is extremely intelligent and has become an all-around assistant in the family, the master only needs to give an order, and it can go through in a timely and efficient manner. As a result, I believe that the first point of the ideal home is artificial intelligence, which can be said to be well verified in Hisense 55E52D TV. This TV in the AI function support, not only can realize voice control, image recognition, but also AI interaction, officially become a good assistant in our daily life.

The AI voice control is one of the system’s highlights. AI voice control is the core function of the ideal home; when the user says “Hisense Xiaoju” directly to the TV, the AI voice control function is activated.

When you can’t find your remote control, don’t want to use your dirty hands to press the remote control while eating, or want to listen to music while cooking, simply say “Hisense Xiaoju” and then issue a command to get the TV content you want. The specific function of AI voice control is the same as pressing the “voice button” on the remote control, but it allows the user to do away with the remote control and truly experience human-computer interaction.

Of course, it is also very simple to open this function, the user in the menu interface of the general settings to open the “far-field voice control,” so directly to the TV said: “Hisense Xiaoju,” you can start the voice assistant for voice control, and now the voice assistant on the phone From personal experience, the feeling of losing the remote control is extremely distressing; however, with AI voice control, the user’s desire to use voice interaction is greatly increased. There is no need to shout two sentences in the living room, as this situation will undoubtedly occur frequently in the future. It is worth noting that the AI voice control function is especially useful for the elderly and children, as they will not be tedious remote control operation, as long as they shout out the program they want to watch to the TV. When users enter the “intelligent speaker mode,” press the standby button on the remote control to enter the unique speaker mode, just say “Hisense Xiaoju,” you can voice control in the case of black screen standby, and at this time Xiaoju can help you play music, or query weather, etc.

As a TV that can be listened to as a “speaker,” Hisense 55E52D TV especially supports Dolby and DTS dual decoding, During the testing, it was discovered that the medium volume size sound was very loud, the overall tone performance is outstanding, clear vocals, powerful bass, and there is a certain surround effect, and that even without external audio, home use was adequate. Combined with music apps on TV, you’ll always have a good melody at home.

Ideal home STEP3: full-scene voice attentive butler

Another important function of VIDAA AI is the full-scene voice system, which has dialect recognition, voice recognition, full-scene life coverage, and multi-round dialogue search, which is very useful when combined with AI voice control, and its response speed and accuracy are very advantageous when compared to similar products on the market. After activating AI voice control with “Hisense Xiaoju,” say “I want to watch a movie – 2019 – Gu Tianle’s,” and the system will automatically bring up the movie you want to watch. Continuous dialogue, layers of screening, and finally arriving at the desired results This multi-round dialogue is more realistic, with a more “human” flavor, and the TV also supports six dialects, namely Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuan, Minnan, Shanghainese, and Hunan, which makes people from different regions feel more intimate and the recognition is more accurate, but dialect input requires the use of the remote control.

It also includes voice recognition, a feature that recognizes a child’s voice and then filters out videos that are not appropriate for children. Of course, the excitement does not stop there; in addition to these features, Hisense 55E52D TV has 70 service scenarios, allowing you to easily check the weather forecast, book airline tickets, and hotels. Eat, drink, play, live, as long as there is a TV, from placing an order to querying, to sweeping the code payment booking, simple, so that your entire family can travel without worry.

Ideal Home STEP4: One key map search Everything you know

Hisense TV solves this problem in the VIDAA AI system, users simply need to press the “small gathering key” on the remote control, the system will screenshot the picture, and through artificial intelligence analysis of the actors in the picture, identify the name of the person will also recommend related characters wiki and related movies. After that, this TV truly becomes the all-purpose housekeeper for the entire house.

STEP6: Powerful Configuration Smoothness Guarantee As an AI TV, the hardware configuration not only affects the smoothness of the user’s daily experience, but also determines the service life of this TV. Hisense 55E52D is equipped with a quad-core CA53 CPU, combined with a 64-bit processor GPU, can easily cope with various high-performance applications, bringing an extremely smooth experience for the TV. Hisense’s 55E52D TV combines simplicity and fashion while also incorporating a variety of current popular elements, making this TV’s face value simply outstanding.

The borderless full-screen design of Hisense 55E52D TV frees this TV from the constraints of the bezel, allowing for a better viewing field and a more immersive feel. Hisense 55E52D TV also adopts the Unibody unibody body, which is seamlessly bent and shaped at one time, and the all-metal appearance is integrated. The thickness of the body is only 8.71mm at the thinnest point, so the thin and light design can better fit the home style.

The expansion interfaces of the Hisense 55E52D TV are concentrated on the right side of the back, including: 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports (one of which is USB3.0), 1 network interface, 1 audio and video input interface, 1 digital audio output interface (coaxial), and 1 antenna interface, which can meet daily use. It is worth noting that the triangle icon on the remote control, as well as the “small gathering key” and “voice key,” are at the heart of experiencing Hisense VIDAA AI system. Ideal Home STEP8: Excellent picture quality for the eyes Because the picture quality is the soul of a TV, only excellent picture quality can provide users with a more comprehensive visual experience. Allow us to enjoy the Hisense 55E52D’s picture quality performance through actual screen shots.

Enable Motion Picture Compensation Standard Mode (MEMC).

Turn off Motion Picture Compensation (MEMC) When discussing picture quality, the first thing to mention is picture stability, which is critical for users who enjoy watching sports games. The Hisense 55E52D TV employs MEMC motion picture compensation technology, which generates dynamic compensation frames of moving objects within frames via deep learning and intelligent detection, evenly compensating to achieve smooth motion picture viewing. The trajectory of the ball with high speed shot is very visible in the screen with MEMC enabled, and the soccer ball is seen clearly in the high speed rotation, as seen in the screen shot of the ball game. The soccer ball itself has a very obvious trailing shadow in the screen shot without MEMC on.

Here is a set of 4K video screen shots to see the actual performance of Hisense 55E52D TV. Through the above 4K test images we found that Hisense 55E52D’s display is overall on the bright side, with more intense colors and a strong sense of overall transparency, truly restoring and significantly improving the color and detail of the picture.

The overall picture rendering in the 4K HDR experience section is close to the real thing. In the first image, the cool tones of the charcoal and the warm tones of the flames blend well together, and the color shades are different at different angles, both of which are very clearly reflected. The second image shows that the colors of the sky are all different, with natural color transitions and clear layers. Ideal Home Summary: The rich AI features of the Hisense 55E52D TV are essential for creating an ideal home.

For users on the lookout, the Hisense 55E52D is not only comprehensive in AI features, but also unambiguous in appearance and picture quality; additionally, the price is very reasonable. Who can resist being moved by the 55E52D, which is an all-around ideal home TV?