Hisense Steam Iron Washing Machine Review: A “high Clean Ability” Of Self-cultivation

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Chinese families are accustomed to drying clothes on the balcony, which appears to exist solely for the purpose of drying clothes, but this affects both the lighting and cannot guarantee the clothing’s “health.” Furthermore, if you encounter the northern haze days, dust storms, long drying is likely to lead to pollutants attached; or if you encounter the southern winter, southern days, and rainy season, clothing often because it is difficult to dry and breeding bacteria. Every Saturday for “laundry night,” the clothes from Monday to Friday will be piled up to Saturday one-time cleaning, this way, despite the amount of cleaning and time constraints, but can do at any time to wash at any time dry, do not occupy the balcony space, and more healthy. Not long ago, Hisense released Hisense S9 steam washing machine, on the basis of washing and drying in one to do away with ironing and bacteria! In the steam washing process, the Hisense steam washing machine can eject 70 °C high temperature steam, which can directly penetrate the clothes to the fiber inside, achieving the effect of odor, bacteria, wrinkle removal, and renovation.

As we all know, the laundry tube with a long time inevitably hides dirt, but also breeding bacteria, causing pollution to clothing if not cleaned for a long time. The whole cylinder of Hisense steam washing machine self-cleaning technology can be aimed at the inner and outer cylinder wall and the back cover blind area for a full range of scrubbing, effectively reducing dirt residue, to prevent secondary pollution of clothing. Next, we look at the effect of the Hisense steam ironing washing machine steam ironing washing.

During the steam washing process, Hisense steam washing machines can spray 70 °C high temperature steam through the clothes directly to the fiber lining, which not only removes wrinkles but also effectively removes bacteria. Hisense steam washing bacteria removal rate of up to 99.9 percent was tested. A washing machine is not only good or bad depending on how many functions it has and whether it is all-powerful, but also on how its most basic washing performance. First, we crumpled the clothes and then applied soy sauce, ketchup, and chili oil, which are more common contaminants, to the clothes.

The result of washing is as follows.

The stains from soy sauce and ketchup have been removed, and the color of the most difficult to remove chili oil stain has faded. The above image also shows that the shirt is very flat. The more obvious creases are gone when compared to the shirt below when you just bought it.

When testing drying performance, we use the moisture content of the clothes after drying to express The lower the moisture content, the less water in the clothing, and thus the better the drying performance of the washing machine. So, how is the drying effect of this washing machine? The results are as follows: Before washing After washing and drying Based on the results, we can see that the water content of the clothes after drying is 5.85 percent, the water content is relatively low, the touch is similar to when you first bought it, and the clothes are relatively dry.

Pet hair is getting on the clothes of an increasing number of families, and playing with them is bound to get pet hair on their clothes. We used cashmere to simulate pet hair to test its dander removal performance; as you can see in the picture below, there are many tiny cashmere on the black T-shirt after washing. (The picture is sharpened) Put the clothes in the washing machine, select the dander removal mode to wash, and the effect after washing is as follows.

(The picture is sharpened) The above picture shows that there is no obvious cashmere on the T-shirt after washing, only some very fine Hisense steam washing machines, in addition to the lint function, have such a good effect in the removal of cashmere, that fighting pet hair is not difficult.

For the results of the full cylinder self-cleaning, we performed a dust mite test. After performing a multi-directional dust mite collection on the inside of the drum, 5ml of the test solution was poured in, and the collected dust mite collector was shaken into the solution for 1 minute before being left for 5 minutes. The dust mite test stick was then placed into the test solution, and after a period of time, a red line was found at “C” and no red line at “T,” indicating that no dust mites were detected inside the drum and the cleaning was very thorough.

As a result, we also tested the noise of the washing machine at various stages of work, and the results are as follows.

When washing When dehydrating When drying According to the results, the noise of the washing machine during dehydration is the loudest, approximately 59.4dB(A), which is equivalent to the sound of normal conversation in the room, and if the bathroom door is closed when using, the sound can be completely ignored.

In today’s value-driven world, excellent performance alone isn’t enough to persuade customers to place their orders; value and performance are the kings. The overall style of Hisense steam washing machine is simple, and the color scheme of Starz Silver is more elegant, beautiful, and fashionable at the same time, and can perfectly fit all kinds of home style. Hisense steam washing machine is equipped with a base for users to open and close the hatch without bending down, and users can also be placed in the base of the laundry care products. All programs can be launched with a single touch on the control panel, making it more convenient.

The cassette design of this washing machine is also relatively user-friendly; users simply press a button to pop out the cassette, which is divided into three areas inside. The inner side is the manual input port, where laundry detergent and disinfectant can be placed, and the outer side is the automatic input port, where laundry detergent and fabric softener can be placed, and laundry detergent and fabric softener will be intelligently put through the horizontal floating sensor when the machine is running. Hisense change drum door glass convex inclination design This is also Hisense’s desire to bring the concept of healthy home, the “black technology” used in life, to users in order to provide them with a better, healthier home experience!