Hisense Reading Phone A7 Classic Version Experience: A Larger Screen To Bring Better Experience

[Bestbuy618]You can’t leave your cell phone at home; this is a true reflection of our lives. Cell phones appear to be omnipotent: reading novels, chatting on WeChat, brushing up on microblogs, playing games, making network payments, and so on. However, prolonged cell phone use can be hazardous to one’s eyesight, and the screen flash of OLED screens can cause eye fatigue, while the blue light problem of LCD screens can harm one’s eyesight.

As a result, Hisense Reading Phone A7 was created. After many generations of research and polishing, Hisense Reading Phone A7 is a more mature work, based on its predecessor A5Pro with many upgrades, such as the use of the latest Huben T7510 5G chip, 6.7 ink screen, updated UI design, and so on.

The Ink Screen Classic version has arrived, and the CC version with color ink screen will be available at a later date.

The Hisense A7 Classic Edition Reading Phone is available in two colors: Obsidian Black and Moonlight Silver, and we received the Obsidian Black color scheme. Hisense Reading Phone A7’s design is an excellent example of simplicity. The overall design is simple and understated, with a 6.7 ink screen on the front of the device, with a frosted film that comes with the original factory, which feels like real paper to the touch, a light distance sensor, a 5 megapixel front camera, and a speaker arranged above the screen.

The Hisense A7’s bezel is integrated with the back of the device, and this design brings a stronger integration and comfortable grip. The back cover is made of AG frosting, which has a delicate feel to it.

The device has a 16-megapixel rear camera, a fill light, and a fingerprint recognition module on the back.

The power and volume keys are located on the right side of the bezel, from top to bottom, and the placement of the keys is very suitable for users to use the volume keys to turn pages when reading. On the right side of the bezel is our old friend Moji key, which is located in the middle of the bezel, making it more convenient for users to use the Moji key when holding the phone with one hand. It is worth noting that the phone has a professional HiFi chip AK4377AECB and ultra-linear speakers, which can provide users with more shocking bass enjoyment and a better playback effect.

The screen on a phone that sells itself as a reader is, of course, a top priority. The Hisense A7 reading phone has a 6.7-inch ink screen. The ink screen contains a large number of black negative charges and white positive charges, and when positive and negative voltages are applied to one side, the liquid with the charge is attracted and repelled. In this way, each pixel point can display white or black.

Because the ink screen does not emit light, it completely relies on ambient light to image, looking at it is similar to reading a paper book, which does not emit light because we are reading in bright light. As a result, the ink screen does not have an OLED screen strobe problem, and there is no low-end LCD screen blue light problem.

When compared to more eye protection, the ink screen can theoretically do day reading without blue light, and night reading blue light is reduced by 95 percent, making it suitable for long-term reading. Because it is not self-luminous, the ink screen in sunlight is less clear, and the texture is similar to that of paper books and magazines. Hisense reading phone A7 screen pixel density of 300ppi, the use of ultra-short range front light, its brightness to obtain uniform and consistent across the board, the details are faded roughness, display very clear

Users can change the brightness, contrast, and black and white levels of the screen. The Hisense Reading Phone A7 can be dimmed independently in dark environments thanks to the Blackout backlight mode, which supports manual adjustment to keep the screen from being too bright and harsh, and users can also choose whether to enable high contrast text, font anti-aliasing, automatic backlighting for incoming calls, and application bleaching options. High contrast text and application bleaching, for example, can both improve screen contrast; the former increases text contrast, while the latter bleaches the background and adds black text. Additionally, the stepless font adjustment function, which is fully compatible with third-party APPs, allows users to customize the font style, size, and thickness.

“Speed” three application display modes; the four application display modes of “balanced,” “smooth,” “fast,” and “clear” are primarily for the issue of low ink screen refresh rate. Unlike its predecessor A5Pro, Hisense Reading Phone A7 improves the dynamic refresh mode and synchronizes it with the browsing interface. For example, when opening the dynamic refresh mode, if the original browsing interface is clear mode, it will automatically use the balanced mode to refresh when sliding up and down the interface, and will automatically switch back to clear mode after stopping sliding, which not only ensures the smoothness of the interface.

The screen upgrade must also be accompanied by improved UI interaction in order to fully present the display effect. Hisense reading phone A7 for cell phone UI design reconstruction, icons by simulating the light and dark properties of display plane objects, sketch art design, improve its three-dimensional sense, hierarchy, and quality, and the use of lines for visual guidance and division, the screen elements layout is clear and crisp, staggered The font has been rearranged and moderately thickened according to the important levels, making it look more refreshing and atmospheric. At the same time, Hisense Reading Phone A7 has customized 500 third-party APP icons, creating exclusive ink custom icons to achieve a unified page display effect. The ink key on the Hisense reading phone A7 supports three interaction methods: short press, double click, and long press.

Short and double click support turning on/off the backlight, black mode, page flip, displaying/closing the ink screen control panel, returning to the previous level to start inspiration shorthand and specific applications, while long press supports voice assistant and inspiration shorthand functions. As the most traditional interaction method of the Hisense reading phone, users can freely customize the InkSmart key to meet their specific needs for maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, the InkSmart key can invoke the inspiration shorthand function. Users can begin recording by long pressing the InkSmart key and converting it to text, then short pressing the InkSmart key to remove the sticky note and automatically save it. This function not only allows you to record whimsical ideas in your daily study life, but it also allows you to use content proxy, add pictures, voice, remind, and share. It can significantly improve the efficiency of cell phone interaction.

Hisense reading phone also has a lock screen function. In Hisense Reading Phone A7, users can experience wallpaper lock screen, art desktop lock screen, clock lock screen, word lock screen, and poetry lock screen.

My personal favorite is the clock lock screen; in the lock screen state, Hisense Reading Phone A7 looks like a beautiful electronic clock, displaying the time, date, weather, and alarm clock. Parents can configure the length of use, available applications, sleep time, automatic answering of incoming calls, web site blacklisting, and encryption with a parental password in student mode. Student mode also allows for silence in class and 10% reserved power, with the latter ensuring basic phone and SMS contact functions.

It is worth noting that the Hisense Reading Phone A7 has a 4770mAh battery with an 18W fast charging capability. Such a configuration is luxurious for an ink screen model, as the phone itself can not only meet the needs of long-term reading. Users can also use the fragment time to quickly replenish the power, putting an end to power anxiety.

Finally, the Hisense reading phone A7 has an excellent audio performance. The Hisense A7 reading phone comes with a high-fidelity Hi-Fi chip – AK4377AECB – and 1217 ultra-linear speakers. The speaker employs a new structure design of double sound membrane, which improves the bottom buffer and vibration balance, and can also improve the low and middle frequency loudness, suppress the outgoing distortion, and ensure the accurate tone.

Compared to the previous generation of reading phones, Hisense reading phone A7 Classic Edition has a more high-quality ink screen reading experience, presenting a more delicate picture, and the display effect is cloned. As the first reading phone to use a 5G chip, the performance is comparable to other flagship phones, and the battery life far exceeds that of other types of smartphones.