Hisense Dual-screen Phone A6 Experience Review: A New Reading Device To Replace The Kindle

Preface In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to sit at a desk and read the next book as quietly as we once did. Now I’m even missing the anticipation and excitement of reading “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” when I was a kid……Hisense Dual Screen Phone A6 In order to recapture the excitement of reading, I tried to download reading software on my phone, but I discovered that long hours of reading made my eyes hurt, so I gave up reading e-books on my phone pretty quickly. Later, I purchased a kindle, and the electronic ink screen greatly improved my reading experience, but I still find it inconvenient to bring a kindle on crowded subways or when I go out.

If I can combine the phone and the ink screen into one, this is a convenient and eye-friendly reading device! Hisense recently launched a cell phone designed to enhance the reading experience – Hisense dual-screen phone A6, this phone continues the Hisense dual-screen phone A2 series of dual-screen design, while optimizing and improving the reading experience, so how is the performance? Today we will bring you an experience review of this phone.

Hisense dual-screen phone A6 in the design of the familiar “sandwich” design style, front and rear dual Corning Gorilla fifth-generation tempered glass and aluminum polished frame perfect combination, in the overall appearance of the phone brings an attractive visual experience

The right side retains the same layout as its predecessor, with volume controls and an integrated fingerprint recognition key that is extremely fast and can be unlocked in seconds. The left side also includes an independent “AI ink key,” which will be explained in a moment. At the bottom, from left to right, are the speaker, the Type-C charging port, and the speaker. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the Type-C charging port is slightly to the right, so that when we’re charging and holding the phone horizontally to play games, the charging head doesn’t block the hand.

Turning to the back, it can be said that this is the essence of Hisense dual-screen phone A6, the top left one on the fill light and camera, note that the camera does not bulge, praise. Simultaneously, the ink luminous screen behind Hisense dual-screen phone A6 adds parallel soft light, which, via 256 levels of intelligent linear dimming, can provide users with eye protection while reading in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, this time Hisense frosted the back of this phone, so that when reading text, fingers slide across the screen to bring a more realistic paper experience, and when reading in the sun will not be reflective because it is a glass glossy surface. Luminous ink screen experience in the end how? The ink screen’s working principle is also very simple; the inside of the screen is made up of many electronic inks, which can be seen as a capsule look. Each capsule contains a liquid charge, with the positive charge dyed white and the negative charge dyed black. When we apply positive and negative voltage to one side of a liquid with an electric charge, the liquid will be attracted and repelled.

Hisense dual-screen phone A6 this luminous ink screen has a resolution of 287 PPI, which can be said to be retina level, basically no graininess. Unless you look at it from a very close distance, you can see the slightest burr, but it is impossible for a normal person to use it this close.

We are all aware that the more light the ink screen is used in a location with adequate lighting, the clearer the font on the screen will be. However, the advantage of ink screen does not exist in a dark light situation without a desk lamp.Ambient dark light Without parallel soft light onAmbient dark light Open parallel soft light In order to solve this problem, Hisense added parallel soft light to the ink screen of this phone, the light is not harsh, and we can adjust the brightness at will according to the environmental conditions when using. The refresh rate of the ink screen will be greatly improved in “smooth mode,” and you will be able to complete some daily operations in this mode.

In the ink screen desktop, users can set their own panel arrangement, a total of 5 pages can be set, for example, we can directly on the ink screen to see the WeChat messages, fast access to the circle of friends, check the subscription number, as well as view sports and health, short messages, weather, news, songs, and other life class content.

Many people now use their cell phones as their primary shooting device, and some even go out to sweep the streets without a camera. Hisense dual-screen phone A6 is a main eye protection reading phone, but after adding AI intelligent photo function, it can night scene, food and other 16 objects, 120 kinds of scenes intelligent recognition processing, adjust the best parameters, so this phone’s photo strength should not be underestimated.

In the shooting night scene state, the machine automatically recognized the night scene, and quickly controlled the highlights and noise. In addition, I recommend that when shooting night scenes, you can manually turn on the machine’s built-in night mode, so that you can shoot more pure night photos. Enter editing mode; long press to activate the voice assistant….. These operations are only a portion of what is listed above; I believe Hisense will add more features in the future.

Charging and battery life

Hisense dual-screen phone A6 built-in a 3300mAh high-capacity battery, through the actual test, brush microblogging, chatting WeChat after thirty minutes, power loss 11 percent, through the ink screen look at the e-book thirty minutes, power loss 2 percent, the overall performance is excellent; in the package, Hisense included a QC3.0 fast charging head, using a USB power tester to test its charging power, the total output power reached 10W If you haven’t read quietly in a long time, you might want to pick this phone to rediscover the joy and passion of reading.