High-value High-performance Choice Aigo Mobile Ssd S7 Pro Review

[Bestbuy618 Laptop Channel] As more sophisticated systems and software are developed, the amount of storage space required grows. Although all types of hard disk and cell phone storage capacity have been upgraded, they still cannot meet the needs of some users who have the “hamster” talent of storing a variety of resources. And, for some photographers or content creators, the amount of storage required is enormous; a cell phone computer simply does not have enough space.

Many people will choose a large-capacity mobile hard disk to store as a storage device at this time; the advantage of mobile hard disk is that it is portable and lightweight, allowing you to easily store and move data files. There are many related products on the market today when it comes to mobile hard drives.

Mobile hard drives are classified as mechanical hard drives or solid state drives. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but if they are used on a daily basis, it is still recommended that you choose a solid state drive.

Today, we’d like to take a look at the protagonist, which is the aigo national goodies mobile solid state drive S7 Pro.

With many years of technology accumulation, aigo is a domestic brand manufacturer focusing on the storage field, and is now a leading brand in the domestic digital field. aigo has been committed to providing users with innovative and useful products, as well as making positive contributions to the development of the domestic storage industry. The aigo mobile SSD S7 Pro comes in three colors: deep sky gray, deep blue, and fire red, with the blue 512GB model being the one we received today. Changjiang Storage TLC flash particles are used in the 512GB version, while Magnesium TLC flash particles are used in the 1TB version.

The SSD is extremely small, measuring less than a third the size of a cell phone and even smaller than a business card. The lightweight and compact size, weighing only 36.5g, is ideal for business trips, so you won’t feel burdened carrying it around. The drive’s surface is metallic with a frosted finish and rounded corners that are both aesthetically pleasing and feel good in the hand. A leather storage pouch is included in addition to the drive and a transfer cable with a C to A connector to keep the drive clean and scratch-free.

The aigo Mobile SSD S7 Pro uses a USB3.2 Gen2 high-speed interface, with an official read speed of 560MB/S and a write speed of 500MB/S. We used two commonly used hard drive testing tools to test the read and write speed of this mobile SSD in specific use, and we tested each tool three times, taking the highest data once. The Lenovo Saver R9000P 2021H laptop was used for testing.

It is equipped with an AMD R7-5800H processor, DDR4 3200MHz 16GB dual-channel memory, a 512GB PCle NVMe SSD, and a USB3.2 Gen1 interface.

The first test tool used was CrystalDiskMark, a more commonly used hard drive test tool that is easy to use, can be tested from different queues at different depths, and produces more accurate test results. The maximum read speed of the drive is 505.46MB/S, and the write speed is 447MB/S, as shown in the chart. The second tool is TxBENCH, which is also a relatively simple test tool that can be tested by making simple parameter selections.

The test results showed that the read speed was 499.674MB/S and the write speed was 450.868MB/S. It can be seen that the test results of these two tools are similar; there is a difference with the official speed, but this speed is already at the top of the acceptable range.

Following that, we performed a specific transfer speed test, selecting five 1080P movies and videos, a total of 20GB, and a transfer time of 1 minute and 20 seconds. During the transfer, the speed remained relatively constant, hovering around 366MB/S. The benefits of SSDs in everyday use can be fully reflected, and the aigo Mobile SSD S7 Pro can achieve high speed transfer without slowing down throughout.

The aigo Mobile SSD S7 Pro is primarily aimed at content creators, workplace offices, and other groups of people who frequently have relatively large storage needs. It is also appropriate for graphic design, video editing, short video creation, and so on.

It has the capacity to store large files and can be used as a resource library or material backup. In everyday life, it can be used to store photos, videos, Vlogs, and so on. Furthermore, you can install a variety of small and large games, and you can do no lag, no lag, and enjoy a high-speed gaming experience.

The aigo Mobile SSD S7 Pro is suitable for both cell phones and PCs, and it can easily transfer the data that needs to be stored to the drive, providing a place for your memories to rest. Overall, the aigo Mobile SSD S7 Pro is excellent in terms of performance and portability, and it has a very high price/performance ratio in its class, and with its beautiful design, it has already received a lot of praise from users. We believe that aigo can continue its innovative path and bring excellent and useful “national goodies” to users.

aigo has been working in the storage field for many years, and its products are now at the forefront of the industry, and I believe aigo can continue its innovative path and bring excellent and useful “national goodies” to users.