Haier Smart Tablet M7 Review: Office Online Class Tool Accurate Positioning Rich Experience

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] Nowadays, the majority of users recognize the value of smart tablet devices. People’s work, study, and entertainment activities appear to be inextricably linked with smart devices. Almost everyone in the 1980s and 1990s has had experience working with screen devices with cameras for study, while children have online lessons via devices such as tablets. As a result, smart tablet devices are gaining traction.

For example, at the beginning of 2021, Haier released a smart tablet M7 for daily learning office, with a high-capacity battery, light-sensitive eye protection, and other features to pique the interest of many students, parents, corporate offices, and other people interested in a smart tablet device. As a general rule, it is better to talk about something than to try it, so let’s see how this smart tablet actually performs.

Unpacking the Haier Smart Tablet M7 product, the first look at the value of this tablet and other tablet products is not bad, considered to be the market’s more common and mainstream minimalist appearance design. I received the dark blue color scheme, the product color is more mainstream and introverted, the body size is also more common 24×16 length and width of the two-handed grip tablet, the thickness of this tablet is very thin, only about 0.9CM, especially with the product’s rounded corners design, making this tablet’s grip experience excellent, not heavy at all very light. A camera is located at the top of the screen and can be used for daily video communication, online classes, and unlocking the screen. Objectively speaking, the screen ratio of this tablet is not as extreme as some current trendy brands, but it is more suitable for students or office presentation use, to avoid the phenomenon of the hand slightly touching the edge of the screen.

Around the body, the product employs a double cover locking design, dense snap screw locking design, as well as located between the motherboard and battery using a steel structure support, reinforcing the internal structure, both effectively increasing the degree of sturdiness of the body, a height of about one meter drop this tablet may not be too much damage. The exclusive soft case effectively disperses the impact of the device when it falls, and the design of the switch key also highlights the optimization of this tablet for use, Haier smart tablet M7 wake up button using a groove design, can effectively prevent accidental touch of the power button, put in the bag or in the process of use, do not have to worry about accidental touch of the power and power consumption problems. And Haier also took into account human button use habits and degree of force, by making repeated calculations to come up with the best button experience angle, I have tried to press from different directions and found that there will be a significant sense of pressure. With more hands-on time, the tablet’s many design advantages began to emerge, whether it’s the rounded corners and ultra-thin body for the ultimate grip, or the human-centered keys, or the body’s solid design, which are full of security and a comfortable experience.

Simple interface, easy operation, work and study in one machine Entering the main interface, M7 reveals a simple and generous Android 10 operating system, and the desktop applications are clear at a glance. The desktop UI is very recognizable, and the rounded corners are excellent in terms of operation and appearance. The more common APK format applications are basically perfectly compatible with M7, so you can download and use the software you need on a daily basis.

As a smart tablet primarily used for learning, M7 supports press writing pen linkage, and we can open the corresponding writing APP, to operate it. This feature is too heartwarming for the author, who likes to use pen and paper to record work life on a daily basis.

Simultaneously, the response and writing speeds are to keep up with the rate of use, and the record is very efficient and smooth. I believe that this experience will fully meet the needs of the student party in terms of writing.

At the same time, I noticed the eye protection design of this tablet while using it. The M7 is understood to be equipped with Haier’s unique intelligent light-sensitive eye protection function, which uses the ability to sense the surrounding environment light, in bright or dim conditions, intelligent adjustment of screen brightness and color temperature, long time use of the eyes to adapt to the light generated by the M7, and will not produce significant discomfort, making it ideal for children’s Internet classes and daily office use.

The M7, as the new product to begin the year 2021, is also very powerfully configured. The product includes an 802.11AC WIFI module, which allows for dual-band network access and ensures a fast and stable network connection. Furthermore, the product is equipped with an octa-core processor, supporting up to 2.0 GHz main frequency, making the device performance excellent, while opening Word, Excel, and the game “Honor of Kings”, the device does not apply too many applications open at the same time, and produce lag, so whether it is office or game, the program running speed and smoothness are bar.

At the same time, the side of the body has an expandable SD card slot, which supports up to 256GB SD cards. This tablet can store study materials and office materials. The first thing I do is download movies to watch offline before I go out, so I don’t have to worry about memory issues or picking and choosing.

The battery life is the tablet’s best feature. According to official information, this tablet comes standard with an 8000mAh battery that can power a full day of study, office support, or even leisure and entertainment. I had no concerns about battery life while using the device, and after a day of supporting the office, the device still had a significant amount of power, with about 40% remaining.

The M7’s battery can also prevent over-discharge intelligently, keeping the battery ion active and extending battery life.

To be able to enjoy the ultra-long battery life, it must be combined with fast charging. After the overall trial of Haier smart tablet M7, the author’s main feeling is: the product positioning is very precise, long battery life without worrying about power and being held back. The eye protection mode can protect our eyesight, especially for children who are new to using electronic devices for learning, and the safe distance eye protection function can also develop their healthy habits of using the tablet. The exquisite UI design, dual-mode networking stability, and smooth use experience all contribute to the tablet.

Whether it is for online classes, online videos, or other learning and entertainment activities, or for documents, photos, or other types of data storage, the Haier intelligent tablet M7 can meet all of your needs. In terms of price, the Haier smart tablet M7 thousand price range can be said to be very competitive, so that our learning and office life is full of assistance.