Good Value For Money Must Choose 360 Smart Camera Ptz Ai Version Review

When I was a child, I assumed that only the wealthy would install “monitoring,” but it has now spread to the general public. At the moment, there is no shortage of big brand smart cameras on the market. Security-oriented 360 recently launched a new “360 smart camera PTZ AI version” for market segmentation in the field of intelligent monitoring.

After a few days of use, I will share this camera review, with a gimbal and AI 360 smart camera at the end where. First and foremost, the outer packaging and unboxing, 360 or around the theme of clear and bright green, the back of the package indicates the name of the product (PTZ AI version), power (via Mirro USB, 5V/1A power supply), and the color we get (white), the machine production site is Guangdong Silicon Valley – Dongguan. Because the camera must be powered in real time, the 360 comes with a 2-meter cable to allow for more generous installation space.

The 360 Smart Camera Gimbal AI version’s body is small and rounded, with a “U” embedded in a camera on the front. The camera’s “chin” position houses a TF card slot that can hold up to 128 GB of CLASS 4 FAT32 format memory cards. Further down, there is an active call-up button that allows you to call a bundled mobile device via the camera, and the base and fixing bolts included in the package are designed to allow users to hang it indoors on their own, and the base comes with its own clips for easier assembly.

However, if you hang the space too high, the active call button in the shell may not be used.

The power connector is in a recessed area at the bottom of the body, connected via Mirro USB, and also allows the wires to be placed in a slot in the base so that when placed normally, it will not rock because of the uneven base; the housing also has a tiny connection reset button for operation when connected to the phone APP; on the other side is the speaker. At this point, you can see that the left and right rotations rely on the recessed base at the bottom to allow the entire body to rotate, rather than the waistline splicing, and the up and down rotations rely on the camera’s internal pivot.

The method of connection is also very simple. After connecting the camera to the power self-test, open the installed “360 camera” application software, select the corresponding product model (here is the PTZ AI version), and pair the local WIFI already connected to it. If the equipped WIFI fails, there may be one of two problems. 1, 360 smart camera PTZ AI version currently only supports 2.4G band WIFI, does not support the 5G band, try a different band WIFI.

Some of you may believe that all you need to do is enter your WIFI password. In fact, you must change the “WIFI” to the name of the currently connected WIFI, and then enter the WIFI password below.

If everything goes well, you should be able to see the picture captured by the camera after a successful connection. The camera will remind you that you can share the footage with up to five people, or you can share the moment exclusively.

The internal of the PTZ AI version of the smart camera is equipped with a Hesi chip, the transparent module around the camera is distributed infrared sensors, the camera can support up to 1080P 25 fps video shooting, and the still images captured by the camera are shown below. Because still images are generally intercepted with a single frame of video, rather than a photo like a cell phone, the threshold for evaluating the clarity will be lower. However, for this camera to capture a picture, it is sufficient to clearly record the current live information, followed by the picture clarity and the impact of the network situation. It also employs H.265 video encoding technology, which allows for more space-saving local, resident storage video lengths that are more than twice as long as before.

When no one is present, the camera can be turned on by itself on the APP to take another picture. Ambient exposure is the main focus when no one is present.

When someone is present, the main focus is on the face. Night shot recording In general, we want to see the camera images captured at night, which can only be seen through infrared sensing of black and white images. However, this Gundam AI version of the smart camera employs ten original infrared sensors, resulting in improved night vision.

Only a weak light can be used to calculate the color picture in low light; in the absence of light, it is the default black and white infrared picture, with greater clarity than a standard camera. There is no need to manually set these up ahead of time because they are switched automatically.

Normal lightLow light / Low light color photography captures more information than black and white photographyNo light

Next, let’s talk about the “smart” part of it: 1. 1, active call Ordinary cameras with call functions are one-sided calls, with only one side calling up and the other side forced access. And the PTZ AI version of the smart camera can call the owner through the shell button reverse, which will be connected to the APP of the bound camera user, more humane is that 360 will be pre-displayed for the owner of the other end of the camera screen, so that the call up people can determine, and then choose to answer or refuse.

This function can rotate and track objects using the camera’s gimbal function, AI, or moving objects. It is primarily used to deter burglary when no one is at home, as well as to monitor the activities of the elderly and children at home. In the settings, you can also enable automatic patrol, which will record 360 degrees of the image in real time.

When you leave the house, you can also choose to record only the picture in motion. One to deter burglars, and the other to see when the family returns home (or to see the pets). 3, noise detection With the use of mobile tracking, the user can set when the camera detects crying, abnormal sounds, automatically alert the owner, and monitor the tracking screen.

4 Privacy protection When using a laptop, many users will tape the camera to prevent the camera from being hacked and revealing their private life. And, as a daily record of the device, what can be done to provide peace of mind? Software built-in home mode, you can intelligently monitor the owner’s home, automatically turn off the record function, and the camera in a physical way “hidden” at the bottom, will not be exposed, making the owner more secure.

5 Face recognition After a certain amount of time has passed, the APP will automatically record video clips of each person in the classification, which can be marked by themselves, so that it is easy to understand the dynamics of the entire day at home that day. To summarize, the 360 smart camera PTZ AI version has many more features, such as cloud storage (fee), home 24-hour Vlog, and other features that can expand higher playability. However, when evaluating a home monitoring system, we always look for three things: picture quality, user-friendly settings, and price. As shown above, the PTZ AI version of the camera has good dark light monitoring capabilities, the daily picture is also on par with industry standards, and there are many humane features (mobile tracking, privacy protection, and so on).

Price, pre-sale price of $ 199, affordable and cost-effective (generally with the steering function are 200), if there is a demand for this user, it is recommended to try.