Honor X30 Experience: Fast Charging 2.0 + Narrow-edge Ceiling Configuration Reliable Quality

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] The Honor X series is significant because it was released alongside the Honor brand. Over the last eight years, the X series has consistently delivered dependable and consistent quality performance at the same price. On the occasion of its eighth birthday, the Honor X30 arrives as promised, bringing a new option for users: the morning gold color.

When the light is darker, the morning gold will present at a very introverted and elegant red copper color, and when the light hits the body, the light gold will truly appear, the actual effect is very close to the color of the morning sun. The actual effect is very similar to the color of the morning sun.

Honor told us that this morning gold is also designed with the New Year in mind, meaning “New Year has gold, everything is as it should be,” bringing good omens at the “morning” moment of the year. Inside the “Oreo,” Honor inlaid three cameras and a flash, the central position is adorned with a gold ring, the overall design is harmonious, and it should appeal to a wide range of users.

When you look at the front of the Honor X30, you can see that it has a massive 6.81-inch display. Although the screen is quite large, the Honor X30’s body size is not particularly unusual, thanks in large part to the ultra-narrow bezels. The left and right bezels of the Honor X30 are only 1.05mm, and the upper bezel is only 1.35mm, with card-level narrow edges, about the same thickness as our bank cards, and the naked eye almost looks like a three-sided equal-width level, and the actual screen-to-body ratio also Honor X30 has achieved a level that other products in the same price range cannot achieve, the view is still quite shocking.

Honor X30 this screen material is LCD, the benefits of this screen I have mentioned many times in previous reviews, it can provide a better display at a lower price. The Honor X30 has a 120Hz refresh rate, while the touch sampling rate also reaches 240Hz, making the actual operation of the entire screen both followable and smooth, responding very quickly every time the screen is swiped.

At the same time, the Honor X30’s screen display is very precise, with no pixel particles visible to the naked eye due to the inherent advantage of LCD RGB pixel arrangement.

The LCD dimming mode does not have the problem of low brightness strobe for users with more sensitive eyes, but it has a better eye protection effect. The Honor X30 has also passed the Rheinland Low Blue Light Eye Protection certification, with the eye protection mode, to better protect the user’s eyes. The body is equipped with a side fingerprint, and the actual unlocking speed and accuracy are satisfactory. As is customary, we ran a 3.5-hour battery life test on it to determine the actual power consumption in a variety of scenarios, as shown below.

1.BiliBili online 1080P video playback for one hour 2 3 hours of Peace Elite gameplay (high quality, high frame rate mode) Short video of Shake Shack lasting one hour, refreshed every ten seconds

3rd 30 minutes of 1080P 30fps video recording with anti-shake on 4 cameras All tests were carried out in a WiFi environment, with the screen brightness set to 50%. The actual test results show that the battery life of the Honor X30 is “exceptional.” The X30 used only 1% of the power for one hour of video on BiliBili, whereas most phones use 6-8% of the power. This is a “downgrade” level of existence for users who like to brush online videos. Furthermore, in other tests, the Honor X30 performs admirably, with a final remaining power of 71 percent, which is comparable to some of the previously tested phones with 5000mAh batteries, and is one of the best phones I’ve ever tested in terms of battery life.

The X30’s endurance performance enables it to meet the needs of any user. If it’s a weekday and you don’t need to use the phone frequently, the power of the Honor X30 can even support close to two days of use, which is unthinkable for most 5G phones. Charging configuration, glory X30 provides “over the top” configuration, 66W fast charging is currently the standard for many flagship phones, it can provide X30 with faster power reply speed. The actual test, Honor X30 20 minutes can be charged into 57 percent of the power, completely full will take 42 minutes, this is a very fast charging speed, in the same price range basically cannot find rivals.

I believe that a short time fast response is crucial for users, the role of fast charging frequently occurs at night when sleeping and forgetting to charge and other time-critical scenarios, in my personal case, every morning wake up and wash to go out about 20 minut.

Honor X30 has a smart charging solution for users who have the habit of charging at night. Because of the nature of lithium batteries, it is easy to damage them by leaving them charged when they are fully charged, and it is impossible to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off the power. Honor smart charging can intelligently learn the user’s work and rest times, charging 80% of the power at night and the remaining 20% 2 hours before the user wakes up, ensuring that the user wakes up every day in a fully charged state. Simultaneously, each Honor X30 battery is equipped with a unique security anti-counterfeiting chip as an “ID card,” so that the charger, charging cable, and battery complete the three-fold identification, with five security monitoring design to ensure the safety of the entire chain of fast charging.

And, in our experience, the Honor X30 is also quite smooth in daily use; when playing large games like “Peace Elite,” with “high quality” “high frame rate” configuration, the entire game runs continuously at full frame, with no visible lag to the naked eye. The Honor X30 is also equipped with Link Turbo X optimization technology, which automatically works with the 5G network when WiFi fluctuations are monitored to provide a constant low latency experience.

There was no network latency, dropouts, or packet loss when I played the game, which is a basic operation for Honor.

Honor X30 made targeted optimization for consumers concerned about the smoothness of aging, which we often say “with a long time to become card” situation. Honor X30 received an excellent result of 3.8 percent aging rate in 36 months in Honor Lab’s aging test. This means that the X30 can still ensure no lag, long use as new, users can significantly extend the replacement cycle, for users who do not pursue new features, after the purchase of glory X30 three years do not need to change the machine because of lag, indirectly left a lot of costs.

The high 4800W pixel also provides good resolution in high-frequency detail scenes, and its sample effects can be clearly rendered in both close-up foliage and dense needles. In the face of small backlight scenes, the X30’s algorithm can help it easily restore dark details, and the glare control also allows the side incoming light to reduce the impact on the picture significantly. This machine does not stand out in terms of parameters and configuration, but with insight into user needs and Honor’s signature optimization capabilities, X30 in the range, charging, screen, quality have achieved an extremely good level of the same price, and if you are sharp enough, it is not difficult to find this is the most basic and important features of a phone, with these features, Honor X30 to bring you a high quality of use