Honor Wisdom Screen Experience Review: The Wisdom Of The Hongmeng System

Honor Wisdom Screen was finally officially released, Bestbuy618 editors experienced this creative new product on site, follow me below, there is also an experience video at the end of the article.Honor Wisdom Screen main features -Equipped with Hongwan 818 wisdom chip -Adopts the new self-researched Hongmeng system -HarmonyOS, and is the first product equipped with Hongmeng system

-Equipped with elevated AI camera, which can realize wisdom video call -Unlike traditional TV products, the smart screen will assume more roles in the family, not only as the family’s audio and video entertainment center, but also as the information sharing center, control management center, and multi-device interaction center; as the family’s multi-device interaction center, for users to control the home and connect family members

Honor Smart ScreenIndustrial design Honor wisdom screen products were released this time; there are two types of glory wisdom screen and glory wisdom screen PRO, the configuration is slightly different, PRO version with AI lift camera and the resulting video call function, and so on. The PRO version includes an AI-enhanced camera and the resulting video calling function. The Honor Smart Screen PRO was the one we tested this time.

The configuration of the Honor Wisdom Screen and Honor Wisdom Screen PROHonor Smart Screen Honor Smart Screen PRO has a built-in auto-lift camera: the camera will automatically retract into the body when not in use and will only peek out when in use, effectively protecting user privacy. When the Honor Smart Screen is wall mounted, the camera can be set to tilt down 10 degrees after it is raised automatically to provide a better angle for video calls, ensuring that the best picture is captured in both base and wall mounting.

Honor Wisdom Screen PRO Honor Wisdom Screen configuration 55 inches 4K screen, front full-screen design, 94 percent ultra-high screen ratio, almost do not notice the bezel when watching Six high-sensitivity MIC arrays, evenly spaced along the upper edge of the glory wisdom screen, support the 5m range of far-field voice recognition control.

Full-screen designMetal frame with seamless bending and folding process To ensure sturdiness, the bezel is made of metal with seamless bending and folding process. Honor Smart Screen PRO’s metal bezel is metal flow polished (Honor Smart Screen is metal frosted polished), displaying the flow reflection of light and shadow with different viewing angles of users, which is very stunning.

The base of the Honor Smart Screen is 6.9mm thick (the upper part, not the part covered by the back case). The side of the glory wisdom screen is 6.9mm thick (the upper part, not the part covered by the back case).

Honor Smart Screen has all of the interfaces that are commonly used in the home, with USB3.0 configuration.Honor wisdom screen interface Honor wisdom screen and glory wisdom screen PRO come standard with the classic Bluetooth voice remote control, glory wisdom screen and remote control are not supported infrared, through the Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth remote control has an advantage over the traditional infrared remote control in that you don’t have to point to the TV on purpose when using it, and it supports 10 meters long-distance control.

Honor wisdom screen touch remote control In addition to the traditional button-type voice remote control, glory wisdom screen also offers a more avant-garde operating experience with touch remote control, control close to the phone, support for sliding, single point, press, and other operating gestures, NFC support, and the phone can be a touch cast screen. Built-in microphone with a 30cm near-field sound pickup range Adopt a standard Type-C charging interface, with front and back plugging blind support. The remote control utilizes low power consumption BT technology, with a standby current of only 30uA; with a 410mAh rechargeable lithium battery, a charge can support 3 months of use, with a standby time of more than 1 year.

This touch remote control has a certain learning threshold for some users, so users who like it must purchase it separately. Honor will give it to the first batch of users who support the Honor Smart Screen at the start of the product launch.