Honor Small Sentry Smart Camera Review: Smart Home Care Camera

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] In honor of Honor’s anniversary on December 27, 2018, Honor recently released a number of new intelligent products to help build a good ecological layout for IOT construction. Honor small sentry smart camera has become one of the highly regarded, after all, the current mature smart camera is essential for our family life now, particularly in terms of home monitoring and child care for the elderly, a reliable smart camera can provide more security. Honor small sentry smart camera with panoramic HD shooting and intelligent detection, designed to provide users with a higher quality and smarter home care camera.

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Honor small sentry smart camera is divided into two types: PTZ version and card version, with the white card version, as the name suggests, naturally based on small. Packaging design is still hard cardboard box to build, marked with the corresponding functional characteristics of the product, such as 1080P HD shooting, dual-mode night vision, AI intelligent detection, and so on. When you open the package, you’ll find the camera body, power cord, charger, wall mount, manual, and warranty.

A few items are configured in a very simple and basic manner. One of the most notable is designed specifically for the glory of the small sentry smart camera with up to 2 meters of power cord, you know because the characteristics of the smart camera itself we often need to place it in some special locations away from the socket, so there is enough length of the power cord that is very necessary and essential, glory in humane design is really thoughtful And the power adapter’s output is 5V1A.

When we look at the front of the Honor Small Sentry smart camera, we can see that the overall design is very small and beautiful. It is more appropriate to match wherever it is placed. The main body of the camera is a 1080P HD camera, and the camera is surrounded by a glass lens.

It is worth noting that the glory of the small sentry smart camera host and base between the more flexible design, the horizontal field of view 132 °, vertical field of view 105 °, the user can also manually rotate to adjust the best shooting angle, easily cope with a variety of levels of use of the environment.

Honor small sentry smart camera body with a number of interfaces and buttons, respectively, the left speaker hole, the upper indicator, the right reset button, the uppermost touch-sensitive area, the user achieves the message and call to the bound phone through a short touch or long press Finally, there is a micro SD card slot designed on the side of the back that supports up to 64GB of storage and can be inserted for video and photo storage. We discovered that the glory of the small sentry smart camera is indeed a very good smart camera, both in appearance, practicality, and performance effects over are very good, and has its own advantages, as a less than two hundred dollars of smart cameras, it is still very high quality.

APP You can download the APP by scanning the manual or the QR code on the back of the box. After installing the APP, you can connect the glory small sentry smart camera, first need to register a Huawei account, connected to the power supply, by touching the reset button to let the main camera into the connection state, so that you can achieve the connection operation step by step by voice prompts.

Following a successful connection, you will be able to access the app’s main page as well as the settings page. We can choose and set up our camera using these options, which include system updates, naming the camera, camera screen and microphone settings, smart detection switch, and so on. At the bottom of the APP home page are the main function points, dynamic aspects are issued by the glory small sentry smart camera intelligent detection of early warning alerts, mobile alarms, shadow detection, cry detection, and other functions are shown in the dynamic, while It is worth noting that the glory of the small sentry smart camera is that it uses 1080P 30 fps HD recording, new encoding technology, remote viewing video more smoothly, in storage but have halved the bandwidth, so users can also maintain consistent smoothness when watching video remotely.

As a smart family wisdom care machine, a single video recording function is obviously insufficient; the small sentry has a unique AI humanoid mobile tracking, which locks the human silhouette through screen recognition and quickly sends a warning alert to the cell phone. Small sentry can effectively reduce false alarms caused by pet activity, window fluttering, or light changes, among other things, in human movement tracking, demonstrating its intelligence. Small sentry also has a cry detection function, intelligent recognition of baby cries, push notification to parents for the first time, and timely response to the baby’s needs.

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