Glory Play5 Vitality Edition Experience: Power Anxiety Does Not Exist!

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Whether it is used for work and study, or entertainment to pass the time, the frequency of using cell phones is gradually increasing, which brings power anxiety and other problems, but also the urgent need for cell phone manufacturers to coordinate solutions. As a result, a wide range of cell phones equipped with high-capacity batteries and fast charging are very popular among users. Recently, I experienced a new machine – Glory Play5 Vital Edition, and we can see its performance in the battery life and other aspects.

The first thing we need to look at is the appearance, and in this case, the glory Play5 active version provides two colors for users to choose from: aurora blue and phantom night black. The one I’m holding is Phantom Night Black, with a smooth black back cover that reflects the image like a mirror.

The entire back cover appears to be simple as well. The front has a 6.67-inch ultra-narrow edge full-view screen, and the upper left corner of the “camera flash” design employs the hole design.

The screen’s left and right black edges are only 1.05mm thick, which is half the width of the industry’s standard 2mm left and right bezels. With such narrow bezels, the screen-to-body ratio can reach up to 94.4 percent. In terms of design, the Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition features a two-in-one “power button fingerprint unlock,” which is located on the right side of the screen alongside the volume button, making it easy for users to operate and grip with one hand.

Furthermore, the key design is relatively simple, with the headphone jack on top, the SIM card slot below, and the two speakers on top and bottom.

In terms of the screen, this 6.67-inch ultra-narrow bezel full-view display has a high refresh rate of 120Hz. In comparison to the traditional 60Hz refresh rate, the trailing shadow is less, the screen is clearer and smoother, resulting in a visual experience that is incomparable to the 60Hz refresh rate. At the same time, Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition has the function of intelligently adjusting the screen refresh rate based on the user’s reading, watching video, games, web browsing, and other different scenarios, as well as intelligently switching refresh rate.

For example, when users are engaged in microblogging, WeChat, headlines, or other scenarios, the system will automatically activate the high refresh rate of 120Hz to ensure a smooth experience. The screen also has a five-factor eye protection configuration with original color display, hardware-level eye protection, TÜV Rheinland low blue light protection, dark color mode, and e-book mode when the user is reading or browsing photos, which reduces power consumption and improves battery life.

In other configurations, the Honor Play5 Vital Edition is equipped with a MediaTek MT6877 5G processor, which is a 6nm process, A78 core chip. This can not only intelligently adjust the color of the screen based on the ambient light, but also correct and filter blue light to protect the user’s eyes. It also supports “8GB 2GB” intelligent memory expansion technology and GPU Turbo X LINK Turbo X dual engine, system-level gaming experience optimization, and second-cut quality network without interruption, bringing the ultimate gaming experience.

I used this Honor Play5 Active Edition for about half an hour of QQ Speed game experience, 90Hz refresh rate, the game experience is still quite good, the screen is relatively smooth and smooth, and the entire game process is also free of frame drops and lag. At the same time, the Honor Play5 Active Edition is quite good in temperature control; although the temperature has increased, it does not appear to overheat the phone to the point of hot hands; image capability is also one of the factors that test a phone’s performance, and the hardware used by the phone manufacturer and the phone’s tuning will also show up. To meet the user’s multi-scene shooting needs, the Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition is equipped with a set of 64 megapixel ultra-clear main camera 2 million light-sensitive depth-of-field lens dual camera module, as well as AI intelligent optimization, front and rear dual scene video, night mode, and a variety of play.

Normal 1x shot Magnified 2X shot These images were taken by me on various days and nights, and we can see that the Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition can capture the relevant details, especially in the control of clarity is more in place, even if the zoom can be seen, the overall feeling is more realistic, and not like most phones out of the brighter feeling. And, when shooting in close-up mode with a large aperture, the bokeh effect will obviously be a little better, making it suitable for shooting things within two meters.

Normal mode shooting with a large aperture Normal mode shooting with a large aperture

Night scene mode shooting In the night scene mode shooting, Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition significantly increases the amount of light into the picture to ensure purity, while improving the brightness of the picture, so that the night scene subject is more clear. The night mode requires high stability and may require a tripod for fixed shots to get better results, but it’s not a bad idea if there’s something to lean against. The final point, and the most important feature of this phone, is the charging and battery life. The Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition comes with a 4300mAh (typical) battery and a 66W (11V 6A) super fast charger.

According to official data, the use of Glory’s self-developed single-cell dual-loop fast charging scheme results in a 10% increase in battery capacity and a 5% increase in battery life, effectively solving the dual-cell aging problem and providing a better battery life experience after extended use.

I tested the Honor Play5 Vibrant Edition’s charging and battery life in the following conditions: room temperature 26°C, WiFi environment, Bluetooth and positioning off, 120Hz refresh rate on, brightness of 50%, volume of 30%. In terms of battery life, we ran five tests: one hour of Jitterbit short video (HD mode), one hour of music playback (lossless sound quality), one hour of QQ Speed (super high quality super high frame rate), one hour of video playback on B station (HD quality), and eight hours of standby, and obtained the charging rate and battery life graphs shown below.

The above two graphs show that under heavy use, the phone consumes only 37% of power, especially in the standby test of 8 hours, where the power consumption is only 2%, demonstrating the phone’s strong battery life. In terms of charging, with the support of 66W super fast charging, the charging rate is also in line with the author’s expectations, from 2% of the low power to 100% of the power in only 42 minutes, 20 minutes to 56% of the power, the general charging rate. As a result, the performance of the Honor Play5 Active Edition in terms of charging and battery life is quite outstanding, and I believe it is at the forefront of cell phones in the same price range.

The phone will be able to achieve 24-hour battery life due to its ultra-long battery life and lightning-fast charging back to blood. For example, the user can use the time spent in the shower to charge the phone, and the phone will be able to last longer, effectively eliminating so-called power anxiety.

Overall, the Honor Play5 Vital Edition’s overall performance is quite good, both in terms of external image and internal configuration performance, which is more in line with the author’s expectations. The charging and battery life exceed my expectations, which is the phone’s most notable feature.

The long-distance, fast-charging back to the blood, or so-called power anxiety, is absent.