Honor Play 8c Double Off Without Charging 4000mah Excellent Body Let Me “cool Wave” Weekend

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]With the increasing performance and features, the user’s attention to hardware aspects has gradually decreased, and cell phone battery life by the lithium-ion polymer battery technology bottleneck constraints, but it has been difficult to have a major breakthrough, compared to battery life has become the last short board affecting the user experience. In order to balance performance and battery life, the newly listed glory play 8C has a built-in 4000mAh battery to provide enough power. We previously tested the glory play 8C large battery capacity, its with low-power processor and EMUI intelligent power saving function, can be used from the system level to achieve the maximum and time, daily use “two days a charge” no problem at all. Then, in the use of cell phones more frequently on weekends, glory play 8C performance will be how? We will have a more intuitive feeling of the glory play 8C battery life through a weekend experience.

Honor play 8C In Shenzhen, the pace of life is quick, and everyone works and fights as quickly as they can. To the weekend has been suppressed for too long to go out on the wave, so where are the people? Saturday I usually sleep in order to wake up naturally in the morning, then sneak around the less crowded OCT Creative Park, whose beautiful name is to cultivate the emotions. OCT art studios are more numerous, there are many old factory objects here, and a variety of scenes are better captured.

In addition, in front of the old objects in OCT, Honor pits 8C phantom night black and art atmosphere against each other, so have a taste.

When it comes to photography, the Honor Play 8C features a rear 13MP 2MP AI dual camera lens with F1.8 large aperture, which produces clearer photos and better background defocus, as well as an 8MP front lens that supports soft self-timer. We all know that taking pictures consumes more power and is more susceptible to overheating. The Honor Play 8C, with its low power processor and EMUI smart power saving function, is a big power consumer that is also very well controlled.

In an afternoon in October, while walking around and shooting, Honor Play 8C used 23% of its power.Old scenes and ornaments in October

The time has come to run to the mall routine sweep, while the weekend good stock, glory play 8C has a good, buy something as long as you pick up the phone facial recognition unlock, and then you can pay immediately. The mall consumes 4% of the power, the majority of which is consumed by the OCD bright screen to see the message. At%209:30%20p.m.,%20I%20went%20home,%20brushed%20my%20friends%20and%20then%20went%20to%20bed,%20consuming%202%20percent.The%20bear%20father%20and%20a%20bunch%20of%20bear%20children%20in%20the%20mall%E3%80%80%E3%80%80 Sunday is a day of rest and recuperation (from the expensive wave), playing games, catching up on popular dramas, brush jitterbug, and the imperial home does not go out. After appeasing the lazy stomach in the morning, a good day begins here, at 10:12 a.m.

to brush the drama “laughing pride in the jiang hu” Lv Songxian old version, I always feel that the old version is better. Here, incidentally, to give you a “buried pile of pile” APP, the head are the original Cantonese, although the author also can’t fully understand, but the original voice expression is more subtle, so it doesn’t matter.

“Laughing Proud of the Lake” by Lu Songxian See 12:17 minutes of stomach rumbling, a total of more than two hours to watch, brush three episodes of the drama The 8C has a bright screen, Wi-Fi status, automatic screen brightness, appropriate sound, and a power consumption of 10% for two and a half hours. That is, you can watch 30 episodes of TVB TV series with the full power of the 8C for as long as you want; this strength is extremely powerful.

In addition to chase drama and many other videos, mention the two advantages of glory play 8C chase brush video, one is equipped with a 6.26-inch 19:9 ratio full-screen, screen ratio high field of view, and hold a very good sense of grip, hold in the hand without effort. Also, the honor to play 8C has TÜV Rheinland certified eye protection mode, which will be a high standard of photobiological safety certification applied to the phone, the screen can effectively filter the harmful blue light that causes eye fatigue, combined with adaptive color temperature brightness adjustment, reduce the damage to the eyes of long-term cell phone use. It is not only important to watch the drama for an extended period of time, but it is also important to watch it in a healthy manner. With TÜV Rheinland certified eye protection glory play 8C but brush drama brush video good friend

After foraging for food and resting for a while, a few “glory of the king” to a few “glory of the king” The Snapdragon 632 processor is equipped with Qualcomm’s own Kryo 250 architecture, which consists of four 1.8GHz cores and four small cores; when compared to the Snapdragon 625, core performance is increased by 40%, and multi-core performance is increased by 20%; the GPU is Adreno 506, and the baseband is Snapdragon X9 LTE. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 has been significantly improved in terms of frequency and performance, while also reducing power consumption, resulting in a good increase in performance and battery life.High frame rate and multi-threaded settings are on fire During the game of “Honor of Kings,” the frame rate was generally maintained at around 50fps, with a slight decrease during group battles, but there were no frame drops, so the entire game process was flawless. The game power consumption is relatively higher, I played the entire high frame rate, multi-threaded high-performance mode 2 infinite mode, 1 chicken mode, and 3 bounty race, plus the game waiting time, play nearly more than 3 hours, glory play 8C power from about 59 percent to 30 percent, almost an hour of the game with 10% of the power, of course If you turn off the high frame rate multi-threading, power consumption can also be reduced significantly.

Play “Honor of the King” at a frame rate of around 50fps.

Recently playing “King’s Honor” always feel a variety of pits, often even defeated no temper, I usually play in the afternoon, completely afraid to play at night, afraid of affecting the mood of sleep Brush shake Yin really, brush the circle of friends from time to time, finally left about 14 percent of the electricity at night or catch up with drama brush shake Yin really, brush the circle of friends from time to time, finally left about 14 percent of the electricity Honor play 8C is more than enough after two days of daily use. There is no problem in order to its physique, even if it is a short trip or to participate in activities or something. This product is now fully listed; if you need to replace your machine, this long-lasting phone is worth considering.