Glory 60 Pro Experience: Vlog New Way To Play Waving Your Hand Can Control The Video Shooting Artifact

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] In my opinion, the Glory digital series has always been updated on a yearly basis, with one new product iterating each year to hit the market. However, the strategy for this year appears to have shifted slightly; only six months after the release of the Glory 50 series, the Glory 60 series has arrived in our hands. Glory officials stated that, as a result of long-term investment in research and development, glory’s leading technology performance continues to overflow, allowing the digital series to be presented in two changes per year, indicating that glory’s current momentum is quite strong. At the same time, the upper and lower lenses are placed in two metal rings, adding to the beauty of symmetry and bringing the round beauty back into harmony.

The back cover design and process, Honor 60 Pro using the diamond color process, the use of double film double pattern double plating technology, and market competition to form a differentiation. The color scheme I’m holding is called “Juliet,” after the rose variety of the same name. The Honor 60 series’ Juliet color scheme interprets the stunning light and shadow effect created by the extreme polishing treatment.

From the actual shape of the product, “Juliet” has a gradient transition from orange-red to snow-white, the coating process creates a back cover like snowflake-like texture, between the flow of light, the snowflake can reflect the color of sunlight, very personal, and the Honor 60 series also has a “Phantom Star” color scheme, which uses the same diamond color process. The flash texture is three-dimensional triangular lattice, each triangular lattice and many microstructure texture, so that when the light shines, it can form a refraction effect similar to the starry sky.

From the glory 50 series of the first snow crystal, to the glory 60 series of the illusion of the starry sky and Juliet, netizens to the glory 60 series to become a cell phone face ceiling in name only, demonstrating that the market for this more shiny back cover design is well recognized.

After discussing the back, let’s move on to the front. Glory 60 Pro uses a third generation quadruple curved screen design, putting it half a year ahead of the competition. After overcoming the “corner of death,” it solves the problem of perfect articulation and transition of the two curved surfaces, which is visually stunning and more smooth to the touch, presenting a unique and perfect “tension aesthetics” The benefits of the flowing four curved screen are obvious; the screen of the Honor 60 Pro appears a little more rounded than the average screen, and the grip is more comfortable. In the past, we might have described the edges of a curved screen as a waterfall, but looking at the Honor 60 Pro’s screen from a horizontal perspective, I believe “a slightly flared drop” is a better description.

Of course, achieving a good-looking effect is not easy. When a soft OLED panel is embedded in a quad-curved glass, there is bound to be redundancy around it, and the screen cannot be fully inserted, which is known as the “corner of death” and is the difficulty of quad-curved glass. Glory’s approach is to work closely with the upstream supply chain, using the LAMI process to paste, clip, pull, and close the four steps in a micron-level, near-vacuum environment, precise control of the lamination, and finally only to present this quad curved screen with no dead corners, with eyes closed, can touch the beauty.

Glory 60 Pro tetra curved screen size reached 6.78 inches, it is reasonable to say that the body is relatively large, 8.19mm thickness 192g weight can not be said to be the ultimate thin and light, but glory of the front and rear glass frame curvature design is obviously after deep consideration, hold in the hands of the human body curve, which makes me once tho Simultaneously, 4096 levels of brightness adjustment, 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming, German Rheinland low blue light eye protection, and other features that significantly improve user comfort are retained.

Furthermore, Glory this time brings innovative “sub-pixel level super-sensitive touch control” for FPS games, a mysterious-sounding term that actually improves the phone’s gaming experience. According to the official introduction of glory, the technology can be divided into a single pixel into 8 sub-pixels for touch detection; more sub-pixels also mean that when the user is playing the game, each slide can be captured by the screen more frequently and refreshed in real time, so that the image seen is also closer to the user’s operation, improve the feeling of following hands, and the operation on demand. The Snapdragon 778G chip is used in the Glory 60 Pro, which is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 778G we saw in the first half of the year.

In comparison to the standard model, the 778G increases the main frequency of the CPU’s large core to 2.5GHz. The configuration of four large cores provides this SoC with a high peak performance, allowing it to support 120FPS of King’s Glory, bringing a cross-level experience.

I actually tried it out by hand, and as you can see from the measured frame rate curve, in a longer game (around 20 minutes), the average frame rate of Glory 60 Pro reached close to 119FPS, which is close to the theoretical frame rate. It should also be noted that the drop to 1FPS at the start of the test is an unavoidable lag during the game’s loading phase, unrelated to the phone, so the actual frame rate may be a bit higher. Furthermore, the curve shows that frame drops occur during the game, but only for a short period of time, while the lowest performance is close to 100FPS and there is no perceptible lag during the actual game.

Glory 60 Pro is outfitted with a classic battery life combination: 4800mAh high-capacity battery, supplemented by 66W of intelligent super fast charging, not only fast charging, more intelligent charging experience added, can be adjusted for different consumer habits with the charging strategy to ensure charging speed while more effectively ensuring battery life and charging safety. As is customary, I ran a series of 3.5-hour battery life tests on it, which included the following. one hour of calm elite games 2 BiliBili online 1080P video playback for one hour 3 every ten seconds to refresh a one-hour ShakeYin short video

3rd 30 minutes of 1080P 60fps video recording with anti-shake on 4 cameras Finally, the remaining power of Glory 60 Pro is 65 percent, this battery life can be ranked in the second echelon of the phones I have tested, there is no pressure for a day of charging in normal use, and most of the stronger phones are 5000mAh low to medium performance processor configuration, so the battery life of Glory 60 Pro can be called more excellent in the same conflation. The charging configuration is the familiar 66mAh, the familiar formula, and the test out of the charging performance will naturally not deviate too much. According to the actual test data, the Glory 60 Pro can charge 86 percent of the battery in 30 minutes, and if you take 15 minutes to brush your teeth in the morning, you can only return half of the power, which is enough to use until the afternoon without worrying about battery life anxiety. To protect the battery, the phone will reduce the power for trickle charging when it is nearly full, so the final full charge takes 42 minutes, which is also satisfactory.

The Honor 60 Pro is equipped with a triple camera image module that includes a 100MP super HD main camera, a 5000W pixel super wide angle lens, and a 200W pixel depth of field lens. The quality of the Honor 60 Pro’s main camera sample is excellent due to the large base and high pixel count. The image below is a classic backlight scene; at dusk, the outside light is already insufficient, and the phone in the upper right corner of the tree leaves this piece appear to lose details.

The Glory 60 Pro main camera was able to restore the real foliage very well, while ensuring the details of the building in the distant highlights, as seen in the picture below, indoor and outdoor high-contrast scenes, the Honor 60 Pro can take into account both inside and outside, and even if you zoom in, you can see the text content on the indoor wall, the resolution is evident. However, because the equivalent focal length of this lens has reached 13mm, the edge of the image quality degradation and distortion problems on the phone are unavoidable; therefore, you must pay attention to avoid the edge of the shooting process of people.

The Honor 60 Pro performs well in low-light situations; the system’s built-in night mode can significantly improve image purity, allowing you to see that the samples taken by the main camera are very pure. At the same time, the restoration of the Honor 60 Pro is extremely good in terms of highlight suppression of lanterns, signboards, and shadow areas such as under the eaves. Compared to the superb quality of the main camera, the night scene quality of this ultra-wide angle lens of the Honor 60 Pro is a bit inferior, and this lens does not support night scenes for the time being, so the actual shooting effect is not as impressive as the main camera. To switch lenses, simply “reverse” your palm; additionally, raising your hand to “fist” can turn the selfie screen into a small window to achieve the picture-in-picture effect, and raising your hand to “slide” can switch between the current shooting mode and the dual mirror shooting mode.

I went through it and discovered that the success rate was still quite high. Because it is designed primarily for selfie stick users, the recognition distance is also relatively long, and the user’s gestures can be accurately read from a meter away. In terms of the system, the Honor 60 series uses Magic UI 5.0, which is a significant improvement over its predecessor in many aspects such as privacy and security, speed and ease of use, and operational performance.

To protect users from the misuse of important information (anti-abuse), personal data from disclosure (anti-disclosure), use scenarios from harassment (anti-harassment), behavior from tracking (anti-tracking), and privacy from prying eyes (anti-prying eyes), a number of functional innovations have been developed. Not only is the face online, but it also has a strong performance and a better understanding of your security needs. Overall, the Glory 60 Pro is a product based on strong R&D.

Glory is at the forefront of the industry in the accuracy of gesture recognition and fast response, the new quad-curved screen process, and the magical optimization of the Snapdragon 7 series; and the further improvement of the appearance design and the choice of image modules demonstrates Glory’s keen market insight. Glory has also been able to continue to provide products that consumers love because of the aforementioned qualities, which coincides with Glory’s two-wheel drive strategy.