Honor 30s Review: A Pioneering Work Of Tide Beauty Making 5g Technology And Full-scene Images Fashionable And Popular

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]March in the upstream and downstream production capacity has not yet fully recovered, and we see many manufacturers either PPT debut to dump a “blank check,” or a significant price increase, the supply chain to improve consumer costs. In the 5G cell phone layout and new machine release frequency, the glory cell phone has always had its own rhythm, always market and consumer-oriented. Unlike those who rely on supply chain technology for fear of falling behind their peers, glory cell phones have exclusive self-research hardcore technology for the core, often with a late-stage advantage.

In fact, “first” and “last” are more than just a time difference; it is about the completion of the new machine. Honor 30S is the first bullet in the 2020 glory 30 series trend pioneer 5G cell phone layout, to promote the rapid spread of 5G cell phone heavyweight products. The “core” Honor 30S is equipped with Kirin 820, the first 5G SoC chip in the Kirin 8 series, which will help Honor further deepen its brand positioning of “young, technology, tide.” So, how does the Honor 30S use 5G technology to become fashionable and popular? Let’s take a look.

In the previous generation of glory 20S, glory cell phone brings quite stunning butterfly feather texture design, this hip design in glory 30S on the collision of new inspiration. The glory 30S has three colorways this year: butterfly feather green, butterfly feather white, and phantom night black, with butterfly feather green and butterfly feather white for the upgrade of the dream 3D butterfly feather light color, the transparent jade green, gorgeous cherry pink white, and 3D butterfly feather light effect perfect integration, which appears to be the butterfly feather texture dream processing.

Honor 30S introduces a new double-layer film process to achieve the desired 3D butterfly feather light effect. Which the first layer of the film printed full of gradient color ink, and then in the second layer of PET film, through the new diffraction texture technology after a dozen rounds of repeated fine carving, the use of very micro-texture refraction and light diffraction, so that the entire film bloom out of the dream light pattern changes.

In my hands, I have the impression that the entire butterfly feather texture in the 3D curved glass design reflects, appears more transparent, and has a sense of space. The body turns with the light and shadow, and different levels of 3D butterfly feather light effect make the Honor 30S look more three-dimensional.

The front face of the Honor 30S features a 20:9 ratio 6.5-inch LCD display with a “Phantom Eye Full Screen” design based on under-screen lens technology, hiding the lens under the LCD screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 90.3 percent: With a typical brightness of 450nit, a typical contrast ratio of 1500:

Except for the rectangular image module, only the logo is printed on the bottom of the back, the middle frame of the body is narrowed from the two ends to the middle, looking more concise, on the extremely narrow frame, multi-functional side fingerprints than ever before, the notch design is also more smooth. The ergonomic 3D curved glass and four R corners, as well as the single and double-handed grip, make this device suitable for both single and double-handed use. The previous generation Kirin 810 uses Huawei’s own architecture NPU, breaking the end-side AI performance record, and for the first time brings 7nm process and A76 core to the affordable price point, allowing all people to experience flagship-level performance. On top of that, the new generation Kirin 820 uses the industry’s most advanced 7nm process, which has higher transistor density per unit area, bringing more cores and higher frequency.

Compared to the previous generation Kirin 810, Kirin 820 is 20% more energy efficient and 50% higher transistor density. In terms of GPU, the Kirin 820 is outfitted with a new G57 MC6 architecture (actual architecture is equivalent to G77) 6-core GPU – Mali-G57, with a 25% performance improvement over the previous generation Kirin 810.

The Geekbench score is more than 9500 for multi-core and 3000 for single-core; AndroBench score is around 780MB/s and 430MB/s for sequential read/write; 3Dmark score is around 4580 for Overall performance scores are near the top of the range, reaching flagship levels in terms of multi-core performance and experience. In terms of NPU, Kirin 820 is outfitted with upgraded Huawei’s self-developed architecture to achieve superior AI energy efficiency and provide mobile users with a richer end-side AI application experience.

Not only is the NPU’s intelligent computing capability significantly improved, but it also outperforms the previous generation in terms of computing energy efficiency.

At the same time, Kirin 820 continues to improve Kirin Gaming technology by integrating the chip hardware foundation with innovative solutions to fully upgrade the gaming experience via system-level AI FM scheduling technology, GPU underlying driver upgrade, GPU load optimization, and HD game effects optimization. The maximum image quality running “peace elite,” whether by car or multiplayer firefight, glory 30S will not appear frame drop situation, frame rate fluctuations are quite excellent performance. The Honor 30S’s overall performance is comparable to that of market flagships, with a slight advantage in frame rate stability over 855 competing models. The performance comparison is difficult to expand in a comprehensive review; however, the following Bestbuy618 cell phone channel will be a detailed comparison, so stay tuned.

Furthermore, as the first 5G SoC chip in the Kirin 8 series, Kirin 820 integrates 5G Modem into the SoC, bringing lower power consumption, larger internal space, and stronger overall performance. The Honor 30S excels in 5G search network, anti-interference, and uplink download, but these non-quantifiable indicators must be compared to reflect, and Bestbuy618 mobile channel will follow up with a detailed comparison to facilitate your understanding.

The Honor 30S supports NSA/SA 5G dual-mode networks based on the Kirin 820’s 5G strength, and it supports a total of 5G bands owned by all Chinese operators, including n41/n78/n79/n1/n3. The Honor 30S also supports 5G dual SIM dual standby, as well as the Smart Dual SIM feature, which it is worth noting that only Huawei and Honor phones currently support Smart Dual SIM capability. The main camera has a 64-megapixel ultra-large sensor (1/1.7-inch), which is approximately 35% larger than the current common 1/2.3-inch 48-megapixel sensor size, and a large f/1.8 aperture for more light intake; the 8-megapixel telephoto lens supports a maximum of 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and 20x digital zoom, which is unusual in the same class of models; and the 120° ultra-wide angle lens imaging can reach 103° wide angle lens after aber

The ultra wide-angle lens distortion control is good based on actual shooting samples; the four corners of the sample are not distorted. In 64 megapixel ultra-HD mode, the Honor 30S shows accurate white balance and exposure, with no color shift in walls and flowers. The 64 megapixel ultra-HD main camera can record more details while also having good tolerance and dark light shooting strength, and fine details in photos are not overly emphasized in sharpness.

It is worth noting that the Kirin 820 integrates the Kirin 990 with the Kirin ISP5.0, which supports BM3D noise reduction technology, a 15% increase in throughput rate capability, a 15% increase in energy efficiency, comprehensive video processing capability optimization, and a significant improvement in dark light noise reduction. Meanwhile, the Honor 30S supports the Quad Bayer algorithm, and the large bottom sensor provides a higher dynamic range and low noise, as well as richer color and detail. Let’s take a look at how the night mode works on the Honor 30S: the phone will automatically long exposure and then use the software multi-frame synthesis technology for noise reduction synthesis processing.

The brightness of the night scene sample will be significantly improved, the bright parts will be well suppressed, while the dark details will be more abundant, the picture is pure and bright. In terms of selfie, Honor 30S supports the new AI beauty program, relying on the flagship NPU computing power, the beauty effect will be more natural. The selfie image has good color performance and can produce a beautiful and pleasant skin tone, while the new generation of bright eye beauty algorithm can also make your eyes look brighter and more attractive.

In addition, Honor 30S supports EIS intelligent video five-axis stabilization, up to 4K 30fps resolution video shooting, up to 32X ([email protected]) slow speed shooting, and dual view video recording. The theme and APP icon colors are vibrant and stylish, reflecting the aesthetic preferences of young people.

The animation transition between app opening and background process switching is smoother, and the app opening speed has also been improved; the details reflect the designers’ thinking on user experience.

I won’t go into the good three-finger screenshot, negative screen, full-screen gesture navigation, eye protection mode, dark color mode, and health time and other functional features because they aren’t missing. In addition, the Honor 30S supports other Magic UI 3.1 features such as Huawei Share4.0, Link Turbo, Smart Life App, YOYO, AI translation, AI beautiful voice, and others. It is also worth noting that Magic UI 3.1 of the Honor 30S adds a new e-book mode. It was co-developed by Honor and the China National Eye Center, and after activating the e-book mode, it can reduce the visual fatigue of reading on a screen for an extended period of time, with a visual fatigue index comparable to that of the Kindle.

There is also an e-book mode to watch videos, and some clips resemble old movies or silent films, making them quite playable. In terms of the system, Honor has always preferred not to emphasize with heavy ink, preferring to leave the new eggs to the user, so that we can discover and discover in the process of use.

The Honor 30S is powered by a 4000mAh battery, and its energy consumption is better controlled thanks to the 7nm Kirin 820 series processor. Simultaneously, the Kirin 820 has been extensively optimized for the scheduling of 8 cores for mobile terminal usage scenarios. Meanwhile, Honor 30S supports Rhine certified 40W super fast charging solution, official data shows that the fastest 30 minutes to 70 percent, while supporting intelligent charging mode, the system will automatically learn the user’s charging habits, while supporting intelligent charging mode, the system will automatically learn the user’s charging habits.

So, how does it actually perform? We also conducted a range and charging test here.

The Honor 30S was fully charged and tested for each item simultaneously; brush today’s headlines, brush Weibo, brush Shake Video, listen to NetEase Cloud Music, and play “King of Honor” for 30 minutes each; the phone was connected to 5G data, wifi was turned off, Bluetooth was turned off, GPS positioning was turned off, 50 percent volume and 50 percent screen brightness were set, only the test APP remained in the background, standard mode, and Power consumption efficiency of the Honor 30S: the average power consumption (=X mAh/150) is approximately 5.87mAh/min. A day of heavy use, according to this power consumption efficiency, is sufficient for ordinary users. As for charging, we began charging from the power consumption shutdown to 100 percent, during which the screen was lit every 5 minutes to record data.

According to the test results, the Honor 30S charged to 71 percent in half an hour (comparable to official data), and the speed slowed after charging to 85 percent, and it only took about 58 minutes to fill to 100 percent.

In conclusion, the Honor 30S continues the Honor cell phone’s powerful image and fashion trendy beauty gene, with a very sincere product completion. The 3D butterfly feather light effect adds a dynamic element to the exterior design of the Honor 30S, and the image level of the Honor 30S is raised to a new level thanks to the Kirin 820’s super AI computing power and performance. The Honor 30S’s performance range is comparable to flagship products; relying on Honor Huawei’s comprehensive advantages from chip to hardware to software and services, it is without a doubt one of the most worthwhile 5G phones to purchase at the moment.

In a nutshell, the Honor 30S improves the design of Honor 5G cell phone products, making the latest 5G technology fashionable, and I believe it will become a landmark product for the popularity of the 5G cell phone market.